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Celebrating My Birthday at Orlando’s The Hideaway Bar

March 20, 2013

Last Monday, I turned 44.  To celebrate, I invited friends to The Hideaway Bar, a spot located in Orlando, Florida.

the hideaway bar


Me at 44.  I still have a hairline.  Yet, because my hair is always screwed up, I prefer wearing hats.

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury



woman wearing glasses


guy with glasses in a bar



franki messina


mike piazza


Brian and Heather

couple in a bar



hang loose, satan sign, heavy metal sign


Shawnette, the bartender

the hideaway bar orlando



the hideaway bar orlando


Casey prepared a surprise for me on the bathroom chalkboard.

happy birthday

the hideaway bar

Photo by Brian Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury


After most folks left around one, Casey and I headed to The Peacock Room.  My celebration was originally planned for The Peacock Room.   Every Monday, DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones play classic hip hop and dance music, reason Peacock was my first choice.  Yet, these two weren’t on Peacock’s schedule.  At the last minute, they posted announcements on Facebook they were playing.  By this time, I had already scheduled for The Hideaway, something I really didn’t regret.

DJ Waldo Faldo

laptop dj


Rick Jones

guy shaking his ass


Me and Suzan

at the bar with suzan elizabeth


After all the boozing, I really don’t remember the roads I drove on the way home.

Oh well, I enjoyed my evening.  Folks paid for my drinks all night.  I’m thankful for the friends I have.  Plus a big shot out to The Hideaway Bar for the hospitality.

Vinyl Night VI

December 12, 2012

Last Tuesday, Little Fish-Huge Pond hosted another vinyl night.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 026

Check out the new flier created by Liz Watkins, local artist and the bar owner’s sister.

Vinyl Night

Certified Gold by Various Artists

vinyl night 12-11-2012 006

Released in 1981 by K-tel.  From the late sixties to the late nineties, K-Tel sold compilation albums of current hits.   This particular double album contains “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins, “Whip It” by Devo, “All Out of Love” by Air Supply and “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince.

I played both records.  One young lady complained about a song, but I didn’t give a shit.  I let it play anyway.

When it started playing, I couldn’t help singing along to Benny Mardones’ “Into The Night”.  You may not recognize the name, but you may definitely know the song when you hear it.

She’s just sixteen years old
Leave her alone, they say,

Private Dancer by Tina Turner

vinyl night 12-11-2012 010

Released in 1984, the album contains the hits “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, “Better Be Good to Me” and my personal favorite “Private Dancer”.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 012

After going solo and divorcing the late Ike Turner, who she used to perform with, the album became Tina Turner’s breakthrough.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 016

Arena by Duran Duran

vinyl night 12-11-2012 020

A live album released in 1984, it contains the hits “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “Is There Something I Should Know” and “Union of the Snakes”.

Also, it contains a new studio track “Wild Boys”.

Last week, a drunken idiot saw this album and went, “Duran Duran.  They’re a bunch of fags.”

Back in middle school, I remember the girls going crazy over “those fags”.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 022

(Oh yea, included in the album package is a booklet containing photos of each band member.  I attempted photographing the booklet. Yet, that proved unsuccessful.)

Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby by Terence Trent D’Arby

vinyl night 12-11-2012 028

Released in 1987, the debut album contains the hits “Wishing Well”, “If You Let Me Stay” and my personal favorite “Sign Your Name”.

Incidentally, being the bar’s location is Sanford, Mr. D’Arby once lived nearby in DeLand.  DeLand is about twenty minutes away from Sanford. He still has family there.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 029

By this time, the guitarist for musician Andrew W.K. was in the building.  A nice guy.  Yet, a big pain in the ass.

After showing him one of my albums, I had to cut Terence D’Arby short.  (By the way, his legal name is now Sananda Francesco Maitreya.)

Chicago 17 by Chicago

vinyl night 12-11-2012 033

Released in 1984, the album contains the hits “Stay the Night”, “Hard Habit to Break” , “You’re the Inspiration” and “Along Comes a Woman”.

As soon as “Stay the Night” came on, the guitarist and my friend Keith started singing out loud.

vinyl night 12-11-2012 035

vinyl night 12-11-2012 038

As usual, most of my information comes from Wikipedia.

More people showed up this week.  Because the music selections are usually from the seventies to the eighties, I suspect the night might become more popular with the over-thirty crowd.  As long as the night attracts people enjoying themselves, I don’t give a damn.

Rollin’ Nerdcore Style

November 2, 2012

First, I need to do a shout out to my friend, Howard James Dudy-JbHurr.

When he loaned me a laptop, Howard installed a mass amount of 8os new wave/punk music, something that hugely benefited last Friday’s Happy Hour gig at The Peacock Room.  For new readers, The Peacock Room is located in Orlando, Florida.

Because he had a thing for 80snew wave/punk  music, some guy requested it throughout my whole gig.  Usually, constant requests from the same person annoy me.  Yet, this guy and his friends kept tipping five dollars per song.

For this, I give huge thanks to Howard for hooking me up.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been receiving five dollar tips.

Another thing, this is why I sometimes like catering to older folks, they tip.  Some younger people will ask for songs all night or even ask you to change your playlist, and won’t tip you shit.  Won’t even buy you  a drink, either.

After my gig, a nerdcore event happened.  Nerdcore basically involves hip-hop lyrics centered around nerd subjects.

Before the show started, Xbox games provided by Ubisoft was on display.


Then came the entertainment.

First up was HD Ninja.


Then MC Wreckshin.


MC Shammers and Quartz Relic joined him.


The evening’s DJ was Jeffmik.


Next up was Magitek: Son of a Glitch and Thugmasta J.


Quartz Relic was in the group too.

A costume contest also took place.

MC Shammers closed the night.

Radar Kilburn  organized and produced the show.

Chris “DJ Cub” Mendez handled the door.

After the event, I started playing music and photographed some more.


The nerdcore event happens once a month.  I’m quite sure the same fun folks had this time will happen the next.

Some Friends and Relatives Ain’t Shit

September 5, 2012

“It seems as if once you get your foot in the door, the more bullshit you have to deal with.”

I never forgot those words from my buddy Keith.

Me and Keith

For DJs wishing for friend support, some friends you don’t want coming to your gigs. Understand this isn’t a complaint blog.  It’s an observation.   As I blog about people pissing me off during my DJ gigs, I realize a little more than half are people I know personally.  Most I knew before my DJ career.  Some I met during my DJ career.  Yet, both tend to be fucking annoying, especially when they start dictating my song choices.  (Let it be known all of my friends don’t behave this way at my gigs, just the few who need to stay home.)

Recently, I’ve been reading about friends and relatives of lottery winners.  After winning the state lottery, one man’s brother attempted killing him.  Also, after she won the lottery, one woman talked about friends taking advantage of her.  She would go out to dinner with them.  Then, when the bill came, friends claimed they didn’t have any money, something that never happened before the woman won the lottery.  Because of that, the woman stopped going out with them.

As I read books about making money, I realize I may lose friends on my way to success.  Isn’t that some shit?  All because you got off your ass and made some money for yourself, folks resent you.  I read one book forcing me to confront that ugly reality: Friends and relatives resenting you for becoming successful.   If I want to become a rich nigger (see previous blog), this is what I have to deal with.

I don’t know about becoming a rich DJ.  Yet, I read about DJs making a thousand dollars per gig. These aren’t the producer people we hear on the radio, folks like David Guetta.  No, I’m referring to non-producers who DJ weddings and other events.

Still, no matter what happens, I shall remain persistent in becoming a rich nigger.  I know there’s something out there that can load some Benjamins in my bank account, a bank account currently at minus five dollars.

As I travel the road on becoming a rich nigger, should I allow resentment and jealousy to block my path?  Should I waste time worrying about player hating relatives and friends?  Fuck no.  I would be a damned fool doing that.

One of Those Shitty Nights

July 8, 2012

Last night in Orlando’s Milk District sucked something awful.  Well, at least for me and another person it did.

First, I headed to Bull-N-Bush.  No real problem here. An open-mic Comedy event happened to a packed house.  I enjoyed the hell out of the comedians.  Yet, my main reason for attending was to support my friend, Trevor Fraser. Tonight was his first night performing stand-up. At a table, I sat with Trevor and other friends.

Because I had a gig at Sandwich Bar, I couldn’t wait for Trevor’s performance. So, I left.

At Sandwich Bar, I realized I lost my car keys.  First, I headed to the automobile. No keys. Then, I headed back to Bull-N-Bush.  There on my friends’ table sat my keys.

Sandwich Bar wasn’t ready for me to start yet. Last night, the bar hosted a huge house music event, a very successful one I was told.  At the moment, borrowed sound equipment was being loaded in a van.  Because Sandwich Bar wasn’t ready, I was able to watch Trevor perform.

After his performance, I headed back to Sandwich Bar.  After setting up my laptop, someone helped me with hooking up to the sound system. No fuckin’ sound came out. My RCA chord died on me.

Yet, after about a half-hour’s worth of frustration, another chord was found. By this time, folks who came to see me had already left.  Soon, the only people left in the bar were me and Ginn, the bartender.

Three, cute, Asian women showed up. All three looked be in their early or mid-twenties. At the moment of their entrance, I was playing an 80s, hip-hop song.  The next song was 90s soul.  When I finally played M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” (a recent hit), that got a happy reaction from one of them. She started moving her shoulders to the beat. Yet, after they finished their food, the three women left as the song continued playing.

After that, the night continued to suck. No one else showed up. Ginn told me some of her friends promised to show. I saw the frustration in her face over this.

I told Ginn my views concerning friends and events.  When it comes to hosting events, friends are the last ones to rely on.  You appreciate the other things they do for you, like picking you up when your car broke-down on you. Or providing a shoulder to lean on when life kicks you in the ass time and time again. You appreciate those things and love your friends for it.  Yet, you never ever expect friends to show up at your events. It isn’t anything personal. Your event just may not hold their interest. After watching Trevor’s performance, none of my friends I left at Bull-N-Bush showed up at my Sandwich Bar gig. Yes, it annoyed the hell out of me. Still, what the fuck can you do?

Fed up with the no-attendance, Ginn closed the bar around one, an hour earlier than the usual closing time. I didn’t blame her.

Still, the way I see it, shit happens. You take your lumps and try again. If folks talk shit about your unsuccessful events (and they will), you ignore them.  At least, you attempted something.  Only thing some folks are good at is complaining all the time and following what everyone else is doing. Sometimes, you see these types writing for the local hipped press.

After fifteen years of hosting events, I’ve learned the tried and true. First, an event must be consistent. Either hold it every week or hold it on a particular day of the month. An event won’t have much success with having it the second Saturday this month and the fourth Saturday the next.  Second, an event must be planned and advertised weeks in advance. Part of this, I blame on myself.  Instead of holding out, I accept gigs at the last minute. By this time, folks already have plans for that evening. Third, you have to provide a huge want or need.  When I first hosted poetry readings years ago, there was a need for an uncensored, weekly, open-mic night that exclusively caters to poets. At the time, many didn’t exist in the Central Florida area, which made my nights more attractive.  Fourth, it’s all about location. Being in Downtown Orlando also contributed to my poetry night’s popularity. Hate or love it, if it isn’t in Downtown Orlando, many Central Florida people just won’t show. Fifth truth? Successful nights depend on the hosting establishment’s reputation. Sometimes, slow nights aren’t about you personally. The hosting establishment could be pissing patrons off: shitty service and/or overpriced drinks.

As I look over the five truths, I already see what may have contributed to our shitty Sandwich Bar night. Including accepting gigs at the last minute, other parts are my own damned fault. Instead of moaning and groaning about things sucking, the best thing to do is attempt fixing the mistakes and try again.

Celebrating Prince

June 28, 2012

During the first week of June, I attempted a Prince celebration.

Yet, due to heavy rain and equipment breaking down, that almost failed.  Yet, managed to get photos.

Some folks dressed in purple.

A doll reminded me of Prince. So, I photographed it.

The Batman shirt references Prince’s soundtrack for the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. Incidentally, I received two requests for “Batdance.”

The next night, I went to The Peacock Room on Prince’s actual birthday, June 7.  For the last hour of my gig, I played his music. Shelly Richards, the bartender dressed as him.