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Happy Hour: Luce and Drew

September 30, 2012

Just like last Friday, it rained on the way to my Happy Hour DJ gig, located at The Peacock Room.

Yet, further down the road, it didn’t rain at all.

I was told this was uniquely Central Florida weather, one side of the city rains as the other side remains dry.  Hell, I wouldn’t know.  Except for some months in Upstate New York, I lived in Central Florida most of my life.

This night, Happy Hour hosted two performers.

First, Luce Sky.

Then, Drew Yardis. That’s him on the right.

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

Yab Yum, Inc.

September 28, 2012

Yab Yum Inc., owned by William Waldren and Bairrie Freeman, catered to Orlando’s bohemian crowd.

I’ll be honest.  When I first read poetry here back in 1992, I hated the place.  I was not a fan of people talking as I read poetry.

Two years later, a woman I was dating talked me into meeting her here.  She knew I hated the place.   Still, I showed up and began reading poetry again.

One night in 1995, the open-mic readings had no host.

Jen asked me did I want to host.

I agreed.

After three weeks of sub-hosting, I asked to become the permanent host.  I was granted that wish.

Gregory Patrick: A performance artist who used to go by the name Steele.


Eugene Snowden: He used to read other people’s poetry as he played the African drum.  Currently, Eugene is now lead singer for the Legendary JCs.

Jefferson: I don’t know what the hell ever became of this guy.

Yab Yum owned a billiards joint named Kit Kat Club, located right next to it.

Mark Chastain and Clay Cooperider usually worked the door.


In 1996, Yab Yum closed and reopened as Harold and Maude’s in 1997.

The open-mics and other entertainment moved next door to Go Lounge, another spot Yab Yum owned.

Jose Fuentes.

Years later, Go Lounge turned into The Globe, a restaurant that stayed open late into the night.


Yab Yum Inc. closed around 2001 or 2002.  I forgot.the exact year.

Nowadays, some folks tell me they remember me.

“I used to go that place when I was fifteen years old. I remember you.”

“When you were host, I used to sell acid in front of that place.”

Some even quote  poetry I read back then.

Even though Yab Yum Inc. is gone, many locals never forgot it.


A recent photo of Baerrie Freeman and me.

The More Photos-Less Words Blog

September 25, 2012

This was supposed to be a DJ blog.

I intended to focus mostly on music and my life as a DJ.  I still somewhat do that.  Yet,  photos attract more traffic my way than my beautiful prose.

I’ll still blog as DJ Stone Crazy.


As I continue writing about music and the DJ life, the reader may see me lean more towards photography.  Especially the ones involving Central Florida’s nightlife.

That’s all for now.

Fourth Annual Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival

September 24, 2012

Every September, Sanford hosts the Annual Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival.  This was the 4th year.

Since the beginning, I’ve been the official photographer and videographer.

On the right is founder Moire Wisdom. On the left is her daughter Bevin.

Moire owns Little Fish-Huge Pond, the main headquarters of the event.

Truth be known, as the actual starting time was 8 PM Friday, I didn’t show up until 12.   My Happy Hour DJ gig in Orlando extended longer than expected.

At The West End Trading Company, the Regal performed.

It was Hurry Regal’s (Harry Reagan) birthday.

The next day at The West End, Ron Dillon smoked turkey legs.

The different colors of liquid attracted me to this stand. The pirate is Doug Hanna of Sun Global Beverages.

A costume contest was held for the kids.

This little guy won the contest.

S.L. Rodriguez: a Captain Jack impersonator.

Because of this guy, I later  bought  a delicious,  smoked, turkey leg.

Sam Beck and the Tricky Dickies.

Chuck Culbertson.

A costume contest was held for the adults also.

I didn’t stick around long enough to know who won.

My attention was elsewhere.

Near The West End, I notice the glowing balloon shaped like a whiskey bottle, a balloon advertising Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

“She” already has this for “her” Facebook profile pic.

Worn out, I soon headed for the automobile and drove home.

Can’t wait for next year. (That’s me with the striped hat.)

Photo by Rachael P Barnett


A Rainy Happy Hour

September 23, 2012

Last Friday, I was already late for my Happy Hour DJ gig at the Peacock Room.

On this rainy Central Florida evening, traffic slowly moved on my normal route.

Soon, I found the reason.  An accident.

Then, after making a right turn, I come across another long line of cars.

Why?  Because the car in front of the line stalled.

Soon, I reached my destination, The Peacock Room located in Orlando.

Luce Sky performed between sets.  It was a decent night, I guess.

Birthday Party at DJ Gig

September 21, 2012

Last Wednesday’s DJ gig hosted a birthday party.

Actually, it was two parties.

One for Cristina. She got cupcakes.

The other was for the woman on the far right.  The cake was for her.

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

Inez and her husband brought in the food.

This is me representing the old school.

Photo by Rachael P Barnett

Musicians I Resemble

September 20, 2012

Over the years, folks always mention me resembling someone.

First, here’s my high school senior year photo.

After seeing that, the first thing some folks mention is Ready for the World, an 80s and early 90s group known for the song “Oh Sheila.”  One person indicated my photo resembled lead singer Melvin Riley Jr.

When it comes to resembling him, I’ll let the readers judge.

This is me at age 23.

Folks used to call me Babyface.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.

Here’s me again.

Around 2010, folks started calling me Will I Am.  They still do too.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.  Ironically, Will and I both have birthdays in March.

Last but not least is something originating in Central Florida.

This is me again.

For years, local folks always confused me with local rapper and national recording act, Swamburger.

I’ll let the readers judge that one too.

For nearly fifteen years, white folks still confuse us.

I don’t know.  I guess I just have that face, whatever that means.