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The Hate Towards Laptop DJs Continues

September 30, 2011

Today, a dear friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) posted this on Facebook.

I admit, it’s hilarious.   Still, I detect player hating.  Laptop DJs have it easier than vinyl folks.  Laptop DJs don’t need to carry loads of heavy records.   All of the laptop DJ’s  music is either on the light-weight laptop or a light-weight external hard drive.  Also, laptop DJs don’t have to bend over and dig for records during sets.  All they have to do is type some words and presto!  Their chosen song appears.

Apparently, many folks are also ignorant about laptop DJing.  Many laptop DJs, me included, follow the same procedures as vinyl people.  They follow the four beats rule, the following song should be no more than four beats faster or slower than the current song.  They also change the song’s tempo just like the vinyl people.

Another thing about that shirt:  Any woman shallow enough to choose equipment over skills is someone I can do without.

It’s amazing how folks look down on laptop DJs.  Yet, expect us to posses every damned song recorded.  If we don’t have it, we’re expected to go online for it.   I guess the excuse is laptop DJs are not considered real DJs.

Here’s more pics I found:

What’s more important?  Worrying about jealous DJs and their groupies?  Or inspiring the booties to shake?   You be the judge.

Kelly Fitzpatrick: A Needed Orlando Voice

September 27, 2011

Last Friday,  at age 36, a friend of mine died in her sleep.   No one knows the cause of death yet.   It has been said she had sleep apnea.

I first encountered my friend, Kelly Fitzpatrick, one night at Will’s Pub.   As I attempted writing poetry, one drunken white woman kept looking over my shoulder.  Was it annoying?  Yes.  Still, I didn’t really get pissed about it.

We had some kind of short conservation.  Yet, I forget what we talked about.

Later on, I found out she worked for the Orlando Sentinel.  At this time, she wrote for a website connected to the Sentinel.  If I remember it right, I think she had a hand in editing it too.

Eventually, she became the nighttime columnist for the Orlando Sentinel.  No disrespect towards past nighttime columnists.  Yet, Orlando needed Kelly’s voice, a voice that influenced my current nighttime blogs.   When it came to over-priced booze and bad customer service, Kelly bravely put bars and night clubs on blast.   I once heard of a  bar owner who fumed for days over Kelly’s brutally honest words.  Kelly blasted his bar’s sexist name.  Pissed off, dude considered calling Kelly up and aim nasty words at her.  Knowing the guy personally, I knew that had to be true.

Aside from writing, I’ll always remember the person who gave more to Central Florida versus what Central Florida gave back to her.  Always she did things for friends.  I remember her making arrangements for me to have a ride to a Halloween party.  Some of my events she mentioned in her columns.   When she visited Sanford for an assignment, she made me the official photographer.  (Oh yea, Orlando Sentinel, you people still hadn’t paid me for my picture you used.)

Today will be the viewing of her body.  Tomorrow will be the funeral.  Unfortunately, I won’t be attending.   Tonight and tomorrow night, I DJ.  I know after seeing Kelly’s lifeless body, I would not be able to play music.  Some folks may think less of me for those reasons.  Truth be known, I don’t blame them.  If it was the other way around, Kelly probably would have made sure to attend my funeral.

In her honor, I’ll play some of her favorite music tonight.

Good bye, Kelly.  Just like our friend Vanessa said, you now have a chance to interview Jim Morrison.

Anna Molly: The Woman Dudes Ask About

September 25, 2011

I hear it all the time.

“Who’s the redhead you’re always photographing?” dudes ask me.

“Anna Molly,” I answer.

Then, the same dudes compliment her looks.

Anna Molly used to attend my DJ  gigs in Sanford, Florida.

Truth be known, some women were photographed more times than her.  Yet, dudes always ask about Anna Molly.

At the risk of pissing off female friends, I decided to focus a blog on her.   I’m quite sure Anna Molly’s “fan base” would appreciate it.

Check out Ol’ Boy standing behind her.

Anna Molly is now a blonde.

Now, some video action.

Surrender the Booty: Third Annual Pirates of the San Juans Festival

September 19, 2011

For three years, Sanford, Florida hosted the Annual Pirates of the San Juans Festival.  Since it’s birth, I was the official photographer and video man.

What was once a six hour event evolved into two days.

The following pics happened last week-end during the third annual event.

In the next pic, the winner of the Jack Sparrow contest.

In the middle is Moire Wisdom, one of the fest’s founders.

Surrender the BOOTY!

The lady is radio personality, Jana Banana from the Philips Phile.

On the end is Liz Watkins, another fest founder.

Surrender the BOOTY!


Shots! Shots! Shots!

September 13, 2011

Last Sunday, I mixed music at The Peacock Room, a bar located in Orlando.


After months of spinning at the lobby’s bar counter, I had the option to spin music in the performance room, something I longed for.   I hate having my laptop at the counter, too many annoying folks.  Either they attempt influencing my set all night or they start pouting when I don’t play their requests.  Sometimes, they start cussing when I don’t play their requests.

Yet, realizing the same crap would happen if I was in the other room, I decided to play at the lobby’s bar counter anyway.

Just like during past gigs, I photographed the people.

Kat: Over the years, she used to work the door at events and parties around Orlando.


Carlos:  He used to own the infamous Knock Knock, a Downtown Orlando spot known for fun parties.


Years ago, I snapped the following three pics at Knock Knock.


Fred and Tania:  Both are bartenders at The Peacock Room.  Fred is a local musician.   He wasn’t working tonight but Tania was.  I’ve known Tania since 1995.   An event promoter, she used to host parties at Knock Knock.

During my gig, one of my friends decided to play Backseat DJ.   It’s one thing to deal with a person constantly making requests all damned night.   Yet, it’s a whole new ballgame when folks attempt telling you how to do your job.  If I didn’t know what I was doing, The Peacock Room wouldn’t have allowed me the occasional Sunday night.  Especially for a whole year.

At The Peacock Room, I usually start with slower and older music.  Around about 11:30, I pick up the pace and include newer music.

Tonight, I included house and rave classics:  “Acid Rock” by Rhythm Device,  “Elevate My Mind” by Stereo MCs and “I Sit On Acid” by The Lords of Acid.

During my modern hits section, when I got to “Shots” by Lmfao and Lil’ John, people were actually served shots.

As the fun continued, I  noticed a group really enjoying themselves.  (Oh yea, Andrew Spear created the mural behind them.)


After my photographing them, they took it upon themselves to photograph me.


As usual, the fun quickly flew by until closing time.

Some folks may frown on my night adventures.   Some may hate my music choices.  I don’t give a shit.  In these depressing times, I just want a little happiness.

If what I do offends people, fuck’em.






DJ Nigel John Funks Spacebar!

September 11, 2011

Last night, showing support for DJ Nigel John,  the automobile and  I cruised to Spacebar.

DJ Nigel John

Located in Orlando’s Milk District, Spacebar is a small art gallery and bar.   Also, Spacebar and neighboring business’s location behind the T.G. Lee Dairy building inspired the name “Milk District”.

I rarely come here.  I think the last time I visited these parts  was about six months ago.  An art event I attended was happening.

In Spacebar, Nigel was vinyl-mixing classic soul and funk.  Not many people were here.  Yet, the vibe still grooved positively.   A few folks even danced.

Known for good taste in music, Nigel digs up classic jams a person hadn’t heard in years.  He got me with “I Need A Freak” by Sexual Harassment, a song I hadn’t heard sine the heydays of the jheri curl.

I was going to take pictures, but I forgot to put a memory card in my camera.

Another thing I enjoyed about Nigel:  Unlike other Djs, he played the WHOLE DAMNED SONG!!!  I thought my disliking current mixing trends was a generational thing.  Thought I was a forty-something out of touch with the times.  Thought I was too old-school.  Yet, I found out some twenty-somethings want to hear the WHOLE DAMNED SONG too.

I’ve known Nigel since 1989.  Out of all the club heads I’ve known, he was the only one who eventually became a DJ.   Any recent music trends and Nigel would know about it.


It’s been over a year since I witnessed his mixing.   Tonight I was glad I took time out and witnessed it again.

Friday Night Barhopping (with a touch of culture)

September 10, 2011

Last Friday, the automobile and I cruised to Downtown Sanford, Florida.

First I visited The Palette, an art gallery and cafe.   There I witnessed my friend Erica McLain’s excellent singing voice.

As she sung Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”, Erica’s alto voice reminded me of Roberta Flack.

Before she sung a Jill Scott song (I think it was “He Loves Me”), Erica’s husband suggested she sing without the mic.  Truth be known, the mic did take away the richness of her voice.

When Erica performed as suggested, I felt my emotions move.  Yep, she’s that damned good.

Erica sings at The Palette Friday and Saturday nights.

After The Palette, I walked to Fat Rat’s Lounge.  Rarely is the place crowded.  Yet, because of the good service, I always have a nice time here.

During my second Long Island Iced Tea, I walked outside where others were.

After finishing my Long Island, I headed to West End.

The Fubars: These dudes played an excellent version of a Cure song.  I think it was “Just Like Heaven” they played.

The dude among the ladies is my buddy, Hollywood.  Play classic hip hop or funk?  This mofo immediately jumps to the dance floor.

The young lady on the far right is Caley.   After some dudes knocked over my DJ gear during a fight,  Caley helped me set up again.

My last stop was Little Fish-Huge Pond.

Yep, this is exactly how people drink draft beer sometimes, from a jelly jar.

Megan Shutz: Her photography was featured tonight.

It appears as if Caley decided to come to Little Fish too.

As I go out photographing, some people ask for a photo with me.  Chris, the guy on the left, is singer Erica McLain’s brother-in-law.  When I wear my black fedora, some folks say I resemble Wyclef.

I didn’t see many people out tonight.   Bars like West End wasn’t packed as usual.  Yet, that didn’t stop me from having a good time.

Many of the Downtown Sanford people tend to be laid-back and friendly.   True enough, rednecks and other idiots exist here.   Yet, if one focuses on having a good time, a good time one will have.