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Celebrating Prince

June 28, 2012

During the first week of June, I attempted a Prince celebration.

Yet, due to heavy rain and equipment breaking down, that almost failed.  Yet, managed to get photos.

Some folks dressed in purple.

A doll reminded me of Prince. So, I photographed it.

The Batman shirt references Prince’s soundtrack for the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. Incidentally, I received two requests for “Batdance.”

The next night, I went to The Peacock Room on Prince’s actual birthday, June 7.  For the last hour of my gig, I played his music. Shelly Richards, the bartender dressed as him.

Defending DJ Paris Hilton

June 26, 2012

First, I find Paris Hilton annoying. For one thing, her and some goons harassed a popular DJ for not playing hip-hop. If the DJ prefers not to play what you want, leave them alone. (In this same blog, I’m going to contradict myself on this.)  Also, there’s the incident involving Paris saying niggers from Compton. Last but not least, as an Orlando nightclub used her namesake, she only showed up twice at the place. Or was it once?

Paris Hilton doing a mix.

No, I do not find Miss Hilton high on my list of people I actually care about. Yet, I’m somewhat annoyed about the recent stories of her bombing during her DJ debut. According to the “experts”, how bad was it? Her playlist contained cheesy commercial music. Not only that, she used unnecessary special effects. To make matters worse, she needed help operating her equipment.

Trust me, I understand the frustration of other DJs. As many DJs practiced the craft for over twenty years, here comes Paris Hilton attempting to be one of them. Paris Hilton, for god sakes. Not only that, because of her name, she gets to play in venues other DJs can only dream of. When I learned she was DJing in Brazil, envy grabbed me. For those who appreciate the big booty like I do, Brazil is Heaven.

As for the cheesy commercial music Paris played? Believe it or not, in the nightclubs, many people want to hear just that. Maybe, this explains the recent episodes of popular DJs being thrown off the decks. After all the talk of electronic dance music‘s popularity in the States, many people prefer hearing a mixture of music. Many, like me, prefer a mixture of hip-hop, rock and cheesy dance music. I’m out to have fun. If I wanted to be “underground”, I would have gone to an event promoting “underground”.

Compared to other DJs “performing” to recorded mixes, I give Paris credit for performing live. I own no desire paying twenty to seventy dollars just to see some clown dancing behind the decks to a recorded mix.

Paris Hilton’s main problem is what I mentioned in the beginning, she’s annoying. She created an image in which many people hope the worst for her.

Yet, whether Paris sucks at it or not, her DJing does not bother me one damned bit. More power to her. People need to quit acting like their “craft” is only for a chosen few. Get the fuck over yourselves. With enough patience and dedication, many people can learn your “craft”.

Also, as for you groupies out there? Just because you sucked some DJ’s dick and swallowed, does not make you an expert on the craft, either.

Who knows? If she takes DJing seriously, Paris may surprise you. At least, she won’t be a well known DJ being kicked off the decks.

The ‘I’m a twat’ list for DJs

June 23, 2012

Chris Redmon, an artist friend, alerted me to this hilarious list. On their Facebook fan page, the Freestylers posted it.


Every DJ must own this list!!!