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Sanford Holds Civic Center Meeting About Trayvon Martin’s Death

March 29, 2012

On March 26, a meeting took place at the Sanford Civic Center.


I couldn’t make it.  The photos you are seeing are by Kim Tesla.

Because of the worldwide attention over Trayvon Martin, the media of course shows.


Jesse Jackson arrived.

Al Sharpton  had been in Sanford since last Thursday.

Rolin Martin of CNN.


Definitely, the protestors arrived.


For those who couldn’t get into the civic center, a huge screen played in Fort Melon Park.




Let’s not forget security.


As I always remembered idiot Sanford cops, I always remembered Sanford’s beautiful Lake Monroe.

“Bitches” and Nasty Rap Music

March 27, 2012

The Peacock Room DJ gig happened the day after St. Patrick’s Day. After folks partying heavy on a Saturday night, expecting a huge turn-out on a Sunday would have been unrealistic, even if it was my birthday.

One of the first people to arrive was Keith.

He normally attends my gigs in Sanford.  Tonight, I was in Orlando.  Just for my birthday, Keith took the forty to forty-five minute drive to get here.

Another early person was Mindy, one of the most nicest people I ever met.

She offered to help me setting up my equipment.  Yet, I really didn’t need it.

I started out with mostly soul music, 80’s and 90’s.  Then, I shifted more into hip-hop.

As the night went on, I kept photographing.

As I played Geto Boys’ “Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.”   Four thirty-something dudes began came to the room where I DJed and began dancing.  All four were white. For some reason, one kept throwing paper napkins on the floor.

They were nice, tho.  One bought me a Guiness and Napkin Man tipped me five dollars as I played all his 90’s hip-hop requests.

“Can you play ‘Rack City” by Tyga?” Napkin Man asked.  “We’re with some bitches and they don’t know about the music you’re playing. They want to hear ‘Rack City’.”

As I played the song, the “bitches” did come to the room.  Yet, they ignored Napkin Man and his friends.

Napkin Man and his crew left.

I guess the “bitches” weren’t with them.

There were two groups of women. Another group did want to hear the old school I was playing.  So, I went back to that, too.  As long people are having fun, I don’t give a fuck.

Of course, I kept photographing.

Something I recently learned about women and nasty rap lyrics.  They love it just as much as the dudes.  Yet, they hate music that calls them a bitch or a ho.  I can understand that.  I’ll just watch it with the Too Short Music.

Me in the middle. Jessica Pawli on the left. Victoria Rosario on the right.

Booze and Canines

March 25, 2012

After learning more and more about the Trayvon Martin killing, this African-American cringed at the thought of helping glamorize Sanford, Florida. Still, I promised I would photograph Pints and Paws, an event involving dog owners and booze.

After seeing rain, I still almost didn’t go. Yet, a friend called and told me a birthday celebration was taking place at The Willow Tree, a German restaurant. That sealed the deal for me.

On my arrival, the first thing I did was photograph dogs.

Next, my buddy walked to the dog show and lead me to The Willow Tree.

On the left is Birthday Boy, one of our friend’s friend.  Also, I think he’s my buddy’s wife co-worker.

At the Willow Tree, folks always pass around a huge mug of beer.

After the party,  I walked around and photographed some more.

That’s Steve in the middle and Jim on the right.  As we sat in both Park Avenue Pub and The Alley, both brought this broke dude drinks.  For a friend’s Birthday, I DJed at Steve’s house.

At the end of the night, I took a quick peek in The Wet Spot.

Afterwards, I cruised the automobile home.

Sanford, Florida: The Rally For Trayvon Martin

March 23, 2012

On March 22, I attended the Sanford rally for Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager killed by a white man named George Zimmerman.  Okay, Zimmerman’s ethnic background actually consists of a white father and a Peruvian mother.  Still, in my humble opinion, his being part Latino doesn’t excuse bigotry towards African-Americans.

For new readers to my blogs, Sanford is where I DJ every week, the same town where Trayvon was killed.

I won’t write much. So, enjoy the pics.


The Reverend Al Sharpton appeared. I didn’t get all that speech and I was also too far back to actually see him.  Yet, here’s a snippet of his speech.

Pussy Pics

March 20, 2012

All the time, I check the charts on how folks find my blogs. One chart shows the search words folks use, words leading folks to my blogs. Because I wrote about Britney Spears twice, searching her name leads folks to my blogs. No problem with that. Yet, when folks include the word “pussy” in their search, I feel the need to write this blog.

One will not find pussy pics on my blogs.

Some folks come looking for black pussy.

Some come looking for Asian pussy.

Even though folks associate me with it, you won’t see white pussy on here, either.

And you definitely won’t see pics of girls eating pussy.

Now, when it comes to ass pics, that’s a different story.

Friends And Fun

March 17, 2012

At last Tuesday’s gig, a birthday party was happening.  I knew about it ahead of time.  Yet, because the patrons previously attended my Wednesday night gig at the same bar, I expected a Wednesday night party.

I didn’t get Birthday Girl’s  name. Yet, she was a quiet Latina going on age 34.  I say quiet because I rarely ever saw her talking.

“I could play whatever you want,” I told her.

Mary J. Blige and Method Man

I don’t remember exactly what she said.  Yet, she seemed already pleased by my choice in 80s/90s hip-hop and soul.  I played folks like Sybil and the DOC.  People really loved it when I played Method Man and Mary J  Blige’s “All I Need.“  Noticing Birthday Girl was with other thirty-something Latinas, I also snuck in some Latin freestyle.

I already saw her cake. Yet, another cake showed up.

Damn, she’s lucky, I thought. I assumed Birthday Girl was receiving two cakes.

Something else came to mind. Yet, I brushed the thought aside.

Then, Los Garcia came to my booth.

“Turn the music down,” he told me.

He then faced the crowd.

“Ladies and gentleman, we have another birthday in the house.  DJ Stone Crazy!”

Actually, I’m turning forty-three on Sunday.  Still, Los was telling the truth.

The other cake was brought to me as everyone sung Happy Birthday.

I almost cried.  Earlier, I wondered if the second cake was for me. Yet, I didn’t think it was.

Them buying me a cake showed how much they truly appreciated me.

From left to right: Me, Los Garcia and Jimmy Lebrun.


The next night at the same bar, I played mostly 80s/90s pop, music like Men Without Hat’s “Safety Dance”.   As the night progressed, I slipped into 90s dance music.

Towards the end of the night, four young women entered the bar. Later on, I found out two were college spring breakers.

One of the four, a non-spring breaker, asked for Delight’s “Groove is in the Heart”, a song I had already played.  Yet, I played again.

All four women started dancing.  Sick of old school, I went into LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”.  One of the college girl’s began shaking her money maker.  Truth be know, all of them dance.  Yet, the curly, brown-haired girl was more animated.  Hell, I even played Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys’ “Get Low”.  On the wiggle with it part, the animated girl actually wiggled her booty, a nice juicy booty. She even looked at me and said,” I Love You.”

I didn’t take pictures or videotape this.  Imagine your daughter having fun and some forty-something pervert photographs or films her.  Then, he puts it on the Internet for other perverts to watch. Me personally, I would want to deck the fucker.  Besides, some of my childhood friends have daughters that are college-aged.

So, I decided to just enjoy the show.


In a past blog, I complained about an annoying situation involving women, a situation inspiring me to say, “I don’t care if dudes predominate the night.”  I take that back.  I truly wish women would predominate my nights.  When it’s more of them, the nights tend to be more fun.  At least, the women dance.  And when the women are having fun, most dudes are happy.  So, everybody wins when women predominate the night.

Don’t get it twisted.  Last thing I want is a meat market night, a night attracting douche bags with no people skills.  Not only do they fuck up with the women, douche bags also try telling the DJ what to play. Lastly, when they don’t get any play, they start fights with dudes who do. Nope, I do not want a meat market night. I want a night where women feel safe and everyone have fun.

I didn’t expect the birthday cake or some college girl saying she loves me. (I think love meant appreciation versus romance.)  Still, it proves my DJ skills pleases people.  I don’t know how long I’ll be doing the DJ thing. Right now, I’ll enjoy it for all its worth.

Tweedle Dee and DJ Tweedle Dumb

March 10, 2012

At last Wednesday’s DJ gig, around 11:30, the night died.  Only a few people patronized the place, and those few sat outside including  the bar’s female owner.

“Might as well put on a playlist and join us,” the owner said.

I moved half-way on this suggestion. I played songs lasting six to eight minutes, songs like an extended club mix of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” Then, I sat outside and drunk brew.  When the playing song was ending, I got up and mixed in the next song.

The “My Prerogative” days.

Soon, two women entered. Not really the crème of the crop.  Yet, I can see drunk dudes hitting on them.

“Women finally show up,” I told two, young, white guys.

“It’s the music,” one of them said in a negative tone.

If he was dissing my music, I guess he didn’t recall Candace, a young black woman, grooving to the Bobby Brown song.  I’ll call this guy Tweedle Dee.

When I got back to the booth, the other white guy walked up to me.  After placing two dollars in my tip jar, he asked for a LMFAO song I didn’t have.

“You can find it on YouTube,” he said.

I’ll call this guy Tweedle Dumb.

“I don’t do that, man,” I said. “I do have that group. I just don’t have that song.”

“Play it then,” he said. “Play something upbeat.”

Next, Keith entered with another Candace, a white one.  Because we are almost the same age, Keith and I both share an appreciation for the eighties music we both grew up with.

“I thought you guys were going home,” I said.

“We were,” Keith said.

“We were in the other bar and heard the eighties music you were playing,” Candace said.

I hear this after Tweedle Dee criticizes my music and after Tweedle Dumb requests “upbeat” music.

Then, more folks showed up. Not many. Still, enough to liven the bar. Two or three folks danced to my musical choices.

“You got any dubstep?” Tweedle Dumb asked me.

“Yep,” I said.

“I wanna hear some dubstep. Play Skrillex.”

I honored his request with “Kill Everybody”.

The Village People

Then, Tweedle Dee asked for Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.”  I didn’t play it right after my current playing song. When I didn’t go that route, Tweedle Dee frowned. And I didn’t give a fuck. I’m a DJ. Not a goddamned jukebox.

Then, Tweedle Dumb asked for it. Then, told me to play another song right after that one. I wasn’t annoyed about this…yet.  So, I did as Tweedle Dumb asked.

Moments later, I noticed him dancing with one of the two ladies, a blonde.

As the night ended, Tweedle Dumb walked up to me.

“I DJ too,” he said. “I would like to work with you.”

As some diss my gig being a dive bar in a small town, this is the fourth request I received from another DJ wanting to work with me at this very spot.

Personally, I suspected the guy a fraud. First, any DJ worth their salt knows not to play songs off YouTube.  Not only do you risk your laptop freezing, going online for songs encourages people to keep asking for more online songs. Next thing you know, you’ll be too busy filling requests instead of performing a proper mix. Second, when it comes to genres, don’t go picking the most popular artists of that category…especially a guy who recently won a Grammy.  Surprise me.  Pick a decent group I hadn’t even heard of.  Anybody can pick the most popular artist or groups…even a forty-something, dive bar DJ like yours truly. Third, if you respect the art, don’t go telling other DJs how to do their job. Later on, that telling me to play a song next started irritating me.  Plus how are songs playing at 110 beats per minute not considered upbeat?

Yep, I smelled a fraud.  And if he ever reads this, DJ Tweedle Dumb must understand he took the wrong approach with me if he is legit.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland.

The next night at the same bar, I told some of this to Keith.  What he said next shall forever remain with me.

“It seems as if once you get your foot in the door, the more bullshit you have to deal with.”

He’s right.  I think back to my Wal-Mart years.  It was all right when I was just another employee. Yet, when I received a promotion, some upper management gave me hell…even when I increased the area’s sales.

Still, this doesn’t mean I hand bullshit permission to bring me down.  I love being a DJ. As a nocturnal human, it’s the perfect gig because I can’t sleep at night. I refuse allowing bullshit to ruin this for me.