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DJing An Arm-Wrestling Competition

April 16, 2013

Last Sunday night, I DJed at Orlando’s The Peacock Room, a last minute thing.

Photo by Victoria Rosario

Photo by Victoria Rosario

An arm-wrestling competition was going to take place.  I was asked to play 80’s rock music.  Yep, I had the genre, including the likes of Winger and Whitesnake.

virtual dj playing winger and white snake

The host was my buddy Mandaddy.

bald guy on a microphone

The arm-wrestling table.

arme wresting table

The table was moved to another area.  There was both guy arm-wrestling and female arm-wrestling.

female arm wrestling

A leg on the table broke.  So, it was replaced with another one.

Arm wrestling

Oh yea, yours truly was talked into competing.  I won my first round (I believe dude let me win).  Then, got slammed during my second.

I had so much damned fun.  I hope the event happens again. The organizer said it will.   I’ll be there.

Seven Reasons I Love Being A DJ

April 9, 2013

happy hour 1

Saying I love DJing is an understatement.  Here are seven reasons I love it so much.

1. I’m a night person. Most gigs happen in the evening.  If being a DJ was mostly a morning thing, I would probably hate it.  I’m usually cranky and easily annoyed during the mornings.

2. Free booze. Well, most of the time you get free booze. I’m mostly a Bud Light drinker.  As I drink that cheap booze, I really won’t be breaking the bar or lounge.

3. I love music.  Even before I got into DJing, I’ve always collected music.  I’ve always bought and read music magazines too, magazines like Rolling Stone and The Source.

4. Young ladies half your age hit on you. Okay, this only happened once, and she was cute too.   When I’m talking half my age, realize I’m a dude in his mid-forties.  Nothing happened.  In all reality, I prefer women who are at least thirty.  Yet, a young lady half my age hitting on me does boost the ego.

5. Gives me blogging material.  Some folks enjoy my blogs involving people’s stupid behavior towards the DJ.

6. The friends.  I’ve met some wonderful people through DJing.  Some turned into good friends.

7.  The fun.  I ain’t going to change the world of DJing.  I have no plans or intentions to.  I’m mostly in it for the fun.  To quote Morris Day from the movie Purple Rain, “I wanna see asses wiggling and titties jiggling.”

Also, I’m not one of those music snobs who always badmouths commercial music.  A person may request the most stupidest song in the world,  Yet, if it gets people dancing.  I’m playing it.  Popped a molly!  I’m sweating!

If you’re a DJ, tell us why you love DJing in the comments section.

Prince Party at Orlando’s Castle Knights

April 7, 2013

Last night, I drove to Castle Knights, a bar located in Orlando.

Castle Kinghts Local Pub


My friend Frankie Messina hosted a Prince party, the main reason for my showing up.  All night, Frankie played not only Prince music, but also music by groups Prince produced in the 80’s including The Time and Vanity 6.

dj and prince's controversy album


On a screen, Prince movies and concert footage played.

Prince on a screen


For over two decades, Castle Knights was once known as Faces, a lesbian bar.   As Castle Knights, the bar welcomes everyone.

There’s talks of me DJing a Friday Happy Hour.  Because Castle Knights  is full liquor, it just might be the right spot for me.

Regardless, it’s a nice joint that I may return to in the future.

Nine Things I Learned From Being A DJ

March 28, 2013
Photo by Mayra Lentz

Photo by Mayra Lentz

After three years in the DJ arena, I noticed things I never realized before I became a DJ. Here’s nine of them.

1. DJs are treated like shit: Let’s just get this one out of the way. Forget the image of the superstar DJ playing in front of hundreds to thousands of people. Usually, that’s someone who produces his or her own music, music that brought more attention their way.

Also, most DJs don’t work in glamorous nightclubs either. Your typical DJ more than likely mixes music in a bar, wedding or an event. These spots are usually where people treat DJs like shit.

A DJ is there to provide a fun atmosphere. He or she is not a jukebox. How would you like it if the same people kept telling you to play this and play that all damned night? That shit gets annoying after awhile. Also, there are reasons why DJs won’t play or carry certain songs. For one, they may not have heard the requested song yet. Still, they eventually will. Second, the song may be inappropriate for the evening. For every time the whole place seems to enjoy themselves, I would really love to smack the fucker who requests a song that brings the whole energy level down. Believe it or not, your wonderful song request just might be one of those songs that shouldn’t be played.

2. Older people arrive early and leave early: This is when I usually play “the classics”. Don’t get it twisted. This does not mean the over forty crowd does not appreciate current hits. Yet, they appreciate older music too.

3. Younger people arrive later, and some will stay all night if you let them: For DJs who enjoy watching intense booty-shaking, this is the best time. Not only do the younger folks have more energy, they also don’t mind getting one hour sleep before having to work the next day. They’ll do intense booty-shaking all night if you let them.

4. Younger people love the classics: Sometimes, folks under thirty would ask for songs older than forty-something me. As long as they’re having a good time, I don’t mind it.

5. Sometimes, it’s best to cater to the older crowd: Anyone who don’t appreciate and recognize the spending power of folks over forty is a complete idiot who should keep their stupidity out of the nightlife business. Not only do older people buy more expensive drinks than the younger crowd, they also tip more. Only a moron would not notice that. Younger people buy the cheapest drinks and many don’t even tip. Yet, the younger crowd tends to be more demanding.

This isn’t always the case. Some younger folks do tip and buy expensive drinks. Also, some older folks are cheap as hell. Still, when it comes to spending money, the older crowd has the younger crowd beat.

(I say over forty. Yet, over thirty fits it just as well.)

6. White people are shitty tippers too: You usually hear the stereotype of black people not tipping. That’s because many black people don’t know you’re supposed to hand money over to people who are already receiving pay for their services. Yet, many white people do comprehend tipping. Still, after playing many of their song requests, some white people look at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language when I bring up tipping.

7. Some folks from “underground scenes” are full of shit: Let’s be real. Some of them ran to the underground scene because the mainstream rejected them. Some underground folks are as much of an asshole as the folks they rebel against. Some are even more of an asshole than the folks they rebel against.

My apologies for playing commercial music women want to shake their asses to. I know how it is. If only only folks would appreciate the important underground act only five people know about. Pat yourself on the back for being one of those five.

8. Only other DJs and their groupies bitch about a DJ’s equipment: Despite what other DJs told you, a DJ can still rock the house with just a laptop and the right software. As long as the DJ pays attention to the crowd, he or she should do fine. For vinyl DJs who don’t believe that, they can go fuck themselves and remain in the dinosaur age where they belong.

9. Everything I believed about people proved true, both good and bad: Most people are decent, if not extremely nice. If they enjoy your vibe, they will definitely come back and spend money.

Only a small handful of people are social fuck-ups. Yet, these types will ruin your whole evening…if you let them. Sometimes, it’s selfish shit. Some folks just want the DJ to lick their ass all night. To them, the DJ must lick their ass because they’re so special and so above other people. Some of these types insult the DJ when he or she don’t lick ass. All of a sudden, the DJ is now a shitty DJ.

Other types are just plain jealous. When they badly crave the attention the DJ is receiving, some envious types start criticizing the DJ’s skills and/or choice in music. All of a sudden, they know just the music the DJ should be playing. Lo and behold if the women like the DJ, that just adds more gas to an already burning fire.

Then there’s the small group of genuinely nice folks. They’re the ones who always tip or even buy the DJ a drink. Plus when folks talk shit about the DJ, these folks have the DJ’s back. It’s not even all about tips or drinks, a DJ gets happy when someone compliments their music. Genuinely nice people do it all the time.

I always thought most folks were decent, and that only a handful were truly assholes. My experiences as a DJ proved it.

These are the nine things I learned. Are there any other DJs who learned something during their gigs? You’re free to comment.

Pushing It at The Peacock Room

February 7, 2013

Last Monday night, I attended Push It at The Peacock Room.

Photo by Elsie Knab

Photo by Elsie Knab

Actually, because of an earlier poetry reading at the same spot, I was already there.  Still, because I enjoyed DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones at another Orlando bar, I decided to attend their Peacock Room event.

Mostly, 90’s  hip-hop and dance music play on their events.

Tonight, Waldo Faldo was by himself.

He always wears the coolest t-shirts.  Seeing the booty t-shirt he wore tonight reminded me of myself, a man who definitely appreciates booty.

Waldo Faldo

Earlier, I mentioned 90’s music.  Yet, Waldo played early 00’s hip-hop too.  On his controller, he successfully blended the jams.  Trust me, I have witnessed bad controller-mixing in the past.   The DJ really didn’t mix.  They would just stop one song and immediately go into the other, no fading in or out.  Waldo Faldo wasn’t one of those DJs.

Because I always enjoy his music (and Rick Jone’s too), I plan on attending more Waldo Faldo’s events.


two women and a dude

Complimenting A DJ

February 3, 2013

Last Tuesday, during my vinyl night at Little Fish – Huge Pond, a birthday party happened.

Birthday Party


Alex Bains was the birthday girl.

Birthday Party


For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Not many black women show up during my nights.  Sometimes, it’s more Latinas and white women than Sistas, reason why I’m always happy to see Alex.  At least,  most of the times.  Sometimes, when it comes to song requests, Alex  can be too damned picky and demanding.  Still, the plus outweighs the negative.  Besides, last Christmas, she was the only woman besides relatives who handed me a Christmas card.  The white womenz didn’t give me shit.  Also, Alex tips yours truly, the DJ.

Happy Birthday


Because the bar only serves beer and wine, friends took Alex to other bars for a shot.  This worked to my advantage.  No, not that way.  Even a slime bucket like yours truly possess limits.

Alex doesn’t like to be photographed.  Just like with other people I ran across, I knew alcohol was going to change all that.  First, a friend photographed her and me.

Photo by Matthew Hughen

Photo by Matthew Hughen


Then, I took two pictures of her holding Prince’s Purple Rain album.  The following photo was her favorite of the two.

Alex and purple rain

When folks decide to specifically have birthday parties on my nights, I consider it a compliment. It means, when they want to have a good time, they trust my skills.   As long as folks  aren’t bossing my ass around all night, I’m cool with it.

A Fun Saturday Night at Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham

January 15, 2013

Last Saturday night, I headed to Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham.

Outside The Beacham

Mostly African-Americans patronize The Beacham on Saturdays.  Being black myself, I owned no problems with that.  Yet, get this: the DJ was a white guy.

The age thing was a different story.  Being someone over forty, I was hoping I didn’t stand out too much among the crowd of mostly twenty-somethings.  I just wanted to blend in and be left alone.

As the DJ played on the stage, a female hyped the crowd on the mic.  Two female dancers were onstage also.

Inside The Beacham

As I observed the young ladies, I kept thinking about the sexist lyrics of 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song”.

All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho.

Plenty of 2 Chainz’s birthday women were in the place.  Well, I wouldn’t actually call some woman I don’t know a ho.  Yet, the big booty was definitely present.

Sometime during the night, a young white girl accidentally bumped into my foot.  She looked around 21, wore a black dress and was with another white female.

When I looked her in the eye, the young white girl winked at me.  It might’ve been just a friendly wink.  Yet, I could not get over this fact.  Out of all the women on this predominately black night, a white girl young enough to be my daughter is the one who winks at me.  Sometimes, I think nobody but me runs into these kinds of ironic situations.  Still, like I mentioned before, that might have been just a friendly wink, and nothing else.

Inside The Beacham 2

When I DJ, I play the whole song.  Yet, a popular trend is playing only parts of the song and move on.  When I first witnessed DJs doing that, I found it annoying. I’m more tolerant towards it now.

Tonight, the kids didn’t seem to mind the trend.

As I love most current hip-hop, there was one song I definitely didn’t want to hear tonight, that damned Trinidad James song.

Gold all in my chain/ Gold all in my ring/ Gold all in my watch…

I don’t know.  True enough, the song is addictive.  You can’t stop thinking about it.  Yet, when will hip-hop get tired of bling-bling lyrics?

For most of the time, I enjoyed myself.  I left before the place closed.  Yet, I could see my forty-something self coming back. By the way, I wasn’t the only old school dude there that night.

For a good time and seeing 2 Chainz’s birthday women, I would recommend going to The Beacham on a Saturday night.