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A Sleazy Photo-Book Project

December 11, 2012

One of my biggest dreams is publishing a photo-book featuring Downtown Orlando’s night life.


Not just any nightlife.  Oh no, I’m referring to things you wouldn’t see in your local newspaper.


You may read about it in your local paper.  Yet, the paper damned sure won’t print certain visuals.






Why print a book on Downtown Orlando’s night life, you ask?  And why Downtown?


Why not?  Personally, I think some would love seeing pics of folks enjoying themselves.


Another thing, I possess a love-hate relationship with Downtown Orlando.  If you take the effort, you may find the fun you search for.


Yet, I can’t stand many Downtown Orlando people, especially the drunk and snobby yuppies.  They give you the most rudest stares, as if you don’t belong in “their” bar or something.  In some ways, my book would be a big middle finger to those bastards, my way of saying some downtown people don’t need their ilk to have a good time.  They’re doing all right by themselves, thank you.






Being a DJ myself, I guess I would hand respect to them.


Of course, there will be booty pics.




This would be my vision only.  I would not share this project with other photographers.  Do your own damned book!


This project may never happen.  Yet, you can’t knock a person for dreaming.



Manson Christ and Other “Art”

November 29, 2012

During vinyl night, I photographed other things besides album covers.

Hello, My Name is Karl Rove 



Girl Skeleton Rides Mannequin


Manson Christ

Mr. Pierre Humps Again

October 18, 2012

Last night, Mr. Pierre hosted another Hump Day event at The Peacock Room, a spot located in Orlando, Florida.

Usually, I DJ in Sanford on Wednesdays. Yet, after Mr. Pieerre bought me a huge glass of rum and coke, I decided to not only read that night but to DJ also.

First to read was Michael Pierre AKA Mr. Pierre, Vice President of Suzi Fox Fashions.

Tod Cavines: Voted number one poet in Orlando Weekly’s reader’s choice.

J. Bradley.  I’m sorry.  He goes by JESSE Bradley on Facebook.   He hosts the monthly There Will Be Words at ReUrban Think.

Patrick Scott Barnes: Voted second best poet in Orlando Weekly’s reader choice.  (Patrick Scott Barnes is actually your humble narrator of this blog.)

Photo by J. Bradley

Michael Pappademos AKA Pappa D.

Amanda Millar.

I get excited when she reads. So, I’ll show her again.

Just like the flyer mentioned, body painting happened.

Ruby Darling of Skill Focus: Burlesque.

MissTerri Guest.

Sometime during the evening more paint was added to them.

For those of you who are into sausage, there were guy models too.  Dude in the mask is Mafia. The other guy is Romeo.

I think my subscribed readers know why I took this shot.  I like the design. 🙂

The painters: Mandi Schiff on the left.  At this time, I didn’t get the name of the other painter on the right.

Dana Fasano and Casey Dayhoff.  With a bass player, Dana played drums as people read. After he complemented my blogs, I feel bad for not photographing the bass player.

What did I play?  Various genres including  the likes of Lords of Acid, Prince and the song that goes ass…ass…ass…ass…ass.

A word of advice.  When you pose with two sexy painted ladies, pull up your damned pants.  Next thing you know, that photo will be on Facebook for everyone to see.  Yep, that happened to me with this very photo.  No worries, I can laugh at myself.

Photo by Chris Mendez

Bikinis and Lesbians

August 25, 2012

In past blogs, I talked about the searches leading to my blogs.  The following pic illustrates the subjects people search for.  For the full view, click on the pic.


As the viewer observes, they will see a searching trend, bikinis and lesbians.  Again, for the full view, click on the pic.


For this one time, I’ll make the search worth it.


Hatin’ Dwight Howard

August 13, 2012

First, the Trayvon Martin incident happened, the one involving a part-white and part-Hispanic man killing an unarmed black teenager.  That happened in Sanford, a place where I DJ.  Now, here comes something else tragic: Orlando folks pissed about Dwight Howard leaving the Magic for the Lakers.  I hadn’t heard such bitchin’ and moanin’ since Shaq left.  And that went on for years and years.  Oh yea, I DJ in Orlando, too.

On Facebook, I noticed the hate and colorful words aimed at Mr. Howard on a fan page.   Amused, I decided to gather a collection and post them on a blog.

Let me point this out: These views are not necessarily the views of all Central Floridians.

Fun With Photoshop Elements

July 24, 2012

When I bought my Canon Rebel, Photoshop Elements came with it.  About two years ago, I bought one of those For Dummies books and finally taught myself the program.  Not because I really wanted to. No, I learned it because I was sick of relying on real graphic artists to make event flyers.

This event tanked. Bombed! Went to shit! Only five people showed!

Besides flyers, I use my skills for other things too.

I grabbed a quote from Bill Maher’s book The New New Rules.

The following is reference to the Colorado mass murder at a movie theater.

I ain’t an expert. Still, I have fun.

Photos and More Art From My DJ Digs

July 20, 2012

First, the art.  Recently, I’ve been collecting artwork created during my DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  As I have an idea, I really don’t know who created the following two pieces.


The third piece was created by Dustin Giortz.


One night, a lesbian guitarist attempted pushing me out of a gig.  Well, it was towards the end of my set anyway.  Yet, she kept going on and on about what a great singer her friend was (or was the young lady her girlfriend?).

An artist documented the incident.  I’ll let him or her remain anonymous.


Now for some photos. These were taken during last Tuesday night’s gig at Little Fish.


During a July 4th gig at Little Fish, one of the guys in the following pic wound up being a pain in my ass. He started some shit about me being a button pusher because I use a laptop.  Because he admired my taste in my music, he apologized last Tuesday night.