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My First Wedding DJ Gig

March 11, 2013

Last Saturday, I performed my first DJ wedding gig.  The event took place at  The ACRE, an outdoor spot located in Orlando.

a wedding event

Outside wedding tables

Outside wedding tables 2

Outside wedding tables 3


Each guest had their own personal mason jar.

mason jars


As the event took place outside, my business took place in a performance space shed.

entrance at night

DJ Stand



In the same shed, Jennifer Harton was the bartender.

big boobs cleavage


Skip: the groom’s dad.

a guy wearing a black suit and black fedora



As the wedding took place, someone gave me cues on when to play music.

outdoor wedding

People at a wedding

Wedding peopel and the wedding photographer


The happy newlyweds: Tod and Christin Caviness.

Wedding Couple


I’ve done house parties in the past.  After doing my first wedding, I think I enjoy doing weddings and house parties more than I like DJing in bars.  At house parties and weddings, there’s no pressure to play “the current hits” all the time.  Because I enjoy giving folks a good time, people really enjoy themselves when I play.  Recently, in the bars, I’ve been catching shit for folks having too good of a time.  Yet, that’s another story for another blog.  Oh yea, another reason I prefer weddings and house parties over bars?  The weddings and house parties pay more money.

Mr. Pierre’s New Years House Party

January 1, 2013

On this New Years, no demands existed for my DJ skills.  So, I attended a friend’s New Years house party instead.

New Years 2013: Fire burning

I wasn’t aware of it being a formal affair.

New Years 2013: formal affair

Something I learned about my iPhone tonight.  Unless you like devil eyes in your pics, leave the flash off.

New Years 2013: devil eyes

Your pics are better off with the grainy look.

New Years 2013: two young ladies

They called this concoction Purple Drank.

New Years 2013: Purple Drank

Yet, I didn’t think it was the same liquid some folks drink when they listen to slowed-down rap music.

Everyone gathered in the living room for the countdown to New Years.

New Years 2013: lving room

After the ball dropped with no Dick Clark this year, couples started kissing.

New Years 2013: kissing

By the way, these two are the host and hostess of the party, Amanda Millar and Michael Pierre AKA Mr. Pierre.

Michael held a special toast,

New Years 2013: a toast

New Years 2013: toast 2

This was my last pic of the evening.

New Years 2013: behind the bar

Around 1:45 AM, I cruised home.

Soon as I got home, I uploaded my photos to the computer and created this very blog.

Happy New Year!

Musicians I Resemble

September 20, 2012

Over the years, folks always mention me resembling someone.

First, here’s my high school senior year photo.

After seeing that, the first thing some folks mention is Ready for the World, an 80s and early 90s group known for the song “Oh Sheila.”  One person indicated my photo resembled lead singer Melvin Riley Jr.

When it comes to resembling him, I’ll let the readers judge.

This is me at age 23.

Folks used to call me Babyface.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.

Here’s me again.

Around 2010, folks started calling me Will I Am.  They still do too.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.  Ironically, Will and I both have birthdays in March.

Last but not least is something originating in Central Florida.

This is me again.

For years, local folks always confused me with local rapper and national recording act, Swamburger.

I’ll let the readers judge that one too.

For nearly fifteen years, white folks still confuse us.

I don’t know.  I guess I just have that face, whatever that means.

Dirty Hip-Hop and 90’s: A Night With No Fighting

February 20, 2012


Two Saturdays ago, I DJed a birthday party at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.


It was my buddy Chris Valladares’s 33rd birthday.


As the main event was Chris’s birthday, the night was advertised as me playing dirty hip-hop and 90’s music.

Because I play old school, the 90’s part didn’t surprise me.  The dirty  part definitely did.  Truth be known, I do play some of the raunchiest music in town: “My Dick” by Mickey Avalon, “The Whisper Song” by The Ying Yang Twins and Missy Elliot’s “Work It”.  I just never saw it as a genre.  I play nasty music because women dance to it.

During this weekend, a film festival centering around short films took place, Sanford’s Show Us Your Shorts.  I assumed this contributed to the night’s packed house.

Even Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett came by.  That’s him on the left posing with my buddy Eliot.


Speaking of the 90’s, Barrie Freeman showed up.  That’s her on the left.

Back in the 90’s along with William Waldren, Barrie owned Yab Yum coffeehouse, a Downtown Orlando spot where I once hosted poetry readings.

In this next pic, a regular showed up with her mother.


I played 90’s hip-hop during the first half of the night.  A white guy who looked a young twenty-something began making an ass of himself.

“Play Joe Budden,” he went.  Then, he started naming other current hip-hop acts.

“I’m playing 90’s, bro,” I said.

Then, he started naming 90’s act.

“Hey, is Ol’ Dirty Bastard back in jail?” he asked.

“Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dead,” I said. As of this writing, he’s been dead for over seven years.

“For real?” the guy went. “Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dead?”

“Yep,” I said.

I noticed the irony: down with hip-hop, but didn’t know Ol’ Dirty Bastard was dead.  What’s even more ironic?  These are the idiots who get jobs writing about hip-hop.  Or even worse, wind up owning hip-hop labels.

As the night went on, I noticed something else: a hip-hop night with no fighting.  Another Downtown Sanford spot always play hip-hop, and that place always have fights.  Before you get it twisted about race, mostly white people hang out at that joint.  On this night at my spot, none of that bullshit happened.


A New Year’s Eve DJ Gig: No Fights and No Idiots!!!

January 2, 2012

This DJ gig almost didn’t happen.  As the owner of Little Fish-Huge Pond brought New Year’s Eve to my attention, I really didn’t know what her plans where.  Also, she got the impression I didn’t want to come. Two days prior to the actual event, I became the official New Year’s Eve entertainment.

Photo by Col. Rinker

The evening evolved into one of my better nights, no fights and no idiots irritating the DJ.

In the middle is my buddy, Eric Mathews, an artist whose paintings display at Little Fish.  The couple posing with him bought one of Eric’s pieces that night.

As folks inside danced,

folks outside chilled.

I guess tonight’s photo theme was flipping the bird.

As Dick Clark’s New Year’s  played on the television, we counted down simultaneously to it.   10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!  Happy New Year !  Then, I played Guy Lombardo’s version of Auld Lang Syne.

Speaking of music, I played a variety that night.  Current hits be damned!  I even dipped back to the 50s with Tutti Fruiti by Little Richard.  As I did receive requests for current songs, no one seemed to mind the overall mix. Folks seemed more focused  on having a nice evening.

From two reliable sources, word got back to me another Downtown Sanford bar didn’t do as expected, a bar hosting a DJ with far more advanced equipment than mine. Word has it the place was dead.

Nothing against the bar.  Besides, I’m friends with the owner.  Still, after seeing the nice crowd at my spot, I smiled.  Hopefully, this is a 2012 omen.


Shine Salon at Sip

December 29, 2011

Last Friday, I headed to Sip, an Orlando bar located in The ViMi district.  Shine Salon invited me to a Christmas party held there.  For ten years, I photographed Shine Salon events.  Because of schedule conflicts, I hadn’t been able to photograph their events as much as I used.

Tony Woodley, Me and Shane Valentine:

Tony, a British import, owns Shine Salon.  Shane is one of the main hair dressers.  Prior to my photographing their events, Shane used to attend my poetry readings.

Father and son:

Rob Slac and Ken Sherry:

I also photographed other folks.

No, they ain’t gay.  Shine Salon just like to have fun, especially Tony.

Influential Jazz Legend Sam Rivers Passed Away

December 27, 2011

On Monday, December 26,  jazz legend Sam Rivers passed away due to pneumonia.   Known mostly as a saxophone player, he also played clarinet, flute, harmonica and piano.

On September 25, 1923, Samuel Carthone Rivers was born in Enid, Oklahoma.  In 1947, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts and studied at the Boston Conservatory.

In 1964, Rivers briefly played with the legendary Miles Davis.  In a quintet, the group recorded Miles in Tokyo.  In his autobiography, Miles Davis mentions Sam Rivers.

After the Miles’ album, Sam Rivers was signed to Blue Note, in which he recorded four albums.  Also at Blue Note, he was sideman for Bobby Hutcherson, Jason Moran and Tony Williams.

In the seventies with his wife Bea, Rivers ran a loft called Studio Rivbea, a jazz performance spot located in New York City’s NoHo district.

During his later years, Sam Rivers lived and worked in Orlando, Florida.  Truth be known, I only saw him perform once.  At Will’s Pub, he used to rehearse his RivBea All-Star Orchestra, my only time witnessing his greatness.

Most of the times, I would see him at parties and local bars.  Always he was friendly.

I heard of his death at The Peacock Room.  To honor him, the bar played his music.

An influential musician who died at 88, Sam Rivers will be missed.

(Most of my info, I got from Wikipedia.)

The following are my personal pics of Sam in Orlando.

Sam Rivers and me.