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A Cover Band’s Lesson

May 22, 2012

Last Friday, The Peacock Room handed me a memorable experience. That night, I DJed in between band sets. Recently, my gigs happened in the bar area. There, at a table, I perform my mixes.

Tonight, a local DJ borrowed the PA system for a wedding gig, an incident forcing me to DJ behind the bar counter. If vinyl was my weapon of choice, I wouldn’t have been able to hook-up to the stereo system behind the bar.  Using two turntables and a mixer would have cost me a gig. Good thing I use a laptop.

The first band played 80s and 90s rock music.  One song was Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

Lenny Kravitz

Outside the bar, I said this to my buddy Brett J. Bar, “If black people can’t perform your music, white people can’t perform Lenny Kravitz.”

Bret and a friend of his laughed.

The next band played original songs and cover songs.  One song I recognized as Jimi Hendrix’s.  I forgot which one.

Trans Am was the last and final band. A friend of mine was dating the guitarist. These dudes looked between ages 35 to 50. Also, I think I’ve seen the singer around Central Florida since the 90s.

Like the first band, they performed rock covers including Ratt’s “Round and Round”.   At the end of their set, they threw me for a loop. Catering to the women, they performed Prince’s “Purple Rain”. You read me right. After playing songs and songs of rock-n-roll, the played Prince.

Actually, Prince is rock. Yet, you can’t convince this to rock stations who won’t play the man. But they’ll play a white rock band who covers his music.

Trans Am reinforced a lesson I read before. When people expect you to lean one way, throw the loop on them.  Trans Am could’ve ended the night with a white group‘s hard rock song, which would have been expected. Yet, they closed their set with Prince, something the whole bar appreciated.

Rockin’ An Eighties Hair Metal Party

July 23, 2011

About two weeks ago, I DJed an eighties metal party.   The previous night, Motley Crue performed in Tampa, a two hour drive away from the bar.  So, tonight’s party was intended for those who missed the concert.

Truth be known, this was somewhat out of my comfort zone.   When it comes to spinning one genre all night,  hip-hop would my strong point.   But eighties metal?  And with me being one of three blacks in the place?  Out of my comfort zone but I loved the challenge.

My only complaint involved dudes asking for thrash and punk metal all night.  Again, in order to please everyone, I had to mix the music. Cannibal Corpse mixed in between Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot.   Also, some of the requested music wasn’t even eighties.  In one episode, the bar owner’s son thought it cute to request a current metal group.

Yet, I pulled it off.

Now, I’ll share some photos with you.

Sunny and Candace.  Sunny is the one dressed in metal gear.

Ed.  Impressed with my metal collection, he was a hardcore Iron Maiden fan.

I forget this guy’s name.   Yet, he’s always spinning on top of a bar stool.

Boston Mike and Autumn.   Mike operates a local motorcycle shop.

Hollywood.   I could be wrong.  Yet, I think he was going for the Cheap Trick look.

Kat and friend.  The evening’s host, Kat is the one on the right.

After all the thrash and punk metal, I livened things up with Poison and Van Halen, inspiring Red and Autumn to dance on top of a table.

This was the first time I saw a hula hoop with lights on it.

Matt and Lisa.  Matt tipped with a Pabst Blue Ribbon.  At least, he tipped.

Another couple.  I didn’t get the names.  Yet, the dude’s wardrobe was one of the evening’s highlights.   That is an authentic Members Only jacket he’s wearing, a throwback from the eighties.