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7 Reasons Stacey Dash Should Run for Republican President

May 29, 2014
stacey dash pic

Actress Stacey Dash

Recently, Actress Stacey Dash joined Fox news as a paid contributor. Looking at this, this inspires a list on why she should run for President on the Republican ticket.

1. She’s black (or at least part-black). Republicans have a hard time attracting people of color.  Having ex-Klan members like David Duke running on their ticket does them no favors.  Plus when the black guy became President, the slogan “Take Back Our Country” really pissed many people off.  All of sudden, it’s take our country back when the black guy wins.

take our country back

2. She’s a woman. After saying stupid shit about abortion, Republicans should at least fake they aren’t anti-women.  They aren’t even trying to hide the fact.

Stacey Dash would be the perfect front. “Our nominee is two things.  She’s black and she’s a woman.”

Seriously,  GOP, you need to do something about your image.  The white male image is so 20th Century.

white male younr republicans


3. She looks better than Michelle Bachmann.  On the real tip, everyone knows many people prefer looks over character.  Since both ladies are conservatives, who would you rather look at?

This ugly white woman?Michele bachmann ugly white woman

Or this ethnic beauty?

Stacey Dash smile

4. Her booty looks better than Sarah Palin’s.  It’s all about image.

Look at Sarah Palin’s booty!  This booty will not attract black and Latino male voters!

Sarah Palin and family enjoyed a morning at the beach in Hawaii.

Now, as for Stacey?!  Shee-it!  Even a liberal like me might vote Republican. That ass inspires ten rap songs about booty.

stacey dash booty

5. When it comes to making actors President, Republicans are successful at it.  Ronald Reagan. Do I need to say more?

Ronald Reagan

The only reason Governor Schwarzenegger can’t become President is because his native country is Austria.  If that wasn’t in the way, Governor Terminator would have became President Terminator.

6. She’s a light-skinned black woman.  I have to be real.  The first black Miss America was light-skinned and blue-eyed.

venessa williams miss america

As many praised this as a black first, some folks called bullshit.  They believed blue eyes and light-skin should not represent black beauty.

Also, some people believe America didn’t appreciate booty until lighter-skinned Jennifer Lopez graced the screen.

If people were stupid then, who’s to say they still aren’t that stupid?

7. She probably can spell. If she can read a script, she probably can write clear American English.   So, if she starts holding up campaign signs, we probably won’t see signs like this.

tea party sign no public option

This concludes the list.  Stacey  might not win.  Yet, you never know.  People did vote for George Dubya Bush twice.




3 Main Reasons Why Macklemore’s Jewish Costume was Offensive

May 19, 2014

After writing my previous blog on Macklemore’s recent Hebrew problems, I think I need to focus another blog on why what Macklemore did was dead wrong.

1. He dressed as a stereotypical Jew.  The image of the prominent nose is one of the worst stereotypical images aimed at Jews.

Macklemore jewish image and stereotypical jew

2. Like the meme says. his song was about being cheap.  Being cheap is a stereotype that has haunted Jews far too long.

3. He performed this on Shabbat.   I learned this from my Jewish friends. (Yours truly is African-American). Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. Also, it happens on the seventh day of the week. On the Jewish calendar, the seventh day is a Friday, the same night Macklemore performed his caricature.

I don’t think he was aware of the Friday significance. Yet, I am not going to believe he wasn’t aware how controversial his act would be.

Then, again, for all I know, Mr. Ben Haggerty might be Jewish himself.


Meme Showing Batman Slapping Pharrell Williams

May 19, 2014

A recent popular meme shows Batman slapping Pharrell Williams.  This as Pharrell Williams sings his hit song “Happy”.

batman slapping Pharrell Williams meme

Meme Showing Miley Cyrus Sucking Inflatable Doll’s Sex Organ

May 19, 2014

Time for what many people visit this blog for, another Miley Cyrus pic.  This is actually a meme showing Miss Cyrus giving  a blow job to an inflatable doll.  Apparently, metal heads are pissed about double standards.

miley cyrus blow job inflatable doll and heavy metal meme

Macklemore (Rap Haters’ Hero) Accused of Anti-Semitism

May 19, 2014

Just like I suspected, rapper Macklemore’s tolerance image was a fraud.  When it comes to anti-homophobia songs like “Same Love”, I remember pretentious dudes reciting poetry like that  at open-mics.  Back then, I suspected it was all a play for some pussy. because silly-assed, young ladies that didn’t know any better fell for it. I suspected almost the same thing about “Same Love”, gullible people falling for bullshit.

Recently, he performed “Thrift Shop” dressed as a stereotypical Jew.

Macklemore anti-semite jewsih costume

I’m African-American, but I definitely know what’s wrong this scenario.  “Thrift Shop” is about being cheap. Jews are stereotyped as being cheap and greedy bastards.

Next photo shows why Macklemore’s image was so wrong.  Germans used to show this image of Jews, the same thing Macklemore dressed as.

Borrowed from

I’m not surprised. In a previous blog, I mentioned concerns about Macklemore wearing gold teeth and a gold necklace on the cover of Source magazine.

Macklemore on Source Cover

I thought this reminiscent of the black face days, when white actors painted their faces black as they portrayed African-Americans.

After this fraud received so many Grammys, I am so glad this happened.  No, I’m not anti-Semitic.  Yet, I’ve told many unfunny jokes in the past.  Still, this goes beyond just bad jokes.  The image Macklemore used was created by people who owned a serious hatred against Jews, an image they used as they killed Jews.

Before this incident happened, rap haters praised Macklemore as God!  The best rapper out there!  Because Eminem is past forty, I suspected some folks were searching for another white rapper to over-hype.  Observe a Facebook conservation I witnessed.

Macklemore's Fans on FacebookMacklemore's Fans on Facebook 2

Macklemore may not talk about bitches and drank, but he definitely is going down as an anti-Semite.


7 Things I Learned from My Three Year Old Blog

May 16, 2014

As of this month, The DJ Stone Crazy Spot is three years old.

Photo by Victoria Rosario

Photo by Victoria Rosario

These are seven things I learned from blogging on

1. You don’t have to write 1500 word blogs. I really don’t know how that started. Yet, some of my more popular blogs definitely did not have 1500 words. Some had even less than 300 words. Some blogs contained a few words and a kick-ass meme I found on Facebook.

2. Booty pics attract more traffic than the written word. During the blogs first few months, Google sent more traffic my way because of booty pics. As the blogs main focus was music and laptop DJing, booty pics still brought the most traffic. To this day, it still does. Instead of reading about why a song sucks, many viewers prefer looking for big booty MILFs or big ass white girls. Currently, it’s Miley Cyrus pussy shots and Angela Basset’s booty.

3. Calling someone out in your blog does more psychological damage than you realize. Sometimes, after my blogs aims something nasty at someone, I  receive epic comments taking personal shots at me and my DJ skills. One coward decided to send me an e-mail taking potshots at me. After unfriending me on Facebook, another person posted my blog about her on Facebook, as she called me a loser DJ.

Why all this overreacting? The blog struck a raw nerve bordering on truth. If it wasn’t true, why write epic comments and aim nasty shots at me and DJ skills? In my lifetime, guilty folks are the only ones I know who behave this way.

4. You’re more likely to get pimp-slapped by a 300 pound transvestite versus getting sued for using copyrighted photos. I’m not condoning using copyrighted material. Still, as far as getting sued for doing it? That’s highly unlikely. First, you might receive a request to either take the photo down or give the photographer credit. Second, the photographer might tell your web host. Third, if you’re small fry, they know you don’t have any freakin’ money to sue for. For the record, I’m not a lawyer. Despite all this, you still might get sued for using a copyrighted pic. Still, that rarely happens to small fry bloggers.

5. Readers like lists. Yep, the blog experts had it right. Creating list blogs attract traffic. Still make sure it’s a subject folks will want to read. If folks no longer care about Jay-Z’s conflict with his sister-in-law, don’t you still write ten reasons why Jay-Z should have smacked her. If it’s a subject folks don’t care about, don’t go writing a list about it.

6. Current trends attracts plenty traffic. When Justin Bieber was arrested, I dug up memes making fun of his arrest. The blog attracted plenty of attention. When some idiots used Martin Luther King Jr, in twerking flyers, that blog not only gained a lot attention, a more popular website linked to it. The reason I always post pics of Miley Cyrus is because I know folks will come looking for them, especially if it’s something she did recently.

7. Making fun of white people attracts traffic. (Controversy attracts traffic.) I once noticed people searching my blogs wanting to know what music to play for white people. I knew the subject was controversial. That’s why I wrote it. I wrote it over a year ago. To this day, that blog still attracts traffic.

After three years on this blog, that’s what I learned.

7 Reasons You Should Buy Orlando Nightlife Women

May 11, 2014

As you can tell by the following photo, I definitely enjoy the company of women.

Black guy in fedora and two burlesque dancers

Like I mentioned in previous blogs, I also enjoy photographing women, especially nightlife women.  Recently, I published Orlando Nightlife Women, a photo book.

I am now going to give you seven reasons on why you should buy my book.

1. School girls.

2 school girls


2. Thongs.

Babe showing her thong in Downtown Orlando


3. Blondes.Blonde nightclub dancer winking her eye


4. Bar counter dancing.

Bar Counter Dancing


5. Big white booty.

big white booty


6. Big black booty (referring to one in red).

black booty


7. Racial harmony.Racial Harmony white girl between two black guys

My book Orlando Nightlife Women can found in two main spots: Amazon and CreateSpace.