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Prince’s “P Control”

July 8, 2011

I don’t know what it is about Prince’s “P Control”. Yet, women keep asking for it. A little blonde requested it during last Tuesday’s gig. (She was the only one tipping that night too.)

The Artist Formally Known As A Symbol

At a friend’s many house parties, one DJ always played this song. Immediately, women began moving their bodies to the music.

Included on 1995’s The Gold Experience, Prince raps the story of an independent woman. From a girl being bullied in the school yard, she grows into a college graduate earning her own money. As she makes her own money, one shady character promises to make her a star if she sings on his record. Yet, she turns him down because she had control of her own life. She had pussy control.

When I first heard it, I didn’t dislike “P Control”. Yet, it never struck a chord with me. Apparently, it did with many women. I guess the women’s lib theme continues grabbing women’s attention.

A female friend told me year after year they requested the DJ to play it at her company’s Christmas party. He hesitated at first, but wound up playing “P Control” anyway. The third year, he told them he left the song at home.

About two months back, a young lady asked me to play it.

“I ask for it all the time and no one ever has it,” she said.

When I played it, I shocked the hell out of her.

Last night, after seeing the same woman, I played it and she began dancing.

Because of it’s popularity, “P Control” is now included in my play list.