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My First Wedding DJ Gig

March 11, 2013

Last Saturday, I performed my first DJ wedding gig.  The event took place at  The ACRE, an outdoor spot located in Orlando.

a wedding event

Outside wedding tables

Outside wedding tables 2

Outside wedding tables 3


Each guest had their own personal mason jar.

mason jars


As the event took place outside, my business took place in a performance space shed.

entrance at night

DJ Stand



In the same shed, Jennifer Harton was the bartender.

big boobs cleavage


Skip: the groom’s dad.

a guy wearing a black suit and black fedora



As the wedding took place, someone gave me cues on when to play music.

outdoor wedding

People at a wedding

Wedding peopel and the wedding photographer


The happy newlyweds: Tod and Christin Caviness.

Wedding Couple


I’ve done house parties in the past.  After doing my first wedding, I think I enjoy doing weddings and house parties more than I like DJing in bars.  At house parties and weddings, there’s no pressure to play “the current hits” all the time.  Because I enjoy giving folks a good time, people really enjoy themselves when I play.  Recently, in the bars, I’ve been catching shit for folks having too good of a time.  Yet, that’s another story for another blog.  Oh yea, another reason I prefer weddings and house parties over bars?  The weddings and house parties pay more money.

Mr. Pierre’s Erotic Stories Night

February 15, 2013

Last Wednesday, I attended Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day: Ladies’ Night, a night of sexy stories and poetry read by women. The event steamed up The Peacock Room, an Orlando bar.

I attended and read at previous Hump Day events,, but tonight Mr. Pierre decided to run an Only Girls event.  After hearing the readings, I didn’t complain not one damned bit.  Hell, I even suggested  Hump Day nights should remain only girls.  The hell with the boys.

Keri Sardone looking sexy in glasses. Her reading was sexy too.

Keri Sardoni

Ruby Darling: One of Orlando’s best burlesque dancers, she’s a member of Skill Focus:Burlesque.  She’s just as skilled with the spoken-word too.

Ruby Darling

Tiffany Lane Naymick:  Know how looks can be deceiving?  You wouldn’t think such an innocent-looking person could own such delicious naughtiness inside them.  Tiffany is one of those people.  I wasn’t complaining.

Tifffany Lane Naymick

Cherry Bob-omb: Another member of Skill Focus: Burlesque.  I hadn’t witnessed her moves yet.  Still, I enjoyed her reading.

Cherry Bob-omb

Moxie O’ Connell: A graphic designer at Media Impact Advertising.  If you like tattoos with your erotic stories, Moxie is your woman.  Tell her DJ Stone Crazy sent you.

Pink hair

Amanda Millar:  Where do I start? I first fell in love with Amanda when I first witnessed her reading a story involving sexual kinkiness on a religious person.  This night, she got kinky with TV Chef Nigella Lawson.  Truth be known, I think many dudes may have craved sexual kinkiness with Nigella Lawson or searched the Internet for Nigella Lawson porn.

Amanda Millar

Whitney Morgan: a local model and underground actress, she read a pegging story written by Mark Parchman.

whitney morgan

What is pegging, you ask?  Pegging involves female anal penetration on a dude.  In other words, a woman fucking a dude in the ass with a strap-on dildo.

strap-on girl

I ain’t saying no names.  Yet, I get the feeling at least one of the female readers performed this act many times.

strap-on dildo

Mr. Pierre and the ladies: Oh yea, Mr. Pierre AKA Michael Pierre read a naughty story in the female point of view.  Because he lost some kind of bet, he had to read about being a bad little girl.

Mr. Pierre

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Ruby and Whitney

Keri Sardone

Tiffany Layne Naymick

Ruby Darling

Usually, big butts gain my attention.  Looking at this pic, the reader can tell what else catches my attention.  I’m referring to her smile.

big boobs

Pink hair 2

Amanda Millar

Erotic stories women

Mike and the girls

I think the next Hump is in April.  Like I mentioned earlier, I hope Mr. Pierre keeps it Only Girls.

Pushing It at The Peacock Room

February 7, 2013

Last Monday night, I attended Push It at The Peacock Room.

Photo by Elsie Knab

Photo by Elsie Knab

Actually, because of an earlier poetry reading at the same spot, I was already there.  Still, because I enjoyed DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones at another Orlando bar, I decided to attend their Peacock Room event.

Mostly, 90’s  hip-hop and dance music play on their events.

Tonight, Waldo Faldo was by himself.

He always wears the coolest t-shirts.  Seeing the booty t-shirt he wore tonight reminded me of myself, a man who definitely appreciates booty.

Waldo Faldo

Earlier, I mentioned 90’s music.  Yet, Waldo played early 00’s hip-hop too.  On his controller, he successfully blended the jams.  Trust me, I have witnessed bad controller-mixing in the past.   The DJ really didn’t mix.  They would just stop one song and immediately go into the other, no fading in or out.  Waldo Faldo wasn’t one of those DJs.

Because I always enjoy his music (and Rick Jone’s too), I plan on attending more Waldo Faldo’s events.


two women and a dude

A Top 40 Broke-Ass Friday

February 6, 2013

Last week, Broke-Ass Friday happened again.  It used to be ten dollar all you can drink Narragansett.   Yet, as you can see in the following pic, things have changed.

Broke-Ass Friday

Due to rent and mortgage payments, folks are usually broke during the first of the month, inspiring the event’s name Broke-Ass Fridays.

Instead of using the building’s speakers, a special set-up was created for bands and DJs.

mixing board


The following pic is my monitor speaker, something I rarely have.   For those that don’t know, in order to correctly hear the sound the audience hears, monitor speakers face the DJ or musicians.

moniter speaker


I even had a mic that night.



My set-up:  I always believed in putting some speakers on the floor, especially sub-woofers.   Bass near the floor inspires people to dance.



During the last Broke-Ass Fridays, I played mostly hip-hop.  After seeing many people enjoying themselves, I thought the night went over well. Yet, I heard some folks had complained.  For the next Broke-Ass Friday,  I agreed to play mostly Top 40 with a sprinkle of hip-hop.

Before I go on, I’m going to jump on my soap box.  Hip-hop and soul dominates T0p 40 nowadays.   True enough, some of it sucks.  Still, there’s no denying hip-hop’s major influence on culture.  That’s why I kept playing it that night.  For those who complained abut my playing hip-hop, I hope a thug rapper impregnates their daughter or daughters.

When it came to folks asking for requests the current night, guess what genre some young white guy asked for?  It sure the hell wasn’t rock or country.  Nor was it Top 40.   He asked for a hip-hop song from a mixtape.   I didn’t have it.  I had no idea  a DJ must now carry mixtapes in his or her music collection.

During the night, I noticed a dreadlocked guy wearing one of the bar’s mask.

masked dreadlock guy


After he left, I put on the mask myself.  I called it my MF Doom look.   Rapper MF Doom always wears a mask.

Photo by Hurry Regal

Photo by Hurry Regal


Outside, some dude drove by in a car with sparkling lights on it, looking like something from the movie Tron.   He stopped and allowed folks to photograph the car.

Tron car

tron car

tron car


Speaking of outside, look at the “art” created with vinyl records.

vinyl art


This night proved more interesting than previous Broke-Ass Fridays, especially with the Tron car.  Wonder what’s the next one going to be like?


Vinyl Night XII

February 4, 2013

Like I mentioned in the previous blog, Tuesday Night Vinyl happened at Little Fish – Huge Pond.

Vinyl night 12

Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie

Dancing on the Ceiling

Released in 1984, the pop album contains five top ten hits: “Ballerina Girl”, “Say You, Say Me”, “Se La”, “Deep River Woman”, “Love Will Conquer All” and “Dancing on the Ceiling”.

Most of the album. I had no problem with.  Yet, I skipped “Deep River Woman”, a country song guest-starring Alabama.

“I do not want to hear Lionel Richie sing country,” I said.

The bar owner laughed.

Aretha by Aretha Franklin


Released in 1986, the soul and pop album contains three hits: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, “Jimmy Lee” and “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”.   “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was originally recorded by The Rolling Stones.  George Michael guest-starred on “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”.

This is the third album titled Aretha. Previous Aretha Franklin albums of the same name were released in 1961 and 1980.

Diana by Diana Ross


Released in 1980, the funky album contains two well-known hits: “Upside Down” and “I’m Coming Out”.  Many may recognize “I’m Coming Out” as the sample for Notorious B.I.G.’s “More Money, More Problems”.

Side One contains both hits, the reason why I only played that side.

By this time, Matt Hughen entered the building with two Ohio Players albums.  This was in tribute to band member Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, who recently passed away.

Pleasure by Ohio Players


Released in 1972, the album contains the hit “Funky Worm”.  Back in the 80s and 90s, the synthesizer sound from “Funky Worm” was constantly sampled by West Coast hip-hop.  All these years, I thought the sound originated in California.  Hell no, the g-funk sound originated in the Midwest.

Ohio Players

Mr. Mean by Ohio Players

Mr. Mean

Released in 1977, the album contains the soundtrack for the same-named movie starring Fred Williamson.  It’s more jazz than true funk.  Yet, listeners of old school would appreciate it.

Word Up by Cameo

word up

Released in 1986, the classic funk album contains two hits: “Candy” and “Word Up”.  The album gained them major success.

To this day, I still hum “Candy”.

It’s like candy
I can feel it when you walk
Even when you talk it takes over me
You’re so dandy
I wanna know
Can you feel it too just like I do

Purple Rain by Prince

Purple Rain

Released in 1984, this masterpiece soundtrack to the same-named movie contains five hits: “Take Me With You”, “Purple Rain”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “I Would Die 4 U” and “When Doves Cry”.   “When Doves Cry” happens to be my all-time favorite song.

Dig if u will the picture
Of u and I engaged in a kiss
The sweat of your body covers me
Can u my darling
Can u picture this?

The album closed the night wonderfully.

This was the best vinyl night of them all.  Next Tuesday, here I come.

Complimenting A DJ

February 3, 2013

Last Tuesday, during my vinyl night at Little Fish – Huge Pond, a birthday party happened.

Birthday Party


Alex Bains was the birthday girl.

Birthday Party


For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Not many black women show up during my nights.  Sometimes, it’s more Latinas and white women than Sistas, reason why I’m always happy to see Alex.  At least,  most of the times.  Sometimes, when it comes to song requests, Alex  can be too damned picky and demanding.  Still, the plus outweighs the negative.  Besides, last Christmas, she was the only woman besides relatives who handed me a Christmas card.  The white womenz didn’t give me shit.  Also, Alex tips yours truly, the DJ.

Happy Birthday


Because the bar only serves beer and wine, friends took Alex to other bars for a shot.  This worked to my advantage.  No, not that way.  Even a slime bucket like yours truly possess limits.

Alex doesn’t like to be photographed.  Just like with other people I ran across, I knew alcohol was going to change all that.  First, a friend photographed her and me.

Photo by Matthew Hughen

Photo by Matthew Hughen


Then, I took two pictures of her holding Prince’s Purple Rain album.  The following photo was her favorite of the two.

Alex and purple rain

When folks decide to specifically have birthday parties on my nights, I consider it a compliment. It means, when they want to have a good time, they trust my skills.   As long as folks  aren’t bossing my ass around all night, I’m cool with it.

Performing A Saturday Night DJ Gig at Orlando’s Li’l Indies

January 28, 2013

Last Saturday, I played a DJ gig at Li’l Indies, located in Orlando. Also, it exists right next to Will’s Pub. Will’s own Li’l Indies.

DJ Stone Crazy

I forgot the memory card for my Canon Rebel.  So, I used my iPhone for pics.

Monique Philly (the black woman in the pic) was celebrating her birthday, the main purpose of my gig.

Monique and friend

Just like Monique wanted, I played a mixture of punk, disco, soul and rock.  Most of it was seventies and  eighties music.  She didn’t want any rap, the first time I heard this coming from someone black.  Well, at least, I found the opportunity to play Skinny Puppy’s “Hexonxonx”  and Ministry’s “Stigmata”, industrial music songs I normally don’t play during gigs.

Some friends came by.

Keith Gregson

Keith Gregson

E.R. Jess AKA Butch


Trevor Frasier


I didn’t attract a huge crowd.  Yet, the crowd remained steady.  Truth be known, it was one of my better Orlando Saturday night gigs.  Sometimes, only two to five people show up on these particular gigs.

When I played Debbie Deb’s “When I Hear Music”, some folks kept saying roller skate music.  Back in the 80’s, that song always played at Semoran Skateway in Casselberry, located not too far from Orlando.

I followed Debbie Deb with “Diamond Girl” by Nice and Wild, a group I saw at the now-closed Scatz.

I saw Debbie Deb there too.

The folks in the following two pics remained with me nearly all night.



Towards the end of the night, a crowd of rock listeners entered.  One of them was a dude I remembered from Lake Howell High School.  I also seen him sing in local bands.

David Minshew

David Minshew

After posting that pic on Facebook, David wrote this comment.

David Minshew comment

I ended the night with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.

I enjoyed myself.  Hopefully, I can play at Li’l Indies again sometime soon.