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7 Reasons You Should Buy Orlando Nightlife Women

May 11, 2014

As you can tell by the following photo, I definitely enjoy the company of women.

Black guy in fedora and two burlesque dancers

Like I mentioned in previous blogs, I also enjoy photographing women, especially nightlife women.  Recently, I published Orlando Nightlife Women, a photo book.

I am now going to give you seven reasons on why you should buy my book.

1. School girls.

2 school girls


2. Thongs.

Babe showing her thong in Downtown Orlando


3. Blondes.Blonde nightclub dancer winking her eye


4. Bar counter dancing.

Bar Counter Dancing


5. Big white booty.

big white booty


6. Big black booty (referring to one in red).

black booty


7. Racial harmony.Racial Harmony white girl between two black guys

My book Orlando Nightlife Women can found in two main spots: Amazon and CreateSpace.





Orlando Nightlife Women: Photos Too Hot for Disney

May 1, 2014

Recently, I finished another photo book.  This one involved a big booty redhead on the cover.

orlando nightlife women cover

This is the blurb I wrote for it: For over a decade, photographer Patrick Scott Barnes photographed women of Orlando’s nightlife. Some photos are completely tame. Many are extremely outrageous…in a good way.

Most photos definitely would not be seen at Walt Disney World, Orlando’s most famous neighbor. This collection of photos shows a side of Orlando rarely shown before; female butts aimed at the camera, women exposing breasts and women dressed as catholic school girls. It’s a freaky world, after all.

Plus different spices of women are represented: blondes, redheads, brunettes, Latinas, Ebony Goddesses, etc. All of the women represent real bodies, no Photoshopped pics here. Just the real deal for folks who enjoy real bodies.

Here’s some sample pics.

Brunette in VIP Section

Latina and Black Nightclub Dancers


big butt white girl in pink shorts

Usually, WordPress,com kills the Amazon link.  So, here’s a direct link from the publisher.

Here’s the video I created for it.

A Nasty Meme About Madonna’s Age

May 1, 2014

I found this mean-spirited beauty on Facebook, a nasty mean concerning Madonna’s age. CBGB OMFUG posted it.  For the record, I have no problem with the Material Girl’s age.

Madonna Tour 2020

Beyonce Pussy Pics

January 28, 2014

People possess some damned nerve.  I risk being sued by hooking Beyonce fans up with Beyonce pics.  I even included a booty shot.  Yet, how do some douche-bags lay their gratitude?  They come here looking for Beyonce pussy pics.  Check out the words in my search engine.  Beyonce Pussy is third down.

Beyonce Pussy Search

To meet their nasty want, I shall provide two Beyonce pussy pics.  Don’t say I never tried to please people.  Enjoy.

beyonce and tiger

Sexy Pics of Beyonce’s 2014 Grammy Performance

January 26, 2014

First of all, because I expected a huge disappointment in the rap categories, I ignored watching the 2014 Grammy Awards.   Yet, as I spent too much time on Facebook instead, Beyonce’s Facebook page uploaded photos of her Grammy performance.

Risking to get sued, I decided to upload those steamy pics to this blog.  If folks want to sue, they will be suing one broke black man. I ain’t got a dime.  So, here’s the Beyonce pics. Enjoy.

Beyonce Grammys 2014 Chair

Beyonce Grammys 2014 Front View Chair

Okay, as for the next pic, I couldn’t find it no where else on the Internet.  As of now, the only place a person will find this Beyonce booty pic is on her Facebook page.

Beyonce Grammys 2014 Booty Shot

Photographing Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham

May 23, 2013

Last weekend, The Beacham hired me to photograph patrons.  An Orlando nightclub, The Beacham exists in the downtown area.

First, I searched for the cheapest parking.  Parking usually runs between five to ten dollars.  I found a five dollar spot.

downtown orlando

When you show them the receipt, The Beacham reimburses you for five dollar parking.

As you see by the sign, Fridays are Ladies Night. Women drink free all night.  Saturdays are free drinks before eleven.  Sunday is the Latin night’s all you can drink.

downtown orlando

Back in 2011, The Beacham was named Best Nightclub by the Orlando Sentinel.

best nightclub 2011 The Beacham

Just like with the first few, the following photos are taken by my cellphone.  I’ll post pro-photos at another time.

Fridays and Saturdays are predominately African-American.

downtown orlando

On stage, you see the DJ and two dancers.  Also, high on the walls are huge video screens.

downtown orlando

Richie Rich is the DJ.

downtown orlando

latina booty

For Latin night, I didn’t get the DJ’s name.  Yet, I did photograph the two Latin dancers onstage.

downtown orlando

Latin Club dancer

Because the place enjoyed my photos, The Beacham hired me again for the following weekend.

Cellphone Booty Pics

May 5, 2013

I will not photograph booty with my cellphone.
Will not photograph booty in the bookstore.
Will not photograph booty in the supermarket.
Will not photograph booty in the retail store.
Will not photograph booty in the mall.
Will not photograph booty in the public park.
Will not photograph booty in the nightclub or bar.
Will not photograph booty in the fast food restaurant line
with my cell phone.

ethnic big booty in a bar


Afraid of consequences if I get caught.
Might forever be banned from premises.
Might receive a stinging slap from the victim.
Might receive a humiliating ass-kicking
from some woman’s big bull-dyke wife.

black girl big booty

Temptation exists.
Idea constantly floats around inside my head.
Yet, I will not photograph booty with my cellphone.

woman bending over bar counter