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Happy Hour: Luce and Drew

September 30, 2012

Just like last Friday, it rained on the way to my Happy Hour DJ gig, located at The Peacock Room.

Yet, further down the road, it didn’t rain at all.

I was told this was uniquely Central Florida weather, one side of the city rains as the other side remains dry.  Hell, I wouldn’t know.  Except for some months in Upstate New York, I lived in Central Florida most of my life.

This night, Happy Hour hosted two performers.

First, Luce Sky.

Then, Drew Yardis. That’s him on the right.

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

A Rainy Happy Hour

September 23, 2012

Last Friday, I was already late for my Happy Hour DJ gig at the Peacock Room.

On this rainy Central Florida evening, traffic slowly moved on my normal route.

Soon, I found the reason.  An accident.

Then, after making a right turn, I come across another long line of cars.

Why?  Because the car in front of the line stalled.

Soon, I reached my destination, The Peacock Room located in Orlando.

Luce Sky performed between sets.  It was a decent night, I guess.