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Celebrating My Birthday at Orlando’s The Hideaway Bar

March 20, 2013

Last Monday, I turned 44.  To celebrate, I invited friends to The Hideaway Bar, a spot located in Orlando, Florida.

the hideaway bar


Me at 44.  I still have a hairline.  Yet, because my hair is always screwed up, I prefer wearing hats.

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Casey Dayhoff

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury



woman wearing glasses


guy with glasses in a bar



franki messina


mike piazza


Brian and Heather

couple in a bar



hang loose, satan sign, heavy metal sign


Shawnette, the bartender

the hideaway bar orlando



the hideaway bar orlando


Casey prepared a surprise for me on the bathroom chalkboard.

happy birthday

the hideaway bar

Photo by Brian Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury

Photo by Heather Kingsbury


After most folks left around one, Casey and I headed to The Peacock Room.  My celebration was originally planned for The Peacock Room.   Every Monday, DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones play classic hip hop and dance music, reason Peacock was my first choice.  Yet, these two weren’t on Peacock’s schedule.  At the last minute, they posted announcements on Facebook they were playing.  By this time, I had already scheduled for The Hideaway, something I really didn’t regret.

DJ Waldo Faldo

laptop dj


Rick Jones

guy shaking his ass


Me and Suzan

at the bar with suzan elizabeth


After all the boozing, I really don’t remember the roads I drove on the way home.

Oh well, I enjoyed my evening.  Folks paid for my drinks all night.  I’m thankful for the friends I have.  Plus a big shot out to The Hideaway Bar for the hospitality.

Some Friends and Relatives Ain’t Shit

September 5, 2012

“It seems as if once you get your foot in the door, the more bullshit you have to deal with.”

I never forgot those words from my buddy Keith.

Me and Keith

For DJs wishing for friend support, some friends you don’t want coming to your gigs. Understand this isn’t a complaint blog.  It’s an observation.   As I blog about people pissing me off during my DJ gigs, I realize a little more than half are people I know personally.  Most I knew before my DJ career.  Some I met during my DJ career.  Yet, both tend to be fucking annoying, especially when they start dictating my song choices.  (Let it be known all of my friends don’t behave this way at my gigs, just the few who need to stay home.)

Recently, I’ve been reading about friends and relatives of lottery winners.  After winning the state lottery, one man’s brother attempted killing him.  Also, after she won the lottery, one woman talked about friends taking advantage of her.  She would go out to dinner with them.  Then, when the bill came, friends claimed they didn’t have any money, something that never happened before the woman won the lottery.  Because of that, the woman stopped going out with them.

As I read books about making money, I realize I may lose friends on my way to success.  Isn’t that some shit?  All because you got off your ass and made some money for yourself, folks resent you.  I read one book forcing me to confront that ugly reality: Friends and relatives resenting you for becoming successful.   If I want to become a rich nigger (see previous blog), this is what I have to deal with.

I don’t know about becoming a rich DJ.  Yet, I read about DJs making a thousand dollars per gig. These aren’t the producer people we hear on the radio, folks like David Guetta.  No, I’m referring to non-producers who DJ weddings and other events.

Still, no matter what happens, I shall remain persistent in becoming a rich nigger.  I know there’s something out there that can load some Benjamins in my bank account, a bank account currently at minus five dollars.

As I travel the road on becoming a rich nigger, should I allow resentment and jealousy to block my path?  Should I waste time worrying about player hating relatives and friends?  Fuck no.  I would be a damned fool doing that.