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Louder Than Hell: A Book Even Non-Heavy Metal Fans Would Enjoy

January 20, 2014

Louder Than Hell book

As I always appreciated the music, I was never a hardcore fan of heavy metal.  Around the year 2000, I started losing track of metal music.  Still, that does not mean I don’t appreciate a good book when I read one.  Even if you absolutely hate heavy metal, Louder Than Hell by Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman definitely entertains.

The book starts around the late sixties with group Black Sabbath. Along the ride, we run into KISS, Alice Cooper and The New Wave of British Metal including Judas Priest and Def Leppard.  Also, we witness scenes developing in Tampa, Massachusetts and Norway. Plus we taste the scenes of death metal, thrash, hair metal, black metal, punk metal and nu-metal.

Yet, the highlight of the book is the oral stories by the entertainers themselves.  Stories about fucking women with a fish. Stories about women sucking the road guys’ dicks just to get backstage with the band.  All your rock-n-roll goodies are included; heroin, booze, sluts and of course, cocaine.

A warning: With 746 pages, this is a long-assed book.  So long, I had to check it out twice from the Orange County Public Library in Orlando.  Still, the book deserves all the patience the reader can give it.

Even if you hate heavy metal, I still would encourage one to read Louder Than Hell, an entertaining book you can’t put down.

Three Easy Steps On How To Fuck Up Your Blog

March 4, 2013

Here’s my confession:  I fucked up my blog.  Fucked it up big time.  Fucked it up so bad, I am now restructuring it.

How did I fuck up my blog?  Keep reading and you’ll see why.  Hopefully, other bloggers won’t do the same thing to their blog.

  1. Not having a definite goal: Why write a blog?  What’s the motivation?  Why do I want to tell the whole damned internet my business?  My main motivation was giving exposure to my writing skills.  For this blog, no way in hell did I expect to boost my DJ career.  Yet, I moved away from the writing goal. Because I noticed the booty pic traffic I kept receiving, I focused more on the photos.  No, not all photos contained a nice round derriere.   Yet, I kept focusing more on pics versus my writing, taking me away from the goal of exposing my writings.why blog
  2. Not sticking to the theme: This was supposed to be a DJ blog.  Yet, I kept including things that definitely weren’t DJ related.  What is a blog about hot air balloons doing on a DJ blog?  Still, I did just that, posted a blog about hot air balloons.  Don’t go looking for it because I’m deleting the damned thing.Stick to the fuckin' theme!
  3. Not solving readers’ problems or catering to their needs: Many people search the internet to solve problems.  Writing journal blogs went out with MySpace. In the past, readers told me they read my blog because few blogs exist about the DJ life.  They were looking up to me for tips on their own DJ career, which surprised the hell out of me. The only thing making my blog a legit DJ blog is my vinyl music blogs.  Not only do I tell the reader what I play, I also give the reader a short synopsis of the album.Nobody gives a shit about your online journal

What do I do now?  Like I mentioned before, I’m restructuring. Some blogs are being deleted.   I’m  keeping with the booty pics because they serve a demand.  Because folks have found my blog because of it, I’m sticking with nightlife posts too. Apparently, they serve a need too.  Of course, because this is a DJ blog, I shall stick with blogging about the DJ life and music too.

Mr. Pierre’s Erotic Stories Night

February 15, 2013

Last Wednesday, I attended Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day: Ladies’ Night, a night of sexy stories and poetry read by women. The event steamed up The Peacock Room, an Orlando bar.

I attended and read at previous Hump Day events,, but tonight Mr. Pierre decided to run an Only Girls event.  After hearing the readings, I didn’t complain not one damned bit.  Hell, I even suggested  Hump Day nights should remain only girls.  The hell with the boys.

Keri Sardone looking sexy in glasses. Her reading was sexy too.

Keri Sardoni

Ruby Darling: One of Orlando’s best burlesque dancers, she’s a member of Skill Focus:Burlesque.  She’s just as skilled with the spoken-word too.

Ruby Darling

Tiffany Lane Naymick:  Know how looks can be deceiving?  You wouldn’t think such an innocent-looking person could own such delicious naughtiness inside them.  Tiffany is one of those people.  I wasn’t complaining.

Tifffany Lane Naymick

Cherry Bob-omb: Another member of Skill Focus: Burlesque.  I hadn’t witnessed her moves yet.  Still, I enjoyed her reading.

Cherry Bob-omb

Moxie O’ Connell: A graphic designer at Media Impact Advertising.  If you like tattoos with your erotic stories, Moxie is your woman.  Tell her DJ Stone Crazy sent you.

Pink hair

Amanda Millar:  Where do I start? I first fell in love with Amanda when I first witnessed her reading a story involving sexual kinkiness on a religious person.  This night, she got kinky with TV Chef Nigella Lawson.  Truth be known, I think many dudes may have craved sexual kinkiness with Nigella Lawson or searched the Internet for Nigella Lawson porn.

Amanda Millar

Whitney Morgan: a local model and underground actress, she read a pegging story written by Mark Parchman.

whitney morgan

What is pegging, you ask?  Pegging involves female anal penetration on a dude.  In other words, a woman fucking a dude in the ass with a strap-on dildo.

strap-on girl

I ain’t saying no names.  Yet, I get the feeling at least one of the female readers performed this act many times.

strap-on dildo

Mr. Pierre and the ladies: Oh yea, Mr. Pierre AKA Michael Pierre read a naughty story in the female point of view.  Because he lost some kind of bet, he had to read about being a bad little girl.

Mr. Pierre

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Ruby and Whitney

Keri Sardone

Tiffany Layne Naymick

Ruby Darling

Usually, big butts gain my attention.  Looking at this pic, the reader can tell what else catches my attention.  I’m referring to her smile.

big boobs

Pink hair 2

Amanda Millar

Erotic stories women

Mike and the girls

I think the next Hump is in April.  Like I mentioned earlier, I hope Mr. Pierre keeps it Only Girls.

The More Photos-Less Words Blog

September 25, 2012

This was supposed to be a DJ blog.

I intended to focus mostly on music and my life as a DJ.  I still somewhat do that.  Yet,  photos attract more traffic my way than my beautiful prose.

I’ll still blog as DJ Stone Crazy.


As I continue writing about music and the DJ life, the reader may see me lean more towards photography.  Especially the ones involving Central Florida’s nightlife.

That’s all for now.

Remembering An Orlando Nightlife Columnist on Her Birthday

September 11, 2012

Last year, Central Florida lost Orlando Sentinel writer Kelly Fitzpatrick.  She died in her sleep.

Her column focused on Central Florida’s nightlife.  Sometimes, she bravely called out bars and night clubs on over-priced drinks and bad service.

She was also a dear friend of mine.

Last Saturday at Lil Indies, friends held a private party honoring Kelly’s birthday.

Heather and Brian Kingsbury: They tied the knot back in June.

Tod Caviness and Christen Marie:  Two or three days later after this photo, they got engaged.  Tod also writes for the Sentinel.

Curtis Earth: He hosted a trivia game centered around Kelly.

That’s Will Walker on the left, owner of Will’s Pub and Lil Indies.  That’s me in the middle.  On the right is Bao Le Huu, writer of Orlando Weekly’s This Little Underground.

I think the dude is DJ Smilin Dan.  The woman is local bartender Jennifer Harton.

Because Lil Indies is right next door to Will’s Pub, I went to Will’s to check out The Legendary JCs.

Eugene Snowden: Lead Singer.

After that, I went back to the party.

In the middle is Casey Dayhoff, Kelly’s husband and Heather Kingsbury’s brother.

The guy is Brian Stibal, a person we’ve known for over ten years.

Me and Jim Criger.  Best friends since 1999.  Always there for you when the shit goes down

Kelly Fitzpatrick: A Needed Orlando Voice

September 27, 2011

Last Friday,  at age 36, a friend of mine died in her sleep.   No one knows the cause of death yet.   It has been said she had sleep apnea.

I first encountered my friend, Kelly Fitzpatrick, one night at Will’s Pub.   As I attempted writing poetry, one drunken white woman kept looking over my shoulder.  Was it annoying?  Yes.  Still, I didn’t really get pissed about it.

We had some kind of short conservation.  Yet, I forget what we talked about.

Later on, I found out she worked for the Orlando Sentinel.  At this time, she wrote for a website connected to the Sentinel.  If I remember it right, I think she had a hand in editing it too.

Eventually, she became the nighttime columnist for the Orlando Sentinel.  No disrespect towards past nighttime columnists.  Yet, Orlando needed Kelly’s voice, a voice that influenced my current nighttime blogs.   When it came to over-priced booze and bad customer service, Kelly bravely put bars and night clubs on blast.   I once heard of a  bar owner who fumed for days over Kelly’s brutally honest words.  Kelly blasted his bar’s sexist name.  Pissed off, dude considered calling Kelly up and aim nasty words at her.  Knowing the guy personally, I knew that had to be true.

Aside from writing, I’ll always remember the person who gave more to Central Florida versus what Central Florida gave back to her.  Always she did things for friends.  I remember her making arrangements for me to have a ride to a Halloween party.  Some of my events she mentioned in her columns.   When she visited Sanford for an assignment, she made me the official photographer.  (Oh yea, Orlando Sentinel, you people still hadn’t paid me for my picture you used.)

Today will be the viewing of her body.  Tomorrow will be the funeral.  Unfortunately, I won’t be attending.   Tonight and tomorrow night, I DJ.  I know after seeing Kelly’s lifeless body, I would not be able to play music.  Some folks may think less of me for those reasons.  Truth be known, I don’t blame them.  If it was the other way around, Kelly probably would have made sure to attend my funeral.

In her honor, I’ll play some of her favorite music tonight.

Good bye, Kelly.  Just like our friend Vanessa said, you now have a chance to interview Jim Morrison.

Death Metal and a Bruce Campbell Look-A-Like

August 28, 2011

Last Tuesday’s DJ gig at Little Fish turned interesting.  I guess “interesting” would be the appropriate word.

First, some dudes taped Toasty upside-down to a street post.

One of the culprits was the guy in the blue shirt, a soldier just returning from Iraq.

Looking at him now, dude resembles actor Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness.

Teresa, Teressa and Yazmin:  They didn’t  cause any problems.  I just like how this pic turned out.

As the evening went on, two guys kept requesting death metal all night.  I didn’t mind the music.  Yet, all DAMNED NIGHT they request it?

Some folks complained.

“Start requesting songs then,” I said.

Usually, when some folks make song requests, they tip me.   Tonight everybody was broke, meaning no song requests and no tip money.

Truth be known, tipping is not a huge requirement for me.   I only wish that for people who keep requesting songs all night, like the death metal dudes.

Before they left, one death metal guy did tip me.  In my tip bucket, he left a HUGE WHOPPING THIRTY CENTS!!!

I hope I didn’t break the guy.

Instead of fiction writing, it may be wise to just stick with journalism. Or whatever you call my style of writing.  Some of this shit, you just can’t make up.