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Dear DJ, Why Do Other DJs Still Use Vinyl?

January 16, 2013

The other day, I advertised my vinyl night on Facebook.

Vinyl Night

Shortly afterwords, I received this message.  (For those that don’t know, my real name is Patrick.)

Why do other Djs sill use vinyl

Does vinyl sound better than MP3?  To some extent, it does.  Vinyl brings out the little things you wouldn’t notice on an MP3.  Yet, I do not miss the sounds of a scratched record or the crackling static you hear between songs.

On vinyl night, I enjoy playing the sounds of older music, which is what mostly gets played anyway.   Also, I enjoy patrons bringing in their records also.  I never heard the Sex Pistol’s Never Mind The Bollocks until Matt Cooper brought in.

Never Mind The Bollocks

When it comes to an album Daft Punk sampled, Matt Hughen brought  in Edward Birdsong’s Edwin Birdsong. (They sampled the song “Cola Bottle Baby”.)


One more thing, I didn’t know Iggy Pop sung “China Girl” before David Bowie did.  Yet, a guy named David brought in the album Choice Cuts, a combination of two Iggy Pop albums.

Iggy Pop

Instead of the vinyl night being all about the DJ, i’t’s a night where folks share music with others.

Yet, I’m like Chris in the e-mail, why keep playing vinyl during regular DJ gigs?  Unlike me, this isn’t all about sharing sounds.  These are DJs who use nothing but vinyl  at gigs.  It reminds me of those who prefer film over digital.  True enough, film still owns an advantage over digital.  You can make bigger images off film than you can digital.  Yet, I do not miss having to constantly buy rolls of film.  Plus I don’t miss having to go the photolab just to see what my photos look like.  Without wasting money on film, I can immediately see what my photos look like with the digital camera.

Another thing, don’t hand me that bullshit about songs only being available on vinyl.  Technology exists where records can be turned into MP3s, even Wal-Mart sells it.

So why do some prefer carrying milk crates instead of carrying all the music on a light external memory?

Milk crates are heavy

Just like what I told Chris in the e-mail, some folks are just too damned lazy to update.

If the reader agrees or have a different view point, they are free to answer in the comments section.

Gotta Love Know-It-Alls

October 21, 2012

Don’t you just love know-it-alls?  For years, folks always badmouthed my poetry.  I’ve been called everything from racist, sexist and just an outright shitty poet.

Yet, by readers’ choice, I was named Orlando’s second best poet.

Recently, I had an article published on Digital DJ Tips.  All I did was discuss why one should photograph their DJ gigs.  Yet, after clicking on my blog page, two idiots decided to take potshots at me about this photo.

They took aims at me for the photo not looking “professional”.  Yet, if they had READ the blog, they would have saw me saying both the flyer was the wrong way to go and I wasn’t a professional graphic designer.  The article was about how NOT to post women in flyers.

Yet, one person did like one of my “unprofessional” flyers.

He was referring to this flyer, one that I said actually worked.  By the way, people still click on this pic.

Another thing, I’m sure other laptop DJs hear what I hear.

“You’re not a real DJ.”

“Real DJs use vinyl.”

“Mp3s suck.”

Yet, here’s what Thaddeus posted on Facebook about my night.

Yep, you gotta love know-it-alls, especially when they don’t what the fuck they’re talking about.  Oh well, life goes on.

My MP3 Kicks Your Vinyl’s Ass

May 10, 2011

Despite the blog’s title, I refuse covering what’s better, vinyl or MP3. Yet, after reading comments on websites, vinyl DJs work on my last damned nerves. Especially when they accuse laptop Djs of not being real DJs.

Regardless of equipment, a DJ’s main job is making people happy. Piss off clubbers and bar patrons, the establishment’s owner or the event promoter won’t hire your ass again. Piss off people at your buddy’s house party and he or she may cuss you out. Keeping this kind of rep flowing nicknames you DJ Suck Ass, even if you use vinyl.

Does the laptop create better DJs? Fuck no, nobody claimed that. Does vinyl? Only vinyl Djs and their groupies believe that.

If I owned a bar or club, I could care less about equipment. If a DJ’s music choice fails to inspire booty shaking, he or she is getting fired.

Recently, a fellow DJ quoted a local bar owner.

“You guys all sound the same,” the bar owner went. “Why should I pay you top dollar when I can hire an unknown DJ for less?”

Resist sounding like other Djs. You want to be remembered as the person who inspires booty shaking. Or the reason why some bar patrons bought an extra drink before they went home.

Vinyl or MP3, if you suck, neither one can help you.

Laptop DJ: MP3 Thief

May 8, 2011

You think you’re slick, don’t you? I know your past and currents deeds concerning MP3s.

First, you used to download music from YouTube. At one of your gigs, a bar patron showed you how to do it. Sometimes the downloaded music sounded nice. Other times crappy noise passing as music blasted from your laptop speakers.

Next, you moved on to the public library. Librarians knew what you were doing too, as if they didn’t know why you always checked out so many compact discs. One librarian even hipped you to checking out the newly returned area, the spot containing the better selections. They knew you were copying copyrighted music. Yet, they were probably more concerned with people checking out items versus what people were doing with the items. The more people checked out items, the more proof government money is being well spent.

Also, after talking to other laptop deejays, you remembered a friend hooking you up with a torrent account. Like some folks with heroin, torrents became your addiction. You even downloaded music you didn’t even like. And you’re still doing it.

Do you not know torrents are bad news? Did you not get the memo? The recording industry can rip off musicians but you can’t rip off the recording industry. Yea, I know. File-sharing copyrighted music has not been proven to hurt music sales. You and I both know this. Yet, this won’t shut up the recording industry.

Another thing, remember the gangsta rapper who turned shrewd business man when it came to file-sharing?

Writer Leonard Pitts pointed it out. On the records, he’s a thug. Yet, off the records, he’s far from that. All of a sudden, he wasn’t a thug when he thought file-sharing was taking food out of his kids’ mouths, a studio gangsta badmouthing real gangstas. Recently, you downloaded one of Studio Gangsta’s albums… and didn’t pay a penny for it. Oh well, fuck him.

You’re a thief. I know this. How do I know this? That’s none of your damned business.