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Sick Fucks Mixes Nelson Mandela Into Bullshit Aimed at Rapper Kanye West

December 9, 2013

All weekend, I saw Facebook posts claiming rapper and music producer Kanye West opened his big mouth again.  Because he was accurate about ex-President George Dubya Bush not liking black people, I really shouldn’t pick on Kanye’s mouth too much.

Yet, the Facebook posts kept saying Kanye proclaimed to be the next Nelson Mandela. Yet, this wasn’t true. Some sick fucks at a satire site created a fake interview, an interview many people took as real.

Why I say sick, you ask?  In his native South Africa, Nelson Mandela served long years in prison because he rightfully believed South Africa’s racist apartheid was wrong, the reason many people mourn his recent passing.  Yet, not soon after the man dies, some idiots thought it was fun to mix his name into some bullshit.

Fucking with Kanye wouldn’t have pissed me off.  Yet, mixing Mandela’s name into it was just wrong.  Have some respect for a great man who just died, you sick fucks.