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Penguin Gangsta Rap

April 21, 2013

Last Tuesday, I performed another DJ gig at The Peacock Room, an Orlando bar.  During my gig, a guy named The Shinobi MC was scheduled to perform.  Truth be known, I was expecting another MC with the name Shinobi.  Yet, this Shinobi’s performance did not disappoint.

white nerdcore rapper


The highlight of the evening was his performance with MC Shammers, an MC whose performance I witnessed before at a nerdcore event.

white nerdcore rapper

As the instrumental of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” played, the two rhymed about being gangsta penguins.

An Orlando Night During The Holidays

December 16, 2012

Last Friday involved another happy hour DJ gig at Peacock Room, located in Orlando.

Check out the new hat.

Photo by Anthony Bonilla

Photo by Anthony Bonilla


In the past, acoustic acts used to perform on these nights.  Usually, I would play for thirty to forty-five minutes.  Then, the acoustic act would perform about the same amount of time.  Not anymore.  They didn’t suck or anything.   It just became more and more evident people didn’t care for acoustic music on a Friday happy hour.  At least, in Peacock Room they didn’t.  I even heard some complaints about the acts myself.  Friday is the last day of the work week for many people.  They just got paid and want to let loose.  Acoustic music is the last thing they want to hear.

After my set, I photographed.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 058

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 063

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 059

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 061

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 073

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 072

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 064

Photo by Marcus Adkins

Photo by Marcus Adkins

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 075

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 079


Soon, the automobile and I cruised to Wally’s.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 080

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 088


Costumed folks entered the building.  They were raising money for charity.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 096

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 099


After two beers at Wally’s, the automobile and I cruised to a friend’s Christmas party.  There, a nine weeks-old puppy helped expose my sensitive side.

Photo by Amanda Millar

Photo by Amanda Millar


About a hour and a half later, I headed home.

Another Two DJ Gigs in One Night

December 10, 2012

Last Friday night, I DJed two gigs. This usually happens once a month.  First, I played my regular happy hour gig at the Peacock Room, located in Orlando, Florida.

Recently, I’ve been performing with this sound system.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 005

No, it ain’t mine. It belongs to Phil Longo, the Peacock Room employee who books me.

In the past, I only used the top speaker.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 007

The sub-woofer is a recent addition.  Tod, Peacock’s main sound guy, thought of this.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 004

For those that didn’t know, bass should always be on the floor or somewhere near it.

As you can see, happy hour regulars take care of me when I play their requests.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 011

I always use a clear plastic container for a tip jar.  A clear container gains more tips than an unclear one.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend using glass containers.  If they break, you or someone may receive a nasty cut.

After my happy hour gig, the automobile and I cruised the forty-five minute drive to Little Fish – Huge Pond, located in Sanford.  Little Fish hosted another Broke-Ass Friday event.


Due to rent and mortgage payments, many folks are broke during the first of the month, inspiring the name “Broke-Ass Friday”.

This time the night involved a charity event.  Right along with food being sold, a toy drive happened also.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 013

The foggy night inspired this photo.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 015

When doing these two-gig nights, I think of British DJ Carl Cox.

If I remember correctly, he does something similar.  After one gig, he’s sometimes off to another in the same day or night.  I think that’s how I remember it.

Anyway, because of my own schedule, I’ll just call myself the Carl Cox of Central Florida.

Vinyl Night IV at Little Fish

November 28, 2012

Last night at Little Fish – Huge Pond, I played another round of vinyl on the old record player.

For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, Florida. That’s a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

The Man by Barry White

Released in 1978, this cool soul and disco mix contains the hit single “Your Sweetness is My Weakness”.  A personal favorite is the disco jam “Look At Her”.

The album also contains a sexy cover version of Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”, which became a UK hit

Simply Red later covered the song “It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing”. The title was shortened to “It’s Only Love.” In Italy, Simply Red’s version reached number one in 1989. Also, 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” contains a sample of Barry White’s version.

I Want You by Marvin Gaye

Released in 1976, the soul and funk album contains the hit singles “I Want You (Vocal)” and “After The Dance”.  In 1991, jazz group Fourplay released a cover of “After The Dance (Vocal)” featuring singer El DeBarge.

My personal favorite on Marvin Gaye’s album is “After The Dance (Instrumental)”.  I play this song during other DJ gigs.

Some folks may recognize the album’s artwork by the late Ernie Barnes. A redesigned version of the album’s art shows during the opening credits of 1970s sitcom Good Times.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Released in 1977, the pop-rock album contains four, definitely, recognizable hits: “Dreams”, “Don’t Stop”, “Go Your Own Way” and “You Make Loving Fun”.

When I played it, a bar patron told me this was one of his favorite albums.

In 2006, house music group Deep Dish remade “Dreams” featuring Stevie Nicks, the songs original writer and singer.

Gap Band IV  by The Gap Band

Released in 1982, this funky mofo contains the hits “Early in the Morning”, “Outstanding” and “You Dropped a Bomb On Me”.

One of my friends always request “Outstanding” during my gigs at Peacock Room in Orlando. On that request, I play an extended version of the song.

Faith by George Michael

Released in 1987, this bad boy contains seven freakin’ hits: “I Want Your Sex”, “Hard Day”, “Faith”, “Father Figure”, “One More Try”, “Monkey” and “Kissing a Fool”.

Truth be known, I played this album as a joke.  I did not expect the positive response I received from it.  One guy related to the days of playing the cassette version over and over.  After the jazzy “Kissing a Fool” ended, one drunk guy clapped.

Listening to it, my mind flashbacked to the reason I bought the album.  “Hard Day” constantly played on the radio as I drove to community college in the mornings.  Liking the song is why I bought the album.

Ready for the World by Ready for the World

Released in 1985, the album contains the funky hits “Digital Display” and “Oh Sheila”.

In a previous blog, I talked about how folks say my high school photo resembles the lead singer.

A personal favorite is “I’m the One Who Loves You”.  I had a mad crush on a girl who rode my school bus.  (She ain’t cute no more.)  Thinking about her, I played this song over and over on my Walkman.

Can’t Slow Down by Lionel Richie

Released in 1983, it contains the hits “All Night Long (All Night)”, “Penny Lover”, “Running with the Night”, “Hello” and the country song “Stuck On You”.

A cool soul album it is.  Yet, I got some personal beef.  I’m a Prince fan. During the 1985 American Music Awards, this album kept beating Prince’s Purple Rain.

As usual, most of my information comes from Wikipedia.

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the vinyl nights.

Yet, here’s something I feel needs expressing.  Many say vinyl sounds better than MP3.  That’s bullshit, nothing but the imagination of nostalgia freaks.  After the huge advancements in digital photography, these types would constantly yap and yap about the beauty of film, even after film becomes obsolete.

Still, despite the scratches and crackles you hear, I still enjoy playing vinyl.

The Party at Peacock Room

November 18, 2012


Last Friday, another Happy Hour gig at Peacock Room happened.

For new readers, Peacock Room is located in Orlando, Florida.

First, I shall tell what happened earlier during the evening.  In the beginning, I played a mixture of 80s and 70s.

Then, two young ladies approached me.

“Um…I like the music you’re playing,” one said, sounding like a typical, annoying, air head. “But…um…this request is going to be a stretch for you.  This is…um…going to be out of your range.”

“If it’s out my range,” I started. “Why are you asking me in the first place?”

She remained silent for a few moments.

I was being a dick on purpose.  I don’t mind requests.  Yet, I hate folks asking me for requests outside the genre I’m currently playing, especially when they don’t tip.

“Because…um…she’s going to dance to it,” the young lady said as she nodded to her friend.

By now, many of you may think I was talking to a white young lady.   Nope, the young lady possessed olive skin, suggesting she might be a Latina.

“What’s the song?” I asked.

“Wobble,” she said.

“I have it,” I answered.

“You’re going to play it next?”


As for asking me if I’m going to play it next, I hate that kind of shit too, especially when they don’t tip.

True to the young lady’s word, they danced when I played “Wobble” by Vic.

After my Happy Hour, The Party happened, an event involving three DJs.


Casey Van Buren.


DJ Mo: I didn’t know it at the time.  Tonight was his birthday.


It was her birthday too.


Cub. Not only a good DJ, but a damned good sound man, too.


Next week, after my happy hour, Bad Santa and the Angry Elves will be playing.  After seeing them and blogging about them before, I’m excited.

Rollin’ Nerdcore Style

November 2, 2012

First, I need to do a shout out to my friend, Howard James Dudy-JbHurr.

When he loaned me a laptop, Howard installed a mass amount of 8os new wave/punk music, something that hugely benefited last Friday’s Happy Hour gig at The Peacock Room.  For new readers, The Peacock Room is located in Orlando, Florida.

Because he had a thing for 80snew wave/punk  music, some guy requested it throughout my whole gig.  Usually, constant requests from the same person annoy me.  Yet, this guy and his friends kept tipping five dollars per song.

For this, I give huge thanks to Howard for hooking me up.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been receiving five dollar tips.

Another thing, this is why I sometimes like catering to older folks, they tip.  Some younger people will ask for songs all night or even ask you to change your playlist, and won’t tip you shit.  Won’t even buy you  a drink, either.

After my gig, a nerdcore event happened.  Nerdcore basically involves hip-hop lyrics centered around nerd subjects.

Before the show started, Xbox games provided by Ubisoft was on display.


Then came the entertainment.

First up was HD Ninja.


Then MC Wreckshin.


MC Shammers and Quartz Relic joined him.


The evening’s DJ was Jeffmik.


Next up was Magitek: Son of a Glitch and Thugmasta J.


Quartz Relic was in the group too.

A costume contest also took place.

MC Shammers closed the night.

Radar Kilburn  organized and produced the show.

Chris “DJ Cub” Mendez handled the door.

After the event, I started playing music and photographed some more.


The nerdcore event happens once a month.  I’m quite sure the same fun folks had this time will happen the next.

Mills Avenue Boozing and Spacebar

October 15, 2012

When some DJs don’t have a Saturday night gig, they go boozing.

First, I met Michael Pierre and Al Murphy at The Peacock Room, located in Orlando, Florida.

After a beer and a shot, we walked down Mills Ave.  Because Mills crosses State Road 50, I think this is why they call this particular section Mills 50.

Actually, bringing my Toshiba Camileo H30 was a last minute decision.  It’s actually a camcorder.  Yet, I use it mostly for photography.

Sometimes I didn’t use flash.  For this shot, I turned the flash off and used the store display’s light.

Next, we landed at Lil Indies.

We were really looking for bartender Jennifer Harton, but she wasn’t working that night.

Like other up and coming pics, I shot these using a bar counter or table for support.

After one beer, we left and started walking further down Mills.

Next, we stopped at Bananas.  Just like the flyer on the table says, it’s a twenty-four hour joint served by drag queens.

Al had a Coke and I had a Sprite.

Also, I had tater tots.

After Michael finished his meal which includes a medium-rare burger, we left.

We crossed the street and ran into Wally’s.

Al and Michael didn’t want to go in.  So, I walked them back to Peacock Room and drove back to Wally’s.



Before he left,  Joe told me about a party happening at Spacebar, a joint located in Orlando’s Milk District.

After drinking my beer, I cruised to Spacebar.

BYOV stands for Bring Your Own Vinyl.  Every Saturday night, people bring in five records to play on the decks.

Chris “Cub” Mendez.

Nigel John.

That’s me on the left posing with Nigel.

The party was a birthday celebration for Tommy Mot, owner of Spacebar.  That’s him on the right. Local national artist Andrew Spear is on the left.

The guy between Andrew and Nigel is local musician Marc Zoular. Andrew and Nigel were fans of him.

I told myself I was going to stop taking booty pics.  As you can see, some habits are hard to break.

I found this emergency vehicle behind one of the buildings at The Milk District.

Soon, I headed home.

So, how was your Saturday night?