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J Cole’s “Crooked Smile” is What Hip-Hop Needed

December 4, 2013

Music purists (pretentious fuckers) are always downing Top 40. After hearing ignorant shit all summer, I can understand the complaint. I love the song “UEONO”.  Heard it all summer in the nightclub I used to photograph for.  Yet, Rick Ross fucked it up with his rhyme about putting Molly in a woman’s drink and having his way with her.

Personally, my track record with women is awful. Looking back at my past behavior towards women, I now understand why things always go wrong with me in the romantic department.  Yet, no way in hell would I write a poem or a rhyme romanticizing DATE RAPE! That’s the kind of shit you let white rappers rhyme about.

Speaking of white rappers, someone in the hip-hop community finally rhymed what I had been feeling for years. First , let me get this out of the way. What pisses me off about current hip-hop and some African-Americans in general is this; it’s easy to make money going off on your own people. Just ask Chris Rock and Tommy Sotomayor. For too long, black rappers littered their songs with the n-word, aiming their anger at other African-Americans. Plus, still constantly calling women bitches. With them being black, has it ever occurred to these rappers folks automatically assume they’re talking about black women? Also, do they realize the way they talk about black women makes non-black people think that’s how black women really are? For years, black rappers chose to aim their anger at other African-Americans and black women. I’m not telling people what to say in their music. I’m just putting this out for thought.

Now, after all these years, rapper J Cole finally said what I had been stressing for a long time. In his song “Crooked Smile”, he says these lyrics. “I aksed if my skin pale/would I then sell like Eminem or Adele?” Finally, someone in hip-hop brought up the benefits white artist receive over black artists, especially when they perform music created by black people. It isn’t as if I never thought the artists weren’t talented. Yet, the bullshit is obvious; everytime a white artist performs like a “nigger”, they receive more praise than the niggers themselves. Bring this up and folks want say you’re the one being racist.

Hip-hop used to be more outspoken. I think what killed “dropping science” was too many people dropping science. Too much of one thing kills the market for it.

Still, right along with the crunk music in the past decade, I still kept buying Public Enemy, one of the forefathers of dropping hip-hop science.

J Cole’s lyrics is a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone in hip-hop decided to challenge the still racist mainstream media. For those who badmouth Top 40, they’re just not listening to the right music.