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Another Two DJ Gigs in One Night

December 10, 2012

Last Friday night, I DJed two gigs. This usually happens once a month.  First, I played my regular happy hour gig at the Peacock Room, located in Orlando, Florida.

Recently, I’ve been performing with this sound system.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 005

No, it ain’t mine. It belongs to Phil Longo, the Peacock Room employee who books me.

In the past, I only used the top speaker.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 007

The sub-woofer is a recent addition.  Tod, Peacock’s main sound guy, thought of this.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 004

For those that didn’t know, bass should always be on the floor or somewhere near it.

As you can see, happy hour regulars take care of me when I play their requests.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 011

I always use a clear plastic container for a tip jar.  A clear container gains more tips than an unclear one.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend using glass containers.  If they break, you or someone may receive a nasty cut.

After my happy hour gig, the automobile and I cruised the forty-five minute drive to Little Fish – Huge Pond, located in Sanford.  Little Fish hosted another Broke-Ass Friday event.


Due to rent and mortgage payments, many folks are broke during the first of the month, inspiring the name “Broke-Ass Friday”.

This time the night involved a charity event.  Right along with food being sold, a toy drive happened also.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 013

The foggy night inspired this photo.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 015

When doing these two-gig nights, I think of British DJ Carl Cox.

If I remember correctly, he does something similar.  After one gig, he’s sometimes off to another in the same day or night.  I think that’s how I remember it.

Anyway, because of my own schedule, I’ll just call myself the Carl Cox of Central Florida.

Shine Salon at Sip

December 29, 2011

Last Friday, I headed to Sip, an Orlando bar located in The ViMi district.  Shine Salon invited me to a Christmas party held there.  For ten years, I photographed Shine Salon events.  Because of schedule conflicts, I hadn’t been able to photograph their events as much as I used.

Tony Woodley, Me and Shane Valentine:

Tony, a British import, owns Shine Salon.  Shane is one of the main hair dressers.  Prior to my photographing their events, Shane used to attend my poetry readings.

Father and son:

Rob Slac and Ken Sherry:

I also photographed other folks.

No, they ain’t gay.  Shine Salon just like to have fun, especially Tony.

Influential Jazz Legend Sam Rivers Passed Away

December 27, 2011

On Monday, December 26,  jazz legend Sam Rivers passed away due to pneumonia.   Known mostly as a saxophone player, he also played clarinet, flute, harmonica and piano.

On September 25, 1923, Samuel Carthone Rivers was born in Enid, Oklahoma.  In 1947, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts and studied at the Boston Conservatory.

In 1964, Rivers briefly played with the legendary Miles Davis.  In a quintet, the group recorded Miles in Tokyo.  In his autobiography, Miles Davis mentions Sam Rivers.

After the Miles’ album, Sam Rivers was signed to Blue Note, in which he recorded four albums.  Also at Blue Note, he was sideman for Bobby Hutcherson, Jason Moran and Tony Williams.

In the seventies with his wife Bea, Rivers ran a loft called Studio Rivbea, a jazz performance spot located in New York City’s NoHo district.

During his later years, Sam Rivers lived and worked in Orlando, Florida.  Truth be known, I only saw him perform once.  At Will’s Pub, he used to rehearse his RivBea All-Star Orchestra, my only time witnessing his greatness.

Most of the times, I would see him at parties and local bars.  Always he was friendly.

I heard of his death at The Peacock Room.  To honor him, the bar played his music.

An influential musician who died at 88, Sam Rivers will be missed.

(Most of my info, I got from Wikipedia.)

The following are my personal pics of Sam in Orlando.

Sam Rivers and me.

The Boozin’ Birthday Bus

September 1, 2011

Last March, folks celebrated Paul Hiebing’s 30th birthday.   I met Paul through my Orlando poetry friends, a group I rarely see these days.  Yet, this night I rode the Shipyard Beer Bomb Bus with them, a bus that traveled through various spots of Central Florida.

On this tour, everyone gets a free beer at each stop.   At one stop, we’re served food.

This was going to be a video, the reason why I relied more  on my video camera’s photo setting versus using my real camera.  Oh well, I’m happy with the results.

First, everyone met at Colonial Lanes, a bowling alley located in Orlando.   In the following pic, that’s Paul wearing the hat.

Then, we went on the bus.

On the bus, as Casey demonstrates in the photo, we drunk draft booze.   The booze was courtesy of Shipyard Brewery.

After a 45 minute ride, we landed at  The Sanford Wine Company, located in Sanford, Florida.

Inside, an acoustic guitarist performed.

The back patio was our real destination.

Ken and Kelly FitzPatrick:  Ken is part owner of The Sanford Wine Company.  Kelly covers the night scene for the Orlando Sentinel.  Casey, the guy in the second pic of this blog, is her husband.

After an hour (I think), we got back on the bus.

After about 30 minutes, we landed in Deland.  Our Destination?  The Abbey.

Kelly was talking to these two.   As I walked up to them, the dude on the left recognized me from Orlando.  He knew my friend Swamburger, local rap legend.

Outside, I decided to photograph the local color.

Tod Caviness and I:  Tod writes for the Orlando Sentinel, too.   After my stepping down, he took over the poetry reading I used to host.   Also, Orlando Weekly’s readers’ choice named him Orlando’s number one spoken-word artist.

When folks take pictures of me, I usually give them credit.  I forgot who took my photos this night.

Eventually, we had to board the bus again.

Back to Orlando we went.  A long trip it was, too.

Redlight Redlight was our last destination.

Afterwards, the bus drove us back to Colonial Lanes, our starting point.

Like I mentioned earlier, I rarely see this group like I used to.  Schedule conflicts cause this.   Still, it’s always nice when I do see them.

Saturday Night Boozing in a Small Town

August 29, 2011

Last Saturday night,  I cruised the automobile to Downtown Sanford, Florida.   Unlike Downtown Orlando, parking is free in Downtown Sanford.

My first stop was Little Fish-Huge Pond.  The Sucio Crew hosted a party here.  Los Garcia controlled the music, mostly hip hop.  In the below pic, you’ll see a green bucket containing the word “tips”.    That’s my creation used for my own DJ nights here.

Chris and Moire:  Chris is El Presidente of the Sucio Crew.   Moire is the owner of Little Fish.

Because Little Fish only serves beer and wine, some members of the Sucio Crew decided to walk around the block to The West End, a full liquor bar.

The West End usually have live bands.  Tonight it had two DJs, DJ Code Blue and ill Gil.

Also, The West End crowd usually contains twenty to early thirty-somethings.    Here you can find friendly people.

Paul Williams, owner of  The West End:  You’ll always see Paul smiling and greeting patrons.  Some nights, he would rap 90s hip hop as a musician plays the acoustic guitar.

Possessing a weakness for cute Latinas, I asked  the young lady can I photograph her.  Because she was camera shy, El Presidente posed with her.

After two drinks, the crew headed back to Little Fish.

A few minutes later, I walked outside.   The young lady in the following pic frequents my DJ nights.  This was the first time I noticed the tattoo on her chest.

Afterwards, I walked to The Wet Spot, a bar with a controversial name.   An older crowd hangs here.   At this spot, folks can be friendly too.  In the past, I saw a wet t-shirt competition here.

The DJ and his girl (I guessed she was):  I never knew the DJ’s name.  Yet, he always has a smile and plays the latest jams.

The DJ’s brother and the bar back.   The brother always call me Wyclef.

The booze can be cheap at The Wet Spot.  For a Bud Light draft, I paid $2.50.    After two of those, I headed back to Little Fish for one more beer.

Truth be known,compared to bigger cities, Downtown Sanford isn’t the most glamorous night spot in the world.  Unlike bigger cities, only a few bars in Downtown Sanford attempt catering to the “upscale” crowd.  Also, if you love the sight of huge urban buildings, you won’t find it here.  Yet,  a night in this small town still beats high-priced parking and expensive drinks. The parking is free and drinks are cheap.  Also, in almost every establishment there’s no cover fee.

As for the eye candy?  You’ll find it.  You just have to know where to look.