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Phat-N-Jazzy’s Funky 45 Edition

July 29, 2012

Last Friday, after my happy hour gig at The Peacock Room, I stayed around for Phat-N-Jazzy’s Funky 45 Edition.

All night, both DJ Le Spam and DJ BMF played 45s, named because the small records were played at 45 rounds per minute.  Most of the music played that night was old school funk, soul and Latin.

DJ BMF: Phat-N-Jazzy’s main DJ.

Phat-N-Jazzy has been around since the mid-nineties.   I remember when it existed at what is now called Independent Bar.  Then, for years, Phat-N-Jazzy happened every Tuesday night at The Social.  Now, it happens in different spots around Orlando.

DJ Le Spam: Member and producer of Spam Allstars, a Miami electric/Latin funk band.

In the middle is Mayra, DJ BMF’s wife.

Keith Gregson: longtime friend and the printer of my flyers.

Anthony Bonilla:  He mostly runs a hot dog stand.  Yet, I remember him mostly as DJ Bonilla.  When I became a DJ, Anthony became my mentor.

DJ BMF told me the difficulties of transitioning  from one 45 to the other.  Unlike the  twelve inch record, before you know it, the 45 record’s song is almost over.  As I danced and enjoyed the music, I couldn’t tell it.  I had that good of a time.

Art and Photos From DJ My Gigs III

July 26, 2012

First, as usual, we look at the art folks created during my DJ gigs.

This one is the work of two artists.


The second one goes way beyond political correctness.  Yet, I shall post it any way.  I think this was more of a personal beef than something racial.


Next are photos  from both my Tuesday and Wednesday night DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

As my photos illustrate, the nights attract a diverse crowd.  Yet, it got back to me someone complained about me playing hip hop.

Here’s my views on that.  First, the complainer had the opportunity to request what they wanted to hear.  Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I only play hip hop.  Yes, I play other genres, even rock.  Second, check the music charts.  Hip hop always exists in the Top 40 now, meaning many folks want to hear it. Third, people have to learn to be more tolerant towards other music.   It annoys the hell out of me when some people attempt centering the night around them and their friends, all because they’re too close-minded to appreciate other forms of music.  Close-minded people need to stay the fuck away from my nights.

Haters are a good thing.  No haters mean I’m doing a shitty job.  I guess what I’m doing must be damned good.



Fun With Photoshop Elements

July 24, 2012

When I bought my Canon Rebel, Photoshop Elements came with it.  About two years ago, I bought one of those For Dummies books and finally taught myself the program.  Not because I really wanted to. No, I learned it because I was sick of relying on real graphic artists to make event flyers.

This event tanked. Bombed! Went to shit! Only five people showed!

Besides flyers, I use my skills for other things too.

I grabbed a quote from Bill Maher’s book The New New Rules.

The following is reference to the Colorado mass murder at a movie theater.

I ain’t an expert. Still, I have fun.

A Successful Happy Hour at The Peacock Room

July 22, 2012

Last Friday’s Happy Hour at The Peacock Room happens to be my most successful happy hour yet.

During the night, Luciano Sky performed Brazilian music on his acoustic guitar.

On the left is Joe Austin, a bartender and friend.  On the right is Phil Longo.  Phil set up the happy hour gig for me.

On the left is Greg Hayden, a guy I knew since Lake Howell High School.  For those that don’t know, that’s me in the hat.

As the night went on, I kept photographing. Other times, I use the camera setting on my small Toshiba camcorder.  This time I used my Canon Rebel.

I always wanted to do a happy hour set.  Past times had been unsuccessful.  Yet, I like mentioned earlier, last Friday’s is the most successful. I’m happy with that.

Photos and More Art From My DJ Digs

July 20, 2012

First, the art.  Recently, I’ve been collecting artwork created during my DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  As I have an idea, I really don’t know who created the following two pieces.


The third piece was created by Dustin Giortz.


One night, a lesbian guitarist attempted pushing me out of a gig.  Well, it was towards the end of my set anyway.  Yet, she kept going on and on about what a great singer her friend was (or was the young lady her girlfriend?).

An artist documented the incident.  I’ll let him or her remain anonymous.


Now for some photos. These were taken during last Tuesday night’s gig at Little Fish.


During a July 4th gig at Little Fish, one of the guys in the following pic wound up being a pain in my ass. He started some shit about me being a button pusher because I use a laptop.  Because he admired my taste in my music, he apologized last Tuesday night.

Art During A DJ Gig

July 17, 2012

Last Wednesday, during my DJ gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond, I saw two artists sketching.  Fascinated by the idea of folks creating art during my music mixing, I decided to post the works of Carrissa Paige and Matthew Cooper.

Art by Carrisa Paige

Art by Carrisa Page

Art by Matthew Cooper

In other news, I recently found out by readers’ choice, I was chosen as Orlando’s Second Best Spoken-Word artist in The Orlando Weekly. For those that don’t know, Patrick Scott Barnes is my real name.

Photo by Tod Caviness

Funny thing about this?  In the past year, I really hadn’t been reading much poetry.  Still, I’m grateful.

Bullshit Happened Back In Our Day Too

July 9, 2012

I recently saw this posted on Facebook.


This young cutie, Akira, posted it.

Understandably, the photo pissed her off.

It’s amazing how nostalgia alters the past. As for the photo referencing NWA, I shall take you back to the days when Dr. Dre and DJ Yella were in The World Class Wrecking Crew.  This was before NWA.  Do these two look like “real niggas”?   They look more like Ready for the World than gangstas.

When it came to rappers wearing perms, East Coast idiots would have you believing it’s a West Coast creation.

Yet, when it comes to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, this isn’t the image I remember.


I remember the image of dudes rocking jheri curls and straightened hair.


Lo and behold, when it comes to dissing bling-bling, some folks forgot about the thick gold chain.


It isn’t as if I’m out to start a generation conflict, I am out to show how “Back in the Day” gets twisted. As for past pics of artists, what we see is what was going on during that time period. World Class Wrecking Crew were basically dressing like the typical R and B group from the 80s. Actually, the pic I showed almost happens during the same time of Grandmaster Flash’s second pic I posted.

Do the pics take anything away from the artists real talent? No, they don’t.  Still, when folks use “Back in the Day”, they need to tell the whole story.

I’m picking on hip hop. Let’s pick at rock one time before we go.

When it comes to Pantera, this is the image rock folks remember.

Yet, I wonder how many wanna remember them when they had the pretty boy, hair metal look.