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Remembering An Orlando Nightlife Columnist on Her Birthday

September 11, 2012

Last year, Central Florida lost Orlando Sentinel writer Kelly Fitzpatrick.  She died in her sleep.

Her column focused on Central Florida’s nightlife.  Sometimes, she bravely called out bars and night clubs on over-priced drinks and bad service.

She was also a dear friend of mine.

Last Saturday at Lil Indies, friends held a private party honoring Kelly’s birthday.

Heather and Brian Kingsbury: They tied the knot back in June.

Tod Caviness and Christen Marie:  Two or three days later after this photo, they got engaged.  Tod also writes for the Sentinel.

Curtis Earth: He hosted a trivia game centered around Kelly.

That’s Will Walker on the left, owner of Will’s Pub and Lil Indies.  That’s me in the middle.  On the right is Bao Le Huu, writer of Orlando Weekly’s This Little Underground.

I think the dude is DJ Smilin Dan.  The woman is local bartender Jennifer Harton.

Because Lil Indies is right next door to Will’s Pub, I went to Will’s to check out The Legendary JCs.

Eugene Snowden: Lead Singer.

After that, I went back to the party.

In the middle is Casey Dayhoff, Kelly’s husband and Heather Kingsbury’s brother.

The guy is Brian Stibal, a person we’ve known for over ten years.

Me and Jim Criger.  Best friends since 1999.  Always there for you when the shit goes down