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Vinyl Night VII

December 20, 2012

Last Tuesday, I hosted another vinyl night at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

Vinyl Night Seven

For new readers, Little Fish-Huge Pond is located in Sanford, Florida.  That’s a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Matt Cooper arrived again with some albums.  The upcoming albums are his.

Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Legend

Vinyl Night Seven 12-18-2012 001

Released in 1984, it is the second album released after Bob Marley’s death.  I’ll just list personal favorites: “Jamming'”, “Could You Be Loved” and “Get Up, Stand Up”.

As they smoked hookahs, a group of twenty-somethings sung along to “Three Little Birds”.

“Every white guy owns this album,” said Matt, a Caucasian male himself.

Bob Marley's Legend - Inside of album cover

A toy lion just happened to be in the bar.  I decided to experiment.  These are my two favorite pics.

Toy Lion and Bob Marley 1

Toy Lion and Bob Marley 2

Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing Off

Golden Throats

Released in 1988, the album will have you cracking up with laughter.  Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) sings “Proud Mary”.  Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) sings Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life”.  That one really had us laughing.  The one truly annoying was Mae West singing “Twist and Shout”.  Yet, this album was the evening’s gem.

Love and Rocket’s Earth, Sun, Moon

Love and Rocket's Earth, Sun, Moon

Released in 1987, it contains the hit single “No New Tale to Tell”, a song that reached number 18 on the US Mainstream Rock charts.

Boy, did this album change the bar’s vibe.  It’s not a bad album.  Yet, I would only play this for the black and white make-up crowd, the goths.  Party music this album isn’t.

Earth, Sun, Moon: Back Cover

Styx’s Paradise Theater

Styx's Paradise Theater

Released in 1981, it contains three hits: “Rockin’ the Paradise”, “The Best of Times” and “Too Much Time on My Hands”.

Styx's Paradise Theater: Back Cover

When “Too Much Time on My Hands” played, I immediately recognized it.

Styx's Paradise Theater record

The O’ Jays’ Ship Ahoy

The O' Jays' Ship Ahoy

Released in 1973, this mofo contains two easily recognizable songs: “For The Love of Money” and “Put Your Hands Together”.

Ship Ahoy: Inside of album

It also contains “Now That We’ve Found Love”, a song covered by reggae act Third World.  Then, rapper Heavy D used it for his hit song of the same name.

This album came from my stash.

Ship Ahoy: Back Cover

Diana Ross’ Diana Ross

Diana Ross's Diana Ross

Released in 1976, it contains two hits: “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)” and “Love Hangover”.

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that
life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know…?”

When those lyrics from “Theme” hit the atmosphere people began laughing.  The romantic piano sound and those lyrics definitely changed the atmosphere.

This was from my personal stash also.

Diana Ross' Diana Ross: Back cover

I used to think vinyl was no better than MP3.  My mind has changed.  When you get past the crackling sounds, you notice how well the instruments stand out compared to MP3s.  You notice the subtlety of the songs on the albums.  Still, as far as carrying milk crates of records around, I’m not looking forward to that anytime soon.

The vinyl nights attracted a few more people.  Can’t wait for next time.