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Pics Involving Singer Robin Thicke and Booty

February 24, 2014

Singer Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton recently announced their separation.

Seriously, how can you lose a beautiful woman like Paula Patton? Currently, Patton is thirty-eight years old.   I know women whose beauty already faded at thirty. Yet, Paula still retains her beauty.

Paula Patton at Grammys 2014

Could she have been a pain-in-the-ass wife?  Or was Mr. Thicke acting too much of a damned fool?  Observe a photo of Mr. Thicke grabbing a fan’s booty. My buddy Keith Gregson showed this on Facebook.

Robin Thicke Grabbing Fans Booty

Or did trouble start when the “Blurred Lines” video debuted?  In the photo clip below, check out Mr. Thicke looking at Emily Ratajkowski’s booty.  Oh yea, ol’ girl just happen to be topless too.

Robin Thicke Looking at Emily Ratajkowski Booty in Blurred Lines

Oh. let’s not forget this episode with Miss Cyrus.

miley cyrus and robin thicke as we see miley's booty

At this time, we can only go by the couple’s official reason for separating.   Yet, photo evidence shows whose been acting like a douche recently.

50 Cent Releases Slamming New Song “The Funeral”

February 22, 2014

50 Cent the funeral

On February 21, 50 Cent uploaded on YouTube his latest jam The Funeral.   Folks who love storytelling rhymes will definitely enjoy this.  The story even includes women pulling weaves during the funeral.  I hadn’t heard funny shit like since the 90’s.

According to Source magazine, 50 Cent left Shady/Interscope Records and headed to independent label Caroline.  His upcoming album Animal Ambition is set to released June 3.

Nikki Minaj’s Controversial Album Cover Uses Malcolm X Image

February 13, 2014

First of all, my Uncle Hollis and I are already pissed at Nicki Minaj.  Uncle Hollis said the DVD The Nicki Minaj Story sucks big time.

“All they did was talk,” he said.

Well, the cover did say documentary, which would contain a lot of talking.  Yet, as you order online, “documentary” contains small letters, so small you might miss the word.

I’m pissed because a meme shows Nicki Minaj has a fake booty.

Now, Miss Minaj has managed to piss even more people off. Album cover art for Lookin Ass Nigga contains a historic photo of Malcolm X, a cover inspiring folks to boycott Minaj.

Nicki minaj's lookin ass nigga cover

I ain’t going to discuss whether I think this foolish or not.  Yet, I just wonder if Nicki Minaj had permission to use the Malcolm X photo.  A photo copyright lasts until the authors death plus at least seventy more years.

Because she removed the image, I really shouldn’t worry about it.

Pics Teasing Rock Group KISS

February 13, 2014

I recently found three photos making fun of rock group KISS.  Because he might sue, don’t tell KISS bassist Gene Simmons.  Also, assuming I’m making money of this blog,  Mr. Simmons might ask me to take the pics down.  So, keep this blog post to yourselves.

First, there’s the KISS Unplugged pic.

Kiss Unplugged

Then, there’s The Beatles wearing KISS makeup.

The Beatles wearing kiss makeup

Last is my favorite.  KITH, featuring boxer Mike Tyson wearing KISS makeup.  (For those that don’t know, the word “KITH” makes fun of Mike Tyson’s lisp.)

Kith mike tyson wearing kiss makeup


Ten Musicians Who Outgrew Their Names

February 9, 2014

I don’t have anything against rocking over forty.  If people still wish paying money to see favorite musicians from their teen years, I say the musicians should drain as much cash from this as possible.  For instance, everyone knows many aging rock stars either wear wigs or had transplants.  Yet, if people still wish forking over cash, I say put on that wig and rock on.

Still, I think some bands and musicians have outgrown their names.  Back in the day, let’s say the band called themselves Lunatic Kids.  In their teens and twenties, a band can get away with that name.  Yet, when band members start pushing thirty and forty, the name starts sounding ridiculous.  The Lunatic Kids may still be lunatics.  Yet, they sure the hell ain’t kids anymore.

So, here’s a list of ten musicians too old for their  names.

1. Young MC

Borrowed from

As of this writing, 46 years old and still busting a move.

2. Spice Girls

Borrowed from

As of this writing, the ages range from 36 to 41.  When they do another reunion, they should just call themselves Spice.

Oh yea, Melanie, give a brother a call. I still got love for ya, sweetness.

3. Sonic Youth

Borrowed from

Even though they don’t perform together anymore, these kool things rode the youth name way into their fifties.

4. Kid from Kid ‘n Play

Borrowed from

49 as of this writing.  I guess Middle-Aged ‘n Play just won’t work.

5. Kid Rock

Borrowed from

Over the years, the world witnessed Kid Rock change from urban white rapper to trailer park rapper/singer.  As of the this writing, he’s 43 years old.

6. New Kids on the Block

Borrowed from

As of this writing, the ages range from 41 to 45.  The ladies still pay to see them.  I ain’t gonna front.  Keep making that money, fellas.

7. Backstreet Boys

Borrowed from

As of this writing, the ages range from 34 to 42.  Just like New Kids on the Block, the ladies still pay to see these guys.  Keep making that money, Backstreet.

8. The Beastie Boys

Borrowed from

This is no disrespect to the late MCA.  Yet, if Ad-Rock and Mike D intend on creating music together,  The Beasties may be more of an appropriate name.  Mike D is now 48.  Ad-Rock is 47.

9. Juvenile

Borrowed from

Age 38, this is the artist who inspired this list.  I don’t think the name Adult would boost his sales, tho.

10. The Beach Boys

Borrowed from

I saved this one for last.  Surviving members range from ages 70 to 71.  At those ages, instead of The Beach Boys, some folks might call them The Beach Grandaddies.

Like I mentioned before, I really don’t have anything against an entertainer’s age.  Yet, the name they continue calling themselves warrants attention.  Still, if many people don’t care and are still willing to pony the cash, more power to the entertainer.

A special shout-out goes to DJ BMF for mentioning Young MC and Kid.

Explaining The Downside to Everyone Learning How to DJ

February 7, 2014

Note:  As someone who started DJing late in life, I hold no animosity towards newer people entering the game. This blog just states facts.

As technology creates an easier path to DJing, the world now contains more DJs than ever.  Yet,  a downside exists.

Borrowed from

First, let me explain supply and demand.  Let’s say only ten people in the world knows how to DJ.  Yet, there’s a heavy demand for their services.  As long as some people can afford it, these ten DJs own the ability to charge extremely high rates.  The less available a product or service, the more you can charge…if the demand remains high.

Over time, more and more people learn DJIng.  As this goes on, fearing future competition, some DJs may not want others learning the craft.  Next, technology creates easier accessibility to DJing, creating even more DJs.  As more and more DJs enter the arena, rates go down.  As the supply rises, the price lowers.

I’ll be honest with you, I do not know if veteran DJs charge cheaper rates now.  Yet, I do know one thing.  The oversupply of DJs inspires venue owners to find the cheapest DJ available.  Many times, the arrangement involves offering free drinks instead of paying money.  Desiring to play, many DJs fall for this, just like I did.  A DJ doesn’t like the offer?  Another DJ will gladly grab it.  If an oversupply of DJs didn’t exist, many venues wouldn’t get away with this foolishness.   With a shorter supply of DJs, the cheap venue owner would be forced to pay more money, especially if high-paying patrons demand a DJ.

Now, we see the downside of everyone learning how to DJ.  Because of the oversupply,  pay rates for DJs go down.

Of course, standing-out lives as the DJ’s most powerful weapon.  Refuse presenting mediocre skills and more money follows.

Hoping DMX Beats the Fuck Out of George Zimmerman

February 5, 2014

According to TMZ, George Zimmerman plans to box rapper DMX during a celebrity battle. After Zimmerman’s killing an unarmed kid, I hope DMX pulverizes the fuck out of him. DMX represents the scary black man many Americans labeled Trayvon Martin, the kid Zimmerman killed. Personally, I wish Zimmerman’s opponent was younger, a true representative of Trayvon Martin. Still, DMX will do.George Zimmerman Versus DMX

Whether it was legal or not, the night Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin provoked a conflict. That alone was grounds for manslaughter. In the beginning, I don’t think Zimmerman intended to kill Trayvon. Yet, his stupidity led to an unarmed kid being killed. All Zimmerman had to do was keep his ass in his truck. Yet, his desire to play police officer pulled him out of his truck anyway.

After being found not guilty, Zimmerman still kept acting the ass: caught speeding, twice called on for domestic abuse and posed in a gun shop. Now, he wants to box.

Seeing all this, my eyes beg for the sight of DMX’s fists pounding George Zimmerman’s face over and over again. I desire seeing pain in Zimmerman’s eyes. I don’t want a quick knockout like Mike Tyson’s heydays. I wish for a bloody fight as Zimmerman’s eyes puffs up and nose bleeds.

Notice I don’t wish for death. True enough, my wish is disturbing. Yet, wishing death lowers me to the level of the man who killed an unarmed kid. DMX kicking George Zimmerman’s ass fits the spot.