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Hip Hop and The N-Word

May 20, 2011

Many nights during my gigs, I am only the black person in the establishment.  Many times during these nights, patrons request hip hop.

I always get requests for Lil Wayne, a dude known for constantly using the n-word.

An old friend stopped by my gig last Wednesday, an African-born white guy named T-Bone.

“You know,” I told him. “I feel funny when I hear these rappers use the n-word.  It ain’t as if I’m offended.  It’s embarrassing.”

“You should be embarrassed,” said T-Bone.

“Listening to it with other black people, I thought nothing of it.  Now, when I hear it among a whole bunch of white people, I think different.”

“Sometimes people need to think about the image they project.”

Years ago, I remember Sean  (a black friend) constantly using the n-word around white people.  When it was just him and me present, I told Sean I didn’t think that was wise.  Months later, an incident involving him and one of our white friends proved me right.

“Me and him don’t hang out no more,” said Sean. “He called me a nigger.”

This was a guy I witnessed Sean using the n-word around.

I believe because he heard Sean using it, our friend thought he had a free pass to use the word himself. (Oh yea, I stopped hanging around that dude too.)

I viewed concert footage of Snoop letting the n-word fly in front of a predominately white audience.

I ain’t gong to front.  I’m guilty myself.  Back in the nineties, I’ve had plays produced in which black characters constantly used the n-word.  I always thought the usage appropriate for the characters, especially juvenile inmate characters.

Now, as I witness white people listening to rappers using the n-word, I wonder if including the usage in my plays was a wise choice.

I think most black rappers don’t even think about a white audience.  Most create music mainly for black consumers.  Yet, if they did thought about a white audience, I wonder if this would curb n-word usage.  I wonder how rappers feel when learning white kids repeat their lyrics word for word, including lyrics using the n-word.

Despite requests, it may be wise for me to quit playing music containing the n-word.  Who knows?  I just might be another uptight forty-something, sounding like someone’s dad instead of sounding like a cool and hip DJ.


The Hip-Hop Jackass

May 7, 2011


Twice a week, I deejay at Little Fish, Huge Pond, a small artist bar located in Sanford, Florida.  Sanford exists a thirty minute drive north-east of Orlando.

Tuesday nights, folks generally request dance and hip hop music.  As hip hop lyrics yell the n-word, I’m usually the only black dude in the place.

Wednesday nights , a mostly rock crowd shows.   Again, sometimes I am the only black dude in the place.

Being an open-minded deejay,  I usually cater to most requests.  Especially when I receive tips or see the sexy ladies shake some booty.

On a Wednesday night,  I was playing the requested rock music.  I notice  a Latino walking in with two ladies.  The Latino looked to a be hipped guy around his mid-twenties.  He wore a white tank top and brown and white plaid shorts.  One lady friend looked to be a young white girl around the Latino’s age and the other looked to be a Latina in her mid-thirties.   The two ladies sat at the bar counter.

I nodded my head to the Latino in greetings, a big fuckin’ mistake.  Immediately, he walked up to me and gives me the soul brother shake.

“You gonna play some hip hop?” he asked.

“Yea, I’ll play some,” I said.

I don’t play requests right away.  Doing that only invites some people to transform into control freaks.  Even when folks give me a whole list of songs to play, I don’t play them all together at one time.   I make people wait.  If they can’t take it, the hell with them.

After two more rock songs, the Latino walks up to me again.

“Play some hip hop,” he went.  “You’re putting me to sleep.”

“This is what they want to hear, bro,” I answer.

“Yea, but hip hop boosts the crowd.  I used to be a deejay too.”

“Write down your request and I’ll play a hip-hop set.”

After looking at his request, I lost all my respect for him.  The requested song?   “No Love” by Eminem and Lil Wayne.  Lil Wayne I can let slide.  But Eminem?  That’s a different story.  I am sick and tired of hearing about Eminem.  The only people who requests Eminem are usually those who don’t know much about hip hop.  Even some diehard, white, hip hop fans don’t ask for Eminem.  I suspected the Latino to be a fraud.

After three more rock songs, I went hip hop.  After playing his requested song, the Latino did what many impatient folks do after I finally play their song.  With his two lady friends, the Latino left the bar.

This is another reason why I make people wait for songs.  As I soon as I play their requested song or genre, many people leave.  Also, these types ignore the deejay tip jar.

Like I said before, I’m an open-minded deejay.  Still, I don’t appreciate USED TO BE deejays telling me how to run my night.  Makes you wonder they aren’t deejaying anymore.