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Explaining The Downside to Everyone Learning How to DJ

February 7, 2014

Note:  As someone who started DJing late in life, I hold no animosity towards newer people entering the game. This blog just states facts.

As technology creates an easier path to DJing, the world now contains more DJs than ever.  Yet,  a downside exists.

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First, let me explain supply and demand.  Let’s say only ten people in the world knows how to DJ.  Yet, there’s a heavy demand for their services.  As long as some people can afford it, these ten DJs own the ability to charge extremely high rates.  The less available a product or service, the more you can charge…if the demand remains high.

Over time, more and more people learn DJIng.  As this goes on, fearing future competition, some DJs may not want others learning the craft.  Next, technology creates easier accessibility to DJing, creating even more DJs.  As more and more DJs enter the arena, rates go down.  As the supply rises, the price lowers.

I’ll be honest with you, I do not know if veteran DJs charge cheaper rates now.  Yet, I do know one thing.  The oversupply of DJs inspires venue owners to find the cheapest DJ available.  Many times, the arrangement involves offering free drinks instead of paying money.  Desiring to play, many DJs fall for this, just like I did.  A DJ doesn’t like the offer?  Another DJ will gladly grab it.  If an oversupply of DJs didn’t exist, many venues wouldn’t get away with this foolishness.   With a shorter supply of DJs, the cheap venue owner would be forced to pay more money, especially if high-paying patrons demand a DJ.

Now, we see the downside of everyone learning how to DJ.  Because of the oversupply,  pay rates for DJs go down.

Of course, standing-out lives as the DJ’s most powerful weapon.  Refuse presenting mediocre skills and more money follows.

Created a New Blog for Camera Phone Pics

January 13, 2013

Recently, I created a blog dedicated to my camera phone pics.

New Years 2013: behind the bar

I call it Stone Crazy’s Camera Phone Pics. (Click on the title to get there.)

Notice I use the words “camera phone” and not “iphoneography”, a current word for iPhone pics.  I avoided that silly-assed word on purpose.  You never know.  The iPhone may become obsolete.

The blog you’re currently reading shall remain mostly a DJ and nightlife blog, one that I plan to keep going.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 079

Sock Hop Mondaze

August 1, 2012

Last Monday at The Peacock Room, I experienced the ironic.

First, mid-fifties to early-sixties music played.    Also, the majority of the patrons looked to be born in the 1980s. I was born in 1969.  As the music was older than me, the patrons were younger.

That night, I experienced Sock Hop Mondaze, a weekly event happening every Monday night at The Peacock Room.

From what I was told, the night once existed in Orlando’s Downtown area.  Then, for over a year, it moved around until it eventually landed at The Peacock Room.  There it earned the attention of Orlando Weekly’s Bao Le-Huu, who wrote positively about it in his This Little Underground column.

Much  of the  music were recordings by African-Americans, a cool thing because we still live in the era of over-hyping white musicians who perform “black” music. At least this night gave African-American artists  overdue exposure.

As for the DJ, what really goes on is a playlist playing off a laptop. I don’t remember anyone being near the laptop. Yet, folks had a good time and danced to the music anyway.

An ironic experience.  Yet, I liked it.

Phat-N-Jazzy’s Funky 45 Edition

July 29, 2012

Last Friday, after my happy hour gig at The Peacock Room, I stayed around for Phat-N-Jazzy’s Funky 45 Edition.

All night, both DJ Le Spam and DJ BMF played 45s, named because the small records were played at 45 rounds per minute.  Most of the music played that night was old school funk, soul and Latin.

DJ BMF: Phat-N-Jazzy’s main DJ.

Phat-N-Jazzy has been around since the mid-nineties.   I remember when it existed at what is now called Independent Bar.  Then, for years, Phat-N-Jazzy happened every Tuesday night at The Social.  Now, it happens in different spots around Orlando.

DJ Le Spam: Member and producer of Spam Allstars, a Miami electric/Latin funk band.

In the middle is Mayra, DJ BMF’s wife.

Keith Gregson: longtime friend and the printer of my flyers.

Anthony Bonilla:  He mostly runs a hot dog stand.  Yet, I remember him mostly as DJ Bonilla.  When I became a DJ, Anthony became my mentor.

DJ BMF told me the difficulties of transitioning  from one 45 to the other.  Unlike the  twelve inch record, before you know it, the 45 record’s song is almost over.  As I danced and enjoyed the music, I couldn’t tell it.  I had that good of a time.

Fun With Photoshop Elements

July 24, 2012

When I bought my Canon Rebel, Photoshop Elements came with it.  About two years ago, I bought one of those For Dummies books and finally taught myself the program.  Not because I really wanted to. No, I learned it because I was sick of relying on real graphic artists to make event flyers.

This event tanked. Bombed! Went to shit! Only five people showed!

Besides flyers, I use my skills for other things too.

I grabbed a quote from Bill Maher’s book The New New Rules.

The following is reference to the Colorado mass murder at a movie theater.

I ain’t an expert. Still, I have fun.

Photos and More Art From My DJ Digs

July 20, 2012

First, the art.  Recently, I’ve been collecting artwork created during my DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  As I have an idea, I really don’t know who created the following two pieces.


The third piece was created by Dustin Giortz.


One night, a lesbian guitarist attempted pushing me out of a gig.  Well, it was towards the end of my set anyway.  Yet, she kept going on and on about what a great singer her friend was (or was the young lady her girlfriend?).

An artist documented the incident.  I’ll let him or her remain anonymous.


Now for some photos. These were taken during last Tuesday night’s gig at Little Fish.


During a July 4th gig at Little Fish, one of the guys in the following pic wound up being a pain in my ass. He started some shit about me being a button pusher because I use a laptop.  Because he admired my taste in my music, he apologized last Tuesday night.

A Laptop DJ Strikes Back Against The Anti-Laptop Dissin’

July 5, 2012

Mind you, most of last night’s gig, I enjoyed. First, I played some reggae, a genre I rarely play. Then, after everyone watched Lake Monroe’s fireworks, I played old school, even dipping back to 60s soul.  After being asked for some funk, I stayed mostly within the soul/funk genre.

Then, here comes one of a black DJ’s worst nightmares, a hipster white kid.

“Is that all you’re using?” he asked, indicating my laptop.

“Yes,” I answered.

“You’re not DJing. You’re just pushing buttons.”

“People are having a good time, aren’t they?”

Actually, one drunken white woman was being a bitch about my music selection.  If she didn’t like what I was playing, I wished she would have told me what she wanted to hear. And this was a woman who was hitting on me.

“Are you a DJ?” I asked the white kid.

“Yea,” he answered.

“What do you use?”


For those who aren’t in the know, Technic creates turntables.

“So, you use vinyl?” I asked.

“Yea,” he answered.

“Where’s your gig?”

He wouldn’t answer.

I asked him again. Still, no answer.

His buddy, another white guy, walked up.

“He wouldn’t tell me where his gig is at,” I told his friend.

“Café Da Vince,” the guy answered.

“What night? I want to check him out.”

No answer again.

I learned this from Digital DJ Tips, a website. During your set, when some joker claims to be a DJ, ask them where they DJ.  If you don’t receive a straight answer, the idiot may be a fraud.

Later on, his buddy apologized for his behavior.

“He’s drunk.”

“DJ Technic” reminded me of a flyer I recently created. Fed up with folks dissing laptop DJs, I decided to strike back. I created my own nasty flyer.

Fed up with the dissin’, I created this.

I may be a button pusher. Yet, button pushing is putting money in my pocket. Tomorrow, I gotta handle two gigs in one night.

Oh well, life goes on.