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J Cole’s “Crooked Smile” is What Hip-Hop Needed

December 4, 2013

Music purists (pretentious fuckers) are always downing Top 40. After hearing ignorant shit all summer, I can understand the complaint. I love the song “UEONO”.  Heard it all summer in the nightclub I used to photograph for.  Yet, Rick Ross fucked it up with his rhyme about putting Molly in a woman’s drink and having his way with her.

Personally, my track record with women is awful. Looking back at my past behavior towards women, I now understand why things always go wrong with me in the romantic department.  Yet, no way in hell would I write a poem or a rhyme romanticizing DATE RAPE! That’s the kind of shit you let white rappers rhyme about.

Speaking of white rappers, someone in the hip-hop community finally rhymed what I had been feeling for years. First , let me get this out of the way. What pisses me off about current hip-hop and some African-Americans in general is this; it’s easy to make money going off on your own people. Just ask Chris Rock and Tommy Sotomayor. For too long, black rappers littered their songs with the n-word, aiming their anger at other African-Americans. Plus, still constantly calling women bitches. With them being black, has it ever occurred to these rappers folks automatically assume they’re talking about black women? Also, do they realize the way they talk about black women makes non-black people think that’s how black women really are? For years, black rappers chose to aim their anger at other African-Americans and black women. I’m not telling people what to say in their music. I’m just putting this out for thought.

Now, after all these years, rapper J Cole finally said what I had been stressing for a long time. In his song “Crooked Smile”, he says these lyrics. “I aksed if my skin pale/would I then sell like Eminem or Adele?” Finally, someone in hip-hop brought up the benefits white artist receive over black artists, especially when they perform music created by black people. It isn’t as if I never thought the artists weren’t talented. Yet, the bullshit is obvious; everytime a white artist performs like a “nigger”, they receive more praise than the niggers themselves. Bring this up and folks want say you’re the one being racist.

Hip-hop used to be more outspoken. I think what killed “dropping science” was too many people dropping science. Too much of one thing kills the market for it.

Still, right along with the crunk music in the past decade, I still kept buying Public Enemy, one of the forefathers of dropping hip-hop science.

J Cole’s lyrics is a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone in hip-hop decided to challenge the still racist mainstream media. For those who badmouth Top 40, they’re just not listening to the right music.

The Top Ten Most Overrated White Musicians

May 9, 2011

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t as if I think these artists suck. Most on this list I find to be very talented.

Also, if anyone requests their music during one of my deejay gigs, I’ll be more than happy to play it.

Yet, I am getting sick and tired of mainstream media always telling everyone how great these people are. Why do white musicians who perform “black music” receive more press than the folks who created it? When the all white Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill reached number one on the album charts, people made a big deal about it being the first rap album to do so. Yet, few folks wanted to admit The Beastie Boys’ skin color may have contributed to it.

Sometimes, it don’t even have to be about white musicians performing “black music”. Some white musicians are just plain over hyped.

So here I go. If this list offends, it wasn’t intended that way.

10. Aerosmith

If it wasn’t for Run-DMC covering one of their songs, you wouldn’t be seeing lead singer Steven Tyler on American Idol. Before Run-DMC remade “Walk This Way”, Aerosmith was considered has-beens. Run-DMC’s version pushed Aerosmith back into the public spotlight. Yet, some Aerosmith fans seem to ignore that important fact.

9. Eric Clapton

I don’t get it. Why are folks labeling him one of the best blues guitarists ever? What makes him stand out among B.B. King and Muddy Waters? A great guitarist Clapton may be, but a great BLUES guitarist?

8. Britney Spears

Since day one, never were there any intentions on presenting Britney as a true artist. All she had to do was shake her titties and sing.

7. Lady Gaga

When shock artist Marlyn Manson ripped from Alice Cooper, there was at least some originality to it. When I see Lady Gaga, I see a too obvious and unoriginal rip from Madonna.

6. George Michael

This pertains to an incident in the late eighties. The American Music Awards possessed the audacity to award George Michael the Favorite Soul/ R&B Male Artist. This over Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown, two dudes who created way more soulful albums than George Michael. And it wasn’t because they were black either.

5.Kurt Cobain

After Nirvana’s “Smells Like Team Spirit” became a hit, folks labeled front-man Kurt Cobain the voice of his generation. At this time, I was a few years younger than Kurt. Even though I liked the song, I resented folks saying this white man spoke for me. Public Enemy spoke more for me than Kurt ever did. After Kurt committed suicide, he instantly became more important than he should have been. Well, at least, white people aren’t going around saying he faked his death and moved to Paris.

4. Jim Morrison

For awhile, white people who grew up in the sixties kept going on and on about the man. Some still do. One time, I bought a book of Jim Morrison’s poetry. That shit sucked. It’s a bunch of ramblings that don’t make sense. I’ll take Charles Bukowski’s poetry over Jim Morrison’s.

3. Eminem

Back in the day, black rappers faced constant criticism for talking about bitches. Eminem raps about bitches and folks crown him an important poet. What’s artistically different about a black guy rapping about slapping hoes versus a white guy rapping about killing his baby’s mama? Yet, the baby mama killer is considered the true artist.

2. The Rolling Stones

These dudes borrowed heavily from American blues music. They even named themselves after a Muddy Water’s song. Yet, forgetting that the blues already existed in the States, white Americans sucked these British guys’ dicks and proclaimed them one of the best bands in the world.

1 Elvis Presley

There was nothing original about this man. He just happened to be a white man performing music created by black artists. Just like with Emimen, many white people were more comfortable with that versus appreciating the folks who created the music. How the hell do you name a Caucasian the king of music created by black people? I’ve been saying this for nearly twenty years, and I’ll say it again. Fuck Elvis.

UPDATE: After some Internet chatting, I’ve had second thoughts about Eric Clapton.  Several folks suggested I put Justin Timberlake on the list.  Seeing that Mr. Timberlake is another overrated white artist who sings black, it makes sense.  Okay, Justin Timberlake takes Eric Clapton’s place.

As for Lady Gaga, a white female friend pointed out she borrowed her fashion from Grace Jones.  Borrowing from a black woman makes Lady Gaga stay on the list.

The Hip-Hop Jackass

May 7, 2011


Twice a week, I deejay at Little Fish, Huge Pond, a small artist bar located in Sanford, Florida.  Sanford exists a thirty minute drive north-east of Orlando.

Tuesday nights, folks generally request dance and hip hop music.  As hip hop lyrics yell the n-word, I’m usually the only black dude in the place.

Wednesday nights , a mostly rock crowd shows.   Again, sometimes I am the only black dude in the place.

Being an open-minded deejay,  I usually cater to most requests.  Especially when I receive tips or see the sexy ladies shake some booty.

On a Wednesday night,  I was playing the requested rock music.  I notice  a Latino walking in with two ladies.  The Latino looked to a be hipped guy around his mid-twenties.  He wore a white tank top and brown and white plaid shorts.  One lady friend looked to be a young white girl around the Latino’s age and the other looked to be a Latina in her mid-thirties.   The two ladies sat at the bar counter.

I nodded my head to the Latino in greetings, a big fuckin’ mistake.  Immediately, he walked up to me and gives me the soul brother shake.

“You gonna play some hip hop?” he asked.

“Yea, I’ll play some,” I said.

I don’t play requests right away.  Doing that only invites some people to transform into control freaks.  Even when folks give me a whole list of songs to play, I don’t play them all together at one time.   I make people wait.  If they can’t take it, the hell with them.

After two more rock songs, the Latino walks up to me again.

“Play some hip hop,” he went.  “You’re putting me to sleep.”

“This is what they want to hear, bro,” I answer.

“Yea, but hip hop boosts the crowd.  I used to be a deejay too.”

“Write down your request and I’ll play a hip-hop set.”

After looking at his request, I lost all my respect for him.  The requested song?   “No Love” by Eminem and Lil Wayne.  Lil Wayne I can let slide.  But Eminem?  That’s a different story.  I am sick and tired of hearing about Eminem.  The only people who requests Eminem are usually those who don’t know much about hip hop.  Even some diehard, white, hip hop fans don’t ask for Eminem.  I suspected the Latino to be a fraud.

After three more rock songs, I went hip hop.  After playing his requested song, the Latino did what many impatient folks do after I finally play their song.  With his two lady friends, the Latino left the bar.

This is another reason why I make people wait for songs.  As I soon as I play their requested song or genre, many people leave.  Also, these types ignore the deejay tip jar.

Like I said before, I’m an open-minded deejay.  Still, I don’t appreciate USED TO BE deejays telling me how to run my night.  Makes you wonder they aren’t deejaying anymore.