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7 Reasons Stacey Dash Should Run for Republican President

May 29, 2014
stacey dash pic

Actress Stacey Dash

Recently, Actress Stacey Dash joined Fox news as a paid contributor. Looking at this, this inspires a list on why she should run for President on the Republican ticket.

1. She’s black (or at least part-black). Republicans have a hard time attracting people of color.  Having ex-Klan members like David Duke running on their ticket does them no favors.  Plus when the black guy became President, the slogan “Take Back Our Country” really pissed many people off.  All of sudden, it’s take our country back when the black guy wins.

take our country back

2. She’s a woman. After saying stupid shit about abortion, Republicans should at least fake they aren’t anti-women.  They aren’t even trying to hide the fact.

Stacey Dash would be the perfect front. “Our nominee is two things.  She’s black and she’s a woman.”

Seriously,  GOP, you need to do something about your image.  The white male image is so 20th Century.

white male younr republicans


3. She looks better than Michelle Bachmann.  On the real tip, everyone knows many people prefer looks over character.  Since both ladies are conservatives, who would you rather look at?

This ugly white woman?Michele bachmann ugly white woman

Or this ethnic beauty?

Stacey Dash smile

4. Her booty looks better than Sarah Palin’s.  It’s all about image.

Look at Sarah Palin’s booty!  This booty will not attract black and Latino male voters!

Sarah Palin and family enjoyed a morning at the beach in Hawaii.

Now, as for Stacey?!  Shee-it!  Even a liberal like me might vote Republican. That ass inspires ten rap songs about booty.

stacey dash booty

5. When it comes to making actors President, Republicans are successful at it.  Ronald Reagan. Do I need to say more?

Ronald Reagan

The only reason Governor Schwarzenegger can’t become President is because his native country is Austria.  If that wasn’t in the way, Governor Terminator would have became President Terminator.

6. She’s a light-skinned black woman.  I have to be real.  The first black Miss America was light-skinned and blue-eyed.

venessa williams miss america

As many praised this as a black first, some folks called bullshit.  They believed blue eyes and light-skin should not represent black beauty.

Also, some people believe America didn’t appreciate booty until lighter-skinned Jennifer Lopez graced the screen.

If people were stupid then, who’s to say they still aren’t that stupid?

7. She probably can spell. If she can read a script, she probably can write clear American English.   So, if she starts holding up campaign signs, we probably won’t see signs like this.

tea party sign no public option

This concludes the list.  Stacey  might not win.  Yet, you never know.  People did vote for George Dubya Bush twice.




Using Women in Event Flyers

October 10, 2012

After posting the following flyer in the bar, white women with no booty complained about it.

I don’t know the names of the sexy women in the flyer.  I searched “Brazilian woman” on the Internet and came across the image.

Because of complaints, the owner used this image instead for my DJ event.

For another event, I used actress Megan Good.

A jealous white woman asked who was the hooker in flyer.

For an event with two other DJs, I used actress Stacey Dash.

I was told a couple saw the image at the door and headed back to their car.  I forgot if I was told the couple’s race.  Still, I suspect the woman got jealous as the dude wouldn’t admit to popping an erection.

(Yes, I am aware of Stacey’s recent political tweets.  That’s a subject for another blog.)

Then for another event, I used Vanity for a flyer.

That flyer did receive a positive response.

Months later, after reading Marketing To Women  by Marti Barletta, I learned the error of my ways.  First of all, using women as sex objects in flyers sends out the wrong message.  For one thing, it attracts douche bags on the prowl for women who resemble the ones in the flyer.  For another, the flyers say “unattractive ” women aren’t welcomed to your events, “unattractive” women who may be willing to spend good money.

I may have worded that wrong.  What I’m trying to say is that women who don’t resemble the ones in your flyer may not feel welcomed at your event.  Just because a woman don’t resemble Stacey or Megan doesn’t mean she isn’t attractive.

(Oh yea, on another subject, using copyrighted images is a no-no.   As I always knew that, I did it anyway.  Still, I would advise against the practice.)

For my happy hour events, I decided to use photos of the bar’s actual people.  The Mohawk young lady is bartender Shelly Richards.  Orange Tongue is my friend Mindy Weller. The pose was their idea.

Again, I received another positive response.

Keep in  mind, the flyer was aimed at women, not douche bags.  Keep the women happy and most dudes remain happy.

When Happy Hour was moved to Fridays, I again used bar patrons.  That’s Mindy in the middle and that’s me on the left.

My only complaint was I wished I had included a black woman to illustrate the bar’s female diversity.  Then again, the young lady in the glasses is a Latina. (I forgot her and her friend’s name.)

Still, out of all the flyers I placed in the Peacock Room, folks picked this one up the most.

True enough, there are those more advanced than I am on making flyers.  Still, no matter how advanced your graphic skills are, sending out the wrong message makes you look like a douche bag.