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Pics Involving Singer Robin Thicke and Booty

February 24, 2014

Singer Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton recently announced their separation.

Seriously, how can you lose a beautiful woman like Paula Patton? Currently, Patton is thirty-eight years old.   I know women whose beauty already faded at thirty. Yet, Paula still retains her beauty.

Paula Patton at Grammys 2014

Could she have been a pain-in-the-ass wife?  Or was Mr. Thicke acting too much of a damned fool?  Observe a photo of Mr. Thicke grabbing a fan’s booty. My buddy Keith Gregson showed this on Facebook.

Robin Thicke Grabbing Fans Booty

Or did trouble start when the “Blurred Lines” video debuted?  In the photo clip below, check out Mr. Thicke looking at Emily Ratajkowski’s booty.  Oh yea, ol’ girl just happen to be topless too.

Robin Thicke Looking at Emily Ratajkowski Booty in Blurred Lines

Oh. let’s not forget this episode with Miss Cyrus.

miley cyrus and robin thicke as we see miley's booty

At this time, we can only go by the couple’s official reason for separating.   Yet, photo evidence shows whose been acting like a douche recently.

50 Cent Releases Slamming New Song “The Funeral”

February 22, 2014

50 Cent the funeral

On February 21, 50 Cent uploaded on YouTube his latest jam The Funeral.   Folks who love storytelling rhymes will definitely enjoy this.  The story even includes women pulling weaves during the funeral.  I hadn’t heard funny shit like since the 90’s.

According to Source magazine, 50 Cent left Shady/Interscope Records and headed to independent label Caroline.  His upcoming album Animal Ambition is set to released June 3.

Nikki Minaj’s Controversial Album Cover Uses Malcolm X Image

February 13, 2014

First of all, my Uncle Hollis and I are already pissed at Nicki Minaj.  Uncle Hollis said the DVD The Nicki Minaj Story sucks big time.

“All they did was talk,” he said.

Well, the cover did say documentary, which would contain a lot of talking.  Yet, as you order online, “documentary” contains small letters, so small you might miss the word.

I’m pissed because a meme shows Nicki Minaj has a fake booty.

Now, Miss Minaj has managed to piss even more people off. Album cover art for Lookin Ass Nigga contains a historic photo of Malcolm X, a cover inspiring folks to boycott Minaj.

Nicki minaj's lookin ass nigga cover

I ain’t going to discuss whether I think this foolish or not.  Yet, I just wonder if Nicki Minaj had permission to use the Malcolm X photo.  A photo copyright lasts until the authors death plus at least seventy more years.

Because she removed the image, I really shouldn’t worry about it.