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Too Much Thursday Night Booze in Orlando

January 11, 2013

Last night, the automobile and I cruised to Wally’s, located on Mills Avenue in Orlando.

Wally's Sign

I overdid the booze.

Bar counter

Usually, I drink Bud Light.  Yet, my buddies kept buying me rum and cokes.   Then, at the last hour, another bought me a Long Island Iced Tea.

After taking the first pic of this blog with my iPhone, I immediately posted it on Facebook.  One of my Facebook friends mentioned Wally’s wallpaper.  I photographed it, posted the pic on Facebook and dedicated it to him.

Wally's Nude Female Wallpaper

During the last hour,  many of my friends left.  After finishing my Long Island Iced Tea, I left too.

I walked across the street and headed to Lil’ Indies.

Every Thursday, I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong takes place.  The event plays 90’s hip-hop, soul and dance music.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones


Ben Badio: I liked his A Tribe Called Quest t-shirt.  Him and Rick take turns playing the jams.

A Tribe Called Quest t-shirt


After the event shut down for the evening, I walked back across the street and headed towards the automobile.  Then, with too much booze still in my system, I cruised home.