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Complimenting A DJ

February 3, 2013

Last Tuesday, during my vinyl night at Little Fish – Huge Pond, a birthday party happened.

Birthday Party


Alex Bains was the birthday girl.

Birthday Party


For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Not many black women show up during my nights.  Sometimes, it’s more Latinas and white women than Sistas, reason why I’m always happy to see Alex.  At least,  most of the times.  Sometimes, when it comes to song requests, Alex  can be too damned picky and demanding.  Still, the plus outweighs the negative.  Besides, last Christmas, she was the only woman besides relatives who handed me a Christmas card.  The white womenz didn’t give me shit.  Also, Alex tips yours truly, the DJ.

Happy Birthday


Because the bar only serves beer and wine, friends took Alex to other bars for a shot.  This worked to my advantage.  No, not that way.  Even a slime bucket like yours truly possess limits.

Alex doesn’t like to be photographed.  Just like with other people I ran across, I knew alcohol was going to change all that.  First, a friend photographed her and me.

Photo by Matthew Hughen

Photo by Matthew Hughen


Then, I took two pictures of her holding Prince’s Purple Rain album.  The following photo was her favorite of the two.

Alex and purple rain

When folks decide to specifically have birthday parties on my nights, I consider it a compliment. It means, when they want to have a good time, they trust my skills.   As long as folks  aren’t bossing my ass around all night, I’m cool with it.


A Sanford Hoodie Project

April 21, 2012

Some weeks back, I asked folks to show up wearing a hoodie to Little Fish-Huge Pond, my Sanford DJ gig.  When they did this, I photographed them.  For those who didn’t have one, I provided a hoodie for them.  First, I wanted to show the diversity during my gigs.  Due to the Trayvon Martin incident, some non-Sanford folks may assume all of the city’s racial and ethnic groups do not get along.  Second, I sincerely believe stereotyping over a hoodie is bullshit.

I claim sole responsibility for this artistic expression.  It is  not necessarily the bar’s views.  Yet, it definitely is mine.

Somebody Told Al Sharpton On Me

April 12, 2012

I’ve known Matt Cooper since the mid-nineties.

Back then, he was roommates with Skip Evans, a good friend of mine.  Now, he’s a regular during my Wednesday night DJ gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.

This is the first drawing he did of me.

Last Friday was Sing-a-long night, a disaster because my laptop kept freezing.  (Fuckin’ spyware!) Still, because of Sanford’s current environment and my bad choice in music that night, inspiration hit Matt.


Ha ha, very funny, muthafucka!  Gotta love my friends.

Sharpton and Jackson Leads Sanford’s Goldsboro Rally For Trayvon Martin

April 2, 2012

On March 31, a rally for Trayvon Martin took place in the Goldsboro section of Sanford, Florida.

The second established black city in the nation, Goldsboro is my home neighborhood.


Crooms Academy was the starting point.  It’s an integrated academy now.  Yet, during segregation, this is where my mother and other “colored” kids went.


Leading the rally was Ben Jealous of the NAACP, Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

The march itself happened on 13th Street.

I didn’t catch the woman’s name.  Yet, she’s the head of a NAACP Florida chapter.

The rally stopped in front of Sanford Police quarters.  The fire station is located here too.

Free water was passed out.

Speakin’ of passed out.

This was my first time seeing a black nationalist flag in my hometown.  Red stands for the blood. Black stands for the people. Green stands for the land.

The guy on the far left is Mariel Reed, today’s DJ.  I’ve known him since 5 years old.

I see more black bikers in Sanford than the rest of Central Florida.

Marcus on the left. Me on the right.  Marcus was in my second grade class at Pine Crest Elementary.

Sanford Holds Civic Center Meeting About Trayvon Martin’s Death

March 29, 2012

On March 26, a meeting took place at the Sanford Civic Center.


I couldn’t make it.  The photos you are seeing are by Kim Tesla.

Because of the worldwide attention over Trayvon Martin, the media of course shows.


Jesse Jackson arrived.

Al Sharpton  had been in Sanford since last Thursday.

Rolin Martin of CNN.


Definitely, the protestors arrived.


For those who couldn’t get into the civic center, a huge screen played in Fort Melon Park.




Let’s not forget security.


As I always remembered idiot Sanford cops, I always remembered Sanford’s beautiful Lake Monroe.