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Another Tuesday Night Vinyl

November 21, 2012

Last night at Little Fish-Huge Pond, it was another night of playing vinyl. After me posting the announcement on Facebook, a friend assumed I was doing the two turntables bit. Nope, I was playing whole albums on an old stereo.

For the new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, Florida. That’s a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Saturday Night Fever.

Released in 1977, the double album is the sound track to the same named film starring John Travolta. First, the mostly disco album contains five hits by the Bee Gees: “Stayin’ Alive”, “Night Fever”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “You Should Be Dancing” and “Jive Talkin'”. “Jive Talkin” was previously released in 1975. “You Should Be Dancing” was previously released in 1976. “Stayin’ Alive”, “Night Fever” and “How Deep Is Your Love” became hits after the albums release.

The album also contains the hits “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman, “A Fifth Beethoven” by Walter Murphy, “Boogie Shoes” by KC and Sunshine Band, “K-Jee” by MFSB and “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps. “If I Can’t Have You” and “Boogie Shoes” became hits after the album’s release. “Disco Inferno” was previously released in 1976. “A Fifth of Beethoven” was previously released in 1976. “K-Jee” was previously released in 1971.

Greatest Hitsby The Jackson Five.

Released in 1971, the album contains the well-known soul hits “ABC”, “I Want You Back”, “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “I’ll Be There”.

Jam on Revenge by Newcleus.

Released in 1984, some people may recognize the electro-funk song “Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)”, a tune released in 1983. Yet, most may recognize Newcleus’ most famous hit “Jam On It”. The album also contains another electro-funk hit “Computer Age (Push The Button)”.

Rapture by Anita Baker.

Released in 1986. Because it made her a household name, some may assume this was Anita Baker’s first album. Actually, this gem mixed with jazz and soul is her second album. It contains these hits: “Sweet Love”, “Caught Up in the Rapture”, “Same Ol’ Love” and “No One in the World”.

Street Songs by Rick James.

Released in 1981, the punk-funk masterpiece contains the hit singles “Give It to Me Baby” and “Super Freak”. Listening to it again, I realized there was more to this album than I previously thought. After hearing songs about life in the ghetto and police brutality, I definitely see why he called the album Street Songs.

Controversy by Prince.

Released in 1981, this punk-funk mofo contains the hits “Controversy”, “Let’s Work” and “Do Me, Baby”. “Do Me, Baby” actually became a hit when covered by Meli’sa Morgan and was released in 1986.

Being that Prince is my favorite musician, listening to this very vinyl album took me back to the years when I constantly played it over and over. For over twenty years, I hadn’t listened to it. It felt good listening to it tonight.

Overall, I think most people enjoy the album listening. Some of us especially enjoyed listening to the record crackle in between songs.

One small irritant does appear. This involved the young folks. The idea is to listen to whole albums. Yet, some people asked for singles I definitely didn’t have.

Yet, overall, I’m beginning to enjoy the vinyl nights more and more.