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Hoping DMX Beats the Fuck Out of George Zimmerman

February 5, 2014

According to TMZ, George Zimmerman plans to box rapper DMX during a celebrity battle. After Zimmerman’s killing an unarmed kid, I hope DMX pulverizes the fuck out of him. DMX represents the scary black man many Americans labeled Trayvon Martin, the kid Zimmerman killed. Personally, I wish Zimmerman’s opponent was younger, a true representative of Trayvon Martin. Still, DMX will do.George Zimmerman Versus DMX

Whether it was legal or not, the night Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin provoked a conflict. That alone was grounds for manslaughter. In the beginning, I don’t think Zimmerman intended to kill Trayvon. Yet, his stupidity led to an unarmed kid being killed. All Zimmerman had to do was keep his ass in his truck. Yet, his desire to play police officer pulled him out of his truck anyway.

After being found not guilty, Zimmerman still kept acting the ass: caught speeding, twice called on for domestic abuse and posed in a gun shop. Now, he wants to box.

Seeing all this, my eyes beg for the sight of DMX’s fists pounding George Zimmerman’s face over and over again. I desire seeing pain in Zimmerman’s eyes. I don’t want a quick knockout like Mike Tyson’s heydays. I wish for a bloody fight as Zimmerman’s eyes puffs up and nose bleeds.

Notice I don’t wish for death. True enough, my wish is disturbing. Yet, wishing death lowers me to the level of the man who killed an unarmed kid. DMX kicking George Zimmerman’s ass fits the spot.

Does This Pic Proves Google Hires Racists?

January 20, 2014

Here I am on this fine MLK Day looking at the stats on my blog.  I study the search word section and what do I see?   Three rows down, I see “happy nigger day!” Now, why in the fuck would Google send these fuckers my way.  As you can see, Google sent them here TWICE. Or is there more to this?  Is this some sneaky shit a Google employee is trying to send me?  I don’t know.  I don’t mind people knocking me for running a music, night life and booty blog. Yet, with me being black, I don’t find “happy nigger day” funny.

On the real tip, I’m not blogging this for sympathy.  I’m blogging to this showing how stupid some people are.

Happy Nigger Day search

Controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Flyers

January 12, 2014

Recently, DJ Iceman posted a promotional flyer on FaceBook, a flyer he expressed outrage over. The flyer contained a Photoshopped Martin Luther King Jr. sporting current bling-bling attire.  Then, the words Freedown 2 Twerk was added.

Free 2 Twerk MLK Flyer

I’m sorry. When I saw this, I laughed real loud. It wasn’t funny. Yet, still, I couldn’t help laughing.

DJ Iceman posted another flyer involving Bling-Bling Dr. King.

MLK Bling Bling Flyer

Searching Google, I found yet another flyer, an even worse one.  This one contained strippers and the n-word, plus the b-word aimed at women too.

Bad Bitch's MLK Flyer

The graphic designer apologized for the last flyer.

Seriously, these flyers show bad taste.  Dr. King fought and died for the dignity of African-Americans.  Using his image to promote dirty fun tarnishes Dr. Kings legacy. (I still find the images funny, tho.)

Sick Fucks Mixes Nelson Mandela Into Bullshit Aimed at Rapper Kanye West

December 9, 2013

All weekend, I saw Facebook posts claiming rapper and music producer Kanye West opened his big mouth again.  Because he was accurate about ex-President George Dubya Bush not liking black people, I really shouldn’t pick on Kanye’s mouth too much.

Yet, the Facebook posts kept saying Kanye proclaimed to be the next Nelson Mandela. Yet, this wasn’t true. Some sick fucks at a satire site created a fake interview, an interview many people took as real.

Why I say sick, you ask?  In his native South Africa, Nelson Mandela served long years in prison because he rightfully believed South Africa’s racist apartheid was wrong, the reason many people mourn his recent passing.  Yet, not soon after the man dies, some idiots thought it was fun to mix his name into some bullshit.

Fucking with Kanye wouldn’t have pissed me off.  Yet, mixing Mandela’s name into it was just wrong.  Have some respect for a great man who just died, you sick fucks.

A Nasty, Mean-Spirited, LL Cool J Meme

April 13, 2013

I guess many folks are upset about “Accidental Racist” by LL Cool J and Brad Paisely. I’ll let Adam Tod Brown at Cracked.Com tell everybody how silly the song is.

Right now, let’s talk about this nasty meme I found on Facebook.  This is just wrong.  Even I wouldn’t stoop this low.  Bullshit, I definitely would stoop this low.  Robert “DJ Iceman” Anderson, a Facebook friend, reposted this on Facebook.

ll coon j

A DJ Reality

June 22, 2012

As I write this, understand I’m not asking for sympathy.  I only write this to show the realities a DJ goes through.  One of the recent realities?  Things have sucked.

My friend, Jay Marley.

Sanford nights that once attracted a following have gone to shit. I don’t know what the fuck happened.  The only thing I can think of is people preferring a full liquor bar over a bar just serving beer and wine.  The beer and wine joint is where I DJ.

Also, I heard some people blamed me. In the beginning, I used to go online to YouTube and Grooveshark and play requests.  I no longer do that because my laptop kept freezing.  Plus after searching for many requests, very few people actually tipped.  Another thing, because I played every request, people picked songs that ruined an already happy mood.  Later on, going online came back to haunt me. Pissed about how I mentioned him in a blog, some dude called me just a jukebox with a face and a DJ in name only. After experiences like that, the really intelligent would understand why I stopped going online and stopped playing every request.

I refuse beleiving I am the problem. If that was the case, why am I still offered gigs at other spot?

An Orlando friend blamed the town itself.  Before the Trayvon Martin situation, many Central Floridians always saw Sanford as a redneck town.  After Sanford police didn’t arrest half-white, half-Hispanic, George Zimmerman for killing the unarmed, 17 year old, black male, it only reinforced stereotypes many locals already owned against Sanford.  Locals like my Orlando friend.

“Come on, man, it’s Sanford,” he would always say after I mention the ups and downs of my gigs.

Also, when I tell Orlando people I DJ in Sanford, I would sometimes receive funny looks.  One dude even asked me why.

If the slow nights aren’t bad enough, my laptop’s fucking up cost me to lose three gigs.  Right now, I’m using a laptop loaned to me.

Frustrating? Hell yes. But I ain’t giving up.

Oh yea, recently, the Sanford police chief got fired.  Hip-hop hooray!

A Sanford Hoodie Project

April 21, 2012

Some weeks back, I asked folks to show up wearing a hoodie to Little Fish-Huge Pond, my Sanford DJ gig.  When they did this, I photographed them.  For those who didn’t have one, I provided a hoodie for them.  First, I wanted to show the diversity during my gigs.  Due to the Trayvon Martin incident, some non-Sanford folks may assume all of the city’s racial and ethnic groups do not get along.  Second, I sincerely believe stereotyping over a hoodie is bullshit.

I claim sole responsibility for this artistic expression.  It is  not necessarily the bar’s views.  Yet, it definitely is mine.