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Nine Things I Learned From Being A DJ

March 28, 2013
Photo by Mayra Lentz

Photo by Mayra Lentz

After three years in the DJ arena, I noticed things I never realized before I became a DJ. Here’s nine of them.

1. DJs are treated like shit: Let’s just get this one out of the way. Forget the image of the superstar DJ playing in front of hundreds to thousands of people. Usually, that’s someone who produces his or her own music, music that brought more attention their way.

Also, most DJs don’t work in glamorous nightclubs either. Your typical DJ more than likely mixes music in a bar, wedding or an event. These spots are usually where people treat DJs like shit.

A DJ is there to provide a fun atmosphere. He or she is not a jukebox. How would you like it if the same people kept telling you to play this and play that all damned night? That shit gets annoying after awhile. Also, there are reasons why DJs won’t play or carry certain songs. For one, they may not have heard the requested song yet. Still, they eventually will. Second, the song may be inappropriate for the evening. For every time the whole place seems to enjoy themselves, I would really love to smack the fucker who requests a song that brings the whole energy level down. Believe it or not, your wonderful song request just might be one of those songs that shouldn’t be played.

2. Older people arrive early and leave early: This is when I usually play “the classics”. Don’t get it twisted. This does not mean the over forty crowd does not appreciate current hits. Yet, they appreciate older music too.

3. Younger people arrive later, and some will stay all night if you let them: For DJs who enjoy watching intense booty-shaking, this is the best time. Not only do the younger folks have more energy, they also don’t mind getting one hour sleep before having to work the next day. They’ll do intense booty-shaking all night if you let them.

4. Younger people love the classics: Sometimes, folks under thirty would ask for songs older than forty-something me. As long as they’re having a good time, I don’t mind it.

5. Sometimes, it’s best to cater to the older crowd: Anyone who don’t appreciate and recognize the spending power of folks over forty is a complete idiot who should keep their stupidity out of the nightlife business. Not only do older people buy more expensive drinks than the younger crowd, they also tip more. Only a moron would not notice that. Younger people buy the cheapest drinks and many don’t even tip. Yet, the younger crowd tends to be more demanding.

This isn’t always the case. Some younger folks do tip and buy expensive drinks. Also, some older folks are cheap as hell. Still, when it comes to spending money, the older crowd has the younger crowd beat.

(I say over forty. Yet, over thirty fits it just as well.)

6. White people are shitty tippers too: You usually hear the stereotype of black people not tipping. That’s because many black people don’t know you’re supposed to hand money over to people who are already receiving pay for their services. Yet, many white people do comprehend tipping. Still, after playing many of their song requests, some white people look at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language when I bring up tipping.

7. Some folks from “underground scenes” are full of shit: Let’s be real. Some of them ran to the underground scene because the mainstream rejected them. Some underground folks are as much of an asshole as the folks they rebel against. Some are even more of an asshole than the folks they rebel against.

My apologies for playing commercial music women want to shake their asses to. I know how it is. If only only folks would appreciate the important underground act only five people know about. Pat yourself on the back for being one of those five.

8. Only other DJs and their groupies bitch about a DJ’s equipment: Despite what other DJs told you, a DJ can still rock the house with just a laptop and the right software. As long as the DJ pays attention to the crowd, he or she should do fine. For vinyl DJs who don’t believe that, they can go fuck themselves and remain in the dinosaur age where they belong.

9. Everything I believed about people proved true, both good and bad: Most people are decent, if not extremely nice. If they enjoy your vibe, they will definitely come back and spend money.

Only a small handful of people are social fuck-ups. Yet, these types will ruin your whole evening…if you let them. Sometimes, it’s selfish shit. Some folks just want the DJ to lick their ass all night. To them, the DJ must lick their ass because they’re so special and so above other people. Some of these types insult the DJ when he or she don’t lick ass. All of a sudden, the DJ is now a shitty DJ.

Other types are just plain jealous. When they badly crave the attention the DJ is receiving, some envious types start criticizing the DJ’s skills and/or choice in music. All of a sudden, they know just the music the DJ should be playing. Lo and behold if the women like the DJ, that just adds more gas to an already burning fire.

Then there’s the small group of genuinely nice folks. They’re the ones who always tip or even buy the DJ a drink. Plus when folks talk shit about the DJ, these folks have the DJ’s back. It’s not even all about tips or drinks, a DJ gets happy when someone compliments their music. Genuinely nice people do it all the time.

I always thought most folks were decent, and that only a handful were truly assholes. My experiences as a DJ proved it.

These are the nine things I learned. Are there any other DJs who learned something during their gigs? You’re free to comment.

Celebrating My Birthday at Orlando’s The Hideaway Bar

March 20, 2013

Last Monday, I turned 44.  To celebrate, I invited friends to The Hideaway Bar, a spot located in Orlando, Florida.

the hideaway bar


Me at 44.  I still have a hairline.  Yet, because my hair is always screwed up, I prefer wearing hats.

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury



woman wearing glasses


guy with glasses in a bar



franki messina


mike piazza


Brian and Heather

couple in a bar



hang loose, satan sign, heavy metal sign


Shawnette, the bartender

the hideaway bar orlando



the hideaway bar orlando


Casey prepared a surprise for me on the bathroom chalkboard.

happy birthday

the hideaway bar

Photo by Brian Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury


After most folks left around one, Casey and I headed to The Peacock Room.  My celebration was originally planned for The Peacock Room.   Every Monday, DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones play classic hip hop and dance music, reason Peacock was my first choice.  Yet, these two weren’t on Peacock’s schedule.  At the last minute, they posted announcements on Facebook they were playing.  By this time, I had already scheduled for The Hideaway, something I really didn’t regret.

DJ Waldo Faldo

laptop dj


Rick Jones

guy shaking his ass


Me and Suzan

at the bar with suzan elizabeth


After all the boozing, I really don’t remember the roads I drove on the way home.

Oh well, I enjoyed my evening.  Folks paid for my drinks all night.  I’m thankful for the friends I have.  Plus a big shot out to The Hideaway Bar for the hospitality.

My First Wedding DJ Gig

March 11, 2013

Last Saturday, I performed my first DJ wedding gig.  The event took place at  The ACRE, an outdoor spot located in Orlando.

a wedding event

Outside wedding tables

Outside wedding tables 2

Outside wedding tables 3


Each guest had their own personal mason jar.

mason jars


As the event took place outside, my business took place in a performance space shed.

entrance at night

DJ Stand



In the same shed, Jennifer Harton was the bartender.

big boobs cleavage


Skip: the groom’s dad.

a guy wearing a black suit and black fedora



As the wedding took place, someone gave me cues on when to play music.

outdoor wedding

People at a wedding

Wedding peopel and the wedding photographer


The happy newlyweds: Tod and Christin Caviness.

Wedding Couple


I’ve done house parties in the past.  After doing my first wedding, I think I enjoy doing weddings and house parties more than I like DJing in bars.  At house parties and weddings, there’s no pressure to play “the current hits” all the time.  Because I enjoy giving folks a good time, people really enjoy themselves when I play.  Recently, in the bars, I’ve been catching shit for folks having too good of a time.  Yet, that’s another story for another blog.  Oh yea, another reason I prefer weddings and house parties over bars?  The weddings and house parties pay more money.

Complimenting A DJ

February 3, 2013

Last Tuesday, during my vinyl night at Little Fish – Huge Pond, a birthday party happened.

Birthday Party


Alex Bains was the birthday girl.

Birthday Party


For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Not many black women show up during my nights.  Sometimes, it’s more Latinas and white women than Sistas, reason why I’m always happy to see Alex.  At least,  most of the times.  Sometimes, when it comes to song requests, Alex  can be too damned picky and demanding.  Still, the plus outweighs the negative.  Besides, last Christmas, she was the only woman besides relatives who handed me a Christmas card.  The white womenz didn’t give me shit.  Also, Alex tips yours truly, the DJ.

Happy Birthday


Because the bar only serves beer and wine, friends took Alex to other bars for a shot.  This worked to my advantage.  No, not that way.  Even a slime bucket like yours truly possess limits.

Alex doesn’t like to be photographed.  Just like with other people I ran across, I knew alcohol was going to change all that.  First, a friend photographed her and me.

Photo by Matthew Hughen

Photo by Matthew Hughen


Then, I took two pictures of her holding Prince’s Purple Rain album.  The following photo was her favorite of the two.

Alex and purple rain

When folks decide to specifically have birthday parties on my nights, I consider it a compliment. It means, when they want to have a good time, they trust my skills.   As long as folks  aren’t bossing my ass around all night, I’m cool with it.

Anthony’s Hot Dog Stand

December 2, 2012

Last Friday night, I walked to Will’s Pub.  Earlier, I performed another happy hour DJ gig at Peacock Room.  Afterwards, I drove to Wally’s. Then, from Wally’s, I walked to Will’s.

All bars are located on Mills Avenue in Orlando, Florida.


I was somewhat depressed.  As far as money goes, the week proved shitty.  Because I get paid on a percentage of the bar, low sales caused me low pay-outs.  As the vinyl night did make more money than expected, my next DJ gig didn’t do diddly-squat.   Then, during my happy hour gig, my regular big tippers didn’t show.

So, there I was walking to Will’s, heading to my friend Anthony’s hot dog stand, located in front of Will’s.

Anthony was talking to Dana Fasano and another guy.

“Patrick can do it,” said Anthony.  For those that don’t know, Patrick is my real name.

They wanted to hire Antony for a DJ gig.  Yet, Anthony couldn’t make it, meaning an opportunity for me.

After talking over the details with the other guy and me naming my fee, I got the gig.

My depression quickly left.

Good thing I walked to Anthony’s hot dog stand.

Anthony in front of Peacock Room.

Anthony in front of Peacock Room.

Gotta Love Know-It-Alls

October 21, 2012

Don’t you just love know-it-alls?  For years, folks always badmouthed my poetry.  I’ve been called everything from racist, sexist and just an outright shitty poet.

Yet, by readers’ choice, I was named Orlando’s second best poet.

Recently, I had an article published on Digital DJ Tips.  All I did was discuss why one should photograph their DJ gigs.  Yet, after clicking on my blog page, two idiots decided to take potshots at me about this photo.

They took aims at me for the photo not looking “professional”.  Yet, if they had READ the blog, they would have saw me saying both the flyer was the wrong way to go and I wasn’t a professional graphic designer.  The article was about how NOT to post women in flyers.

Yet, one person did like one of my “unprofessional” flyers.

He was referring to this flyer, one that I said actually worked.  By the way, people still click on this pic.

Another thing, I’m sure other laptop DJs hear what I hear.

“You’re not a real DJ.”

“Real DJs use vinyl.”

“Mp3s suck.”

Yet, here’s what Thaddeus posted on Facebook about my night.

Yep, you gotta love know-it-alls, especially when they don’t what the fuck they’re talking about.  Oh well, life goes on.

Some Friends and Relatives Ain’t Shit

September 5, 2012

“It seems as if once you get your foot in the door, the more bullshit you have to deal with.”

I never forgot those words from my buddy Keith.

Me and Keith

For DJs wishing for friend support, some friends you don’t want coming to your gigs. Understand this isn’t a complaint blog.  It’s an observation.   As I blog about people pissing me off during my DJ gigs, I realize a little more than half are people I know personally.  Most I knew before my DJ career.  Some I met during my DJ career.  Yet, both tend to be fucking annoying, especially when they start dictating my song choices.  (Let it be known all of my friends don’t behave this way at my gigs, just the few who need to stay home.)

Recently, I’ve been reading about friends and relatives of lottery winners.  After winning the state lottery, one man’s brother attempted killing him.  Also, after she won the lottery, one woman talked about friends taking advantage of her.  She would go out to dinner with them.  Then, when the bill came, friends claimed they didn’t have any money, something that never happened before the woman won the lottery.  Because of that, the woman stopped going out with them.

As I read books about making money, I realize I may lose friends on my way to success.  Isn’t that some shit?  All because you got off your ass and made some money for yourself, folks resent you.  I read one book forcing me to confront that ugly reality: Friends and relatives resenting you for becoming successful.   If I want to become a rich nigger (see previous blog), this is what I have to deal with.

I don’t know about becoming a rich DJ.  Yet, I read about DJs making a thousand dollars per gig. These aren’t the producer people we hear on the radio, folks like David Guetta.  No, I’m referring to non-producers who DJ weddings and other events.

Still, no matter what happens, I shall remain persistent in becoming a rich nigger.  I know there’s something out there that can load some Benjamins in my bank account, a bank account currently at minus five dollars.

As I travel the road on becoming a rich nigger, should I allow resentment and jealousy to block my path?  Should I waste time worrying about player hating relatives and friends?  Fuck no.  I would be a damned fool doing that.