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DJ Gig With An All-Girl Thai Band

August 23, 2011

Even though, the Sunday crowd was bigger than usual, most people didn’t come to witness my mixing capabilities at The Peacock Room.


Most came to see Venus Butterfly, an all-girl band from Thailand.  After looking at these sexy, talented, young ladies, I didn’t complain too loud about my DJ gig being booked with a band, something I truly hate.


They stayed on for what I guessed about thirty minutes.

After that, it was back to me.

Andrew and Heidi:  After reading some of my angry statements on Facebook, Andrew decided to act like a dick, constantly requesting songs all damned night.  Also, Heidi asked me to write for a local arts  magazine she’s working with.


On the far right is another person who recognized me as a spoken-word artist.  She told me her name.  As usual, I forgot it.


Tod and the Kitschy Kittens Burlesque Troop: The young ladies definitely enjoyed my mix.  They danced damned near all night.  Nonstop!


Eli, owner of Black Chapel Tattoo.

I’ve known Eli for years.   From the nineties to the next decade, I remember him hosting nights featuring house music DJs.  Later, he owned a place called Thee Grotto.  After closing Thee Grotto,  he now owns a tattoo parlor.  Also, Eli sponsors Monday nights at local strip-joint Dancers Royale featuring local legend DJ Sandy.  On the night of this pic, because he saw my Internet activity, Eli complimented me for spreading positivity.

With the beard and afro, I thought the dudes in the following pic were photogenic.


Josh and Jerry:  Not only did they come to The Peacock Room to listen to me, they also go to my nights at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  For those familiar with my Late Nite Dining blog, it was these two who I ran into at Burger King.


This month marks a whole year of DJing at The Peacock Room.

I don’t know when I’ll be there again.  I do know I’ll be there next month.

Oh well, my camera and laptop will be waiting.




Old School Punk Music

August 13, 2011

Last Tuesday night, after my warm-up mix, I decided to play mostly 80s and 90s music. Much of the eighties music centered on the new wave/punk scene, music that excited Teresa.

In the photo, that’s Teresa on the far right. The middle guy is Mike. I forgot the name of the dude in the blue shirt.

Because I was on a punk/new wave kick, I couldn’t help noticing the brother wearing a Ramones’ shirt. (I later found out the brother is a Latino.)

For some reason, dudes decided to wear women’s hats that night. These two guys come every week to my gigs. Mostly, they request metal and rap music.

Wonder what next Tuesday will be like.