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Photo Fun with Clint Eastwood and The Chair

August 31, 2012

As Luce Sky performs for the next half hour, I am doing this very blog during Peacock Room’s Friday Happy Hour Session.  Before I came to the gig, I decided to have some fun with actor Clint Eastwood’s talking to a chair during the Republican Convention in Tampa. Florida.  For those that don’t know,  Clint was talking to a chair onstage as if it was President Obama.

Inspired I decided to have some Photoshop fun.

My first pic gained some likes on Facebook.

This is the second pic I posted.

Like they say, the third is the charm (or something like that).  The third pic gained the most likes and shares on Facebook.

Pete Best: Kicked Out of the World’s Most Famous Band

August 27, 2012

Imagine this.  After being the drummer for two years, the band’s manager kicks you out of the group.  As for the band itself?  They become the most popular group in the world.

Later on, as you attempt breathing more life into your musical career, almost every attempt proves unsuccessful.

Then, when you’re on her show as a guest, Oprah Winfrey keeps bringing up you being kicked out of a famous band.  (That’s where I first saw you.)

Welcome to the world of Pete Best, popularly known as the fifth Beatle.  After Best and the Beatles recorded music at Abbey Road Studios (then

Pete Best

called EMI Studios), producer George Martin and the engineers felt the Beatles needed a more experienced drummer.   Using experienced session drummers was common practice.   When the other Beatles caught wind of Martin’s and the engineers’ beliefs, they encouraged manager Brian Epstein to kick Pete Best out.  Ringo Star became his replacement.

Besides performance issues, some speculate Best the victim of player hating.   During his two years with the Beatles, it has been said Best attracted the most female fans, causing jealousy of other band mates.  With all the females screaming for Pete, speculation blames jealousy fueling the band mates’ craving to kick him out.  Some have said most of the jealousy came from band mate Paul McCartney. After all these years, I always thought the female’s considered Paul the cutest Beatle.  Would this have been the case if Pete was still in the band?

Of course, everyone knows what happened to the Beatles.  They became the most famous band in the world.

After his dismissal, Pete attempted moving on.  Yet, every project proved unsuccessful.  Pete Best & the All Stars released a song called “I’m Gonna Knock You Down.” It flopped.  Then, Best formed the Pete Best Four.  That flopped too.  He even released an album called “Best of the Beatles”.  Many Beatles’ fans assumed the album a compilation of the group’s music.  “Best” was actually in reference to Pete Best.  That flopped too.

Best threw in the towel and soon became a civil servant.  For over twenty years, he refused playing drums in public.

I never heard of the guy until I saw him on Oprah Winfrey.

“The Beatles.  You were in the Beatles,” Oprah kept saying.  The guy already appeared depressed enough.  Yet, Oprah kept bringing up the Beatles.  If I remember it correctly, Pete Best mentioned he had thought of suicide over the years.  (I could be wrong.)

Thinking about Pete Best reminds me of life’s cruelty.  The band that kicks you out becomes the most popular group in the world.  Sometimes, life just ain’t fair.



Bikinis and Lesbians

August 25, 2012

In past blogs, I talked about the searches leading to my blogs.  The following pic illustrates the subjects people search for.  For the full view, click on the pic.


As the viewer observes, they will see a searching trend, bikinis and lesbians.  Again, for the full view, click on the pic.


For this one time, I’ll make the search worth it.