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Chill Tuesdays Playlist: 5-17-2011

May 21, 2011

On Tuesday nights, Chill Tuesdays happens at Little Fish, Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida. Between 8 and 10 PM, I play a mixture of jazz, funk instrumentals, trip-hop and experimental music. In this small town, I am the only DJ known for “weird music”.

Chillin' on a Tuesday night.

Because I focused mostly on music containing funk or hip-hop beats, I labeled my musical mix “funky lounge”.

Never was funky lounge intended to be played all night. Mainly, it was intended to be background noise until folks start requesting popular music.

So, here’s my Chill Tuesdays play list, songs I play during the first two hours.

1. Suffocated Love by Tricky: From the Maxinquaye album (1995). As Tricky rhymes over a smooth groove, the talented Martina Bird Topley sings the chorus.

2. Cut The Jazz by De Phazz: Downtempo jazz over hip-hop beats. Forties jazz meets hip-hop.

3. Sandy by Jumbonics: As the piano grooves to funky beats, this song creates the atmosphere of fifties jazz in a small bar filled with cigarette smoke.

4. What Kind of Woman (Amazon mix) by Soul ’n’ Soda: The highlight of this groove monster is the samples used, samples involving a black dude commenting about women.

5. Jungle Fever by The Chakachas: Once they hear it, almost everyone recognizes these freaky jam released in 1972. Who can forget the Latina moaning over this groove?

6. Summer Madness by Kool and The Gang: Most people recognize this smooth jazz number as the track sampled for DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s “Summertime.” Sample, my ass. Typical of these two, they used the whole damned riff.

7. Porcelain by Moby: Some feet started tapping when I played this. As Moby is usually labeled a techno artist, I find this to be more of a trip-hop number. Especially as the funky hip-hop beats jam this number.

8. Caught Up In The Rapture by Anita Baker: After playing this jazzy, R&B gem, some dude requested another Anita Baker song. Believe it or not, this worked damned good in my mix.

9. Super 8 by Bonobo: This eerie and funky instrumental could be runner-up for a horror movie soundtrack, one featuring a serial killer. For those who are into freaky “weird” music, this song belongs in your collection.

10. Sans Remission by The Mighty Bop (La Funk Mob Remix): Released in the nineties, this tight instrumental has always been one of my all-time favorites. The beats on this mofo are deadly. This is one of those jams you can either dance or nod your head to.