Booty eBook Cover Sparks Controversy

I just don’t get people.  You try doing something right, nobody notices.  Yet, the minute you stop giving a fuck, folks now start moralizing.

For example, folks always told me they loved the Instagram photos I upload to Facebook.  I thought I’d make a book out of it, right?  While knowing the paperback might be too costly, I created a cheap eBook.  How many books did I sell?  Not one. How many eBooks?  None.

When I mentioned I took out the booty pics, folks made jokes about it.  So, what did I do next?  Created an eBook with a booty pic on the cover.

Booty Book Cover

One of my Facebook friends started moralizing.  He even created a post discussing my book.

Photo controversey


He got three responses.  This is what they posted.

Photo controversey 2


Lydia Lunch was in reference to my bio stating I opened for the infamous spoken-word artist.  (Player-hater.)  Now as for Francesca’s answer, she was right.  What I did was creepy.  Yet, I did have permission to photograph the young ladies.  How so?  I was the official photographer that night.

More than likely, the eBook probably won’t even sell.  I sold more poetry books and eBooks than photo.   So, I just might go back to pushing my poetry book.

Still, for those who want a sneak peak of the controversial eBook, here’s some samples.

UK British Shorts Booty


The social




vintage female legs

Before closing, let me discuss that model release business.  You don’t need one.  Unless, you’re using the pic for selling products, you don’t need a model release.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Black Star Rising.


For those who are interested, my controversial eBook is $2.99 on Amazon. Sometimes, WordPress kills the links. So, you might have to search for Family-Friendly, My Ass!.

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Orlando Sentinel Website Posts Miley Cyrus Crotch and Booty Shots

I considered stop posting blogs about Miley Cyrus.  I thought it was getting old.  Yet, wouldn’t you know it?  Orlando Sentinel posts Miley Cyrus crotch and booty shots on its website.

Photo by Nick Masuda

Photo by Nick Masuda

Actually, they were pics by folks who attended Cyrus’ recent concert in Orlando.  Also, get this.  My friend Renee pointed this next thing out.  There were SIXTY-NINE PICS!!!  I’ll just let that hang there.

Still, I am shocked!  This is the Orlando Sentinel, a paper known for catering to conservative white people.

The only thing I can think of?  Orlando Sentinel must be hurting for readers real bad.

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Another Idiot Uploads a Blackface Photo on Instagram

Yesterday, I happen to visit Instagram.  What do I see?  This pic showing, exaggerated, stereotype, black faces.

Black face instagram

At first, I definitely was offended.  Before writing this blog, I asked friends about it.  They came to the same conclusion; this shit is offensive.

By the way, a friend pointed out the Pulp Fiction character’s name is spelled “Marsellus Wallace”.

As some folks may have easily blown this off, there’s more to it than this.  You see, I know the guy personally.  In Sanford, I used to DJ in his mom’s bar.

A year ago,  I had a falling out with the place.  Business was running slow.  (From what I was told, it still is.) Despite sales dropping all over, I was personally being blamed for the Tuesdays and Wednesdays I DJed there.  Plus I was being blamed for the one Friday of the month I DJed there.  For some reason, the bar owner blamed me for playing gangster rap.  First of all, despite all the cursing and sexist lyrics, none of the songs I played were gangster rap.  In other words, no lyrics involved violence.

Where did the owner get the word “gangster rap” from?  Her son complained about me playing it earlier. My humble guess leans towards her learning that word from her son.

Seriously, check out these two videos. Does this look like rap music running people out of the bar?

Oh yea, I didn’t always play hip-hop either.

To even illustrate more bullshit, a night actually did center around rap music.

Dirty hip hop flyer and 90s music

This was at the bar’s previous location.  A film festival happened that weekend.  On this night, not only did my biker friends show up, the mayor of Sanford showed up too.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett posing with black sanford resident

Could it be the patrons deserted the bar because of bad customer service?  For years, folks complained to the bar owner about her son.  I can remember that since 2010.  Yet, now as of September 2013, she finally got rid of him.  By that time, I had already quit.

Still, whether he still works there or not, the damage is already done.  Knowing her son as the main reason people stopped attending the bar, the bar owner chose to pick on me and rap music.  She even gave him my Wednesday night.  Then, after that, she told me he was making so much money.  Yet, patrons told me a far different story.  The bar was always nearly empty.  Plus he always closed early and headed to another bar, a bar he currently works at.

Observe this exchange.  I scribbled out the name to protect the innocent. Patrick Scott Barnes is me. I DJ on the left.  This was in 2013.  Check the calender for that year and you’ll see 1/16 was a Wednesday night, the nights I used to DJ.

Empty bar

He across the street

Mr. Closing-At-12 is the one in the middle. This is at the other bar.

West End pic

After my observation, my friend agreed.

West end dead too.

Back in March 2013, I quit Tuesdays also.  In May, I received an e-mail showing a fight had taken place on Tuesday.  I guess this was the crowd the bar wanted all along.

fight at little fish

When I charged racism before I quit , both the bar owner  and her son found my words having no base.  Yet, check out her son’s wonderful prose on racism.  By the way, Hurry Regal and Harry Reagan are the same person.

racism and harry

Remember, this is the same guy posting black faces on Instagram.

Him and I used to get along.  Yet, when the publicity over George Zimmerman brought attention to Sanford, he turned into an asshole about race.

Hurry Regal and Al Sharpton

Hurry Regal's Big Mouth

All right, here’s my confession.  I can take part of the blame for “nigga” .  Because some patrons were fans of the show, I used to always quote Boondocks.

“Nigga, you gay.”

Black folks saying that, white people start saying it too.  Still, most white people in their right mind know not to repeat that word.   White rappers Eminem and Macklemore never used that word.

Yet, way before my conflict with the bar, I stopped saying it.

During the peaceful marches in Sanford, some folks complained about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, saying they were dividing the city. Even some business owners voiced this.

Yet, here is some dude walking among Downtown Sanford people,  and only about two called him out on his bullshit.

Also, as he mouths off about violent music, might I add he has a criminal record for domestic violence? No wonder he supports George Zimmerman, him and George have something in common.

Does this mean I believe the city of Sanford is racist?  Sanford is no different than any other city.  Just like in most cities and towns, you have both your idiots and decent people.


Harry's email

Oh well, here’s a past email from his mom. This was 2013.

Don't play rag email

By the way, all metal music doesn’t run people out of the bar. Check out the third video on this blog.

Actually, she’s referring to a night when some dudes kept asking for death metal all night. True enough, that did piss people off.

I guess everything was my fault. Oh well, check out the next e-mail. A past open-mic host sent the bar owner an e-mail.  The bar owner sent a copy of the letter to me. I scratched out the letter writer’s name to protect the innocent. He defends his friend. Yet, he lays some nasty blame on the bar owner.  This was 2012.

Your bar is badly run

Will I get another nasty email? Who knows.

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New Poetry Book: The Butt Freak Blues

Recently, I self-published a collection of poetry called The Butt Freak Blues. 

Butt Freak Blues Cover Black woman big booty

For $6.99, I have the book version. $2.99 gets you the eBook version.

I’ll give you some poetry samples:

Bootyland (excerpt)

Wanna fly to Bootyland.
Tropical climate.
Beaches heavily saturated with
big juicy bottoms.
A rump chump’s paradise.

Bootyland on my mind 24/7.
Will get over my fear of planes
just to get to Bootyland.
Will even learn Bootyland’s native tongue.
Will even spend all my money
on a lady from Bootyland.

Well Endowed (excerpt)

She’s pissed.
Pissed off at me because
I dumped her crazy ass, again.

“A big dick does not make you a man!”

What does my big dick
have to do with this?
Why drag my big dick
through all this unnecessary drama?

My big dick should be left alone.
Why does she have to go below the belt?

The Hip-Hop Remix (excerpt)

Late afternoon.
Watering the roses.
Kids playing in the streets.
Birds chirping.
Squirrels running up and down trees.
Neighbor’s yard-sprinklers chick-chick-chicking away.
Ice cream music playing over hip-hop beats.

Yep, the ice cream man is coming.
And the ice cream man bumpin’ bass.

Also,  I have a blog for the book itself.

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Pics of Miley Cyrus and Fist-Shaped Dildo

Miley Cyrus provides more material for this blog. Recently, she caused an uproar for tweeting pics of herself holding a dildo shaped like fist. She did this during a plane ride. Here’s the pics,

Miley Cyrus on plane holding up fist dildo

Miley Cyrus Fist Dildo On Her Lap

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Actress Julia Roberts and Two Handsome Black Men

All right, I’m running this shit in the ground about the Oscars.  I might take this blog off later on.  Yet, here it goes.  Here’s a sneak peak of Vanity Fair’s Oscar cover, photographed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz.

Vanity Fair Oscar 2014 cover

I really don’t give a shit about the Oscars.  Yet, I could not help noticing Julia Roberts sitting in between Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor.  America’s favorite white actress is sandwiched between two handsome black men.  Look at her, she’s just a smiling too.

Julia Robers, Idris Elba and Chiwetal Ejiofor

Fearing I might get sued, I’ll just leave that one alone.


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Who knew? Actress Angela Bassett Got Back!!!

A show of hands.  How many dudes knew actress Angela Bassett owned a nice booty?  Of course, she’s above flaunting her booty for the camera.  Still, a recent viral photo on Facebook shows something I never knew about Angela.  Check out the pic.  Fifty-five years old and packing much booty.

angela basset orange dress and booty

Don’t get me wrong.  I always found Angela Bassett beautiful and underrated as an actress.  If she was a white woman, Hollywood definitely would chose her over (Insert Overrated White Actress Here).

Man, after all these years, I never knew about Angela’s booty.

2002 Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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