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Blog Views from Other Countries

November 26, 2012

As of February 25, WordPress has displayed  blog view visits by country.

Just for fun, I decided to list the top ten countries viewing my blogs.

10. Turkey

9. Mexico

8. Indonesia

7. Australia

6. France

5. Germany

4. India

3. Canada

2. United Kingdom

1. United States

Of course I get more blog visits from Americans.  America is my home.  Still, I enjoyed traveling to the other countries :).

Rollin’ Nerdcore Style

November 2, 2012

First, I need to do a shout out to my friend, Howard James Dudy-JbHurr.

When he loaned me a laptop, Howard installed a mass amount of 8os new wave/punk music, something that hugely benefited last Friday’s Happy Hour gig at The Peacock Room.  For new readers, The Peacock Room is located in Orlando, Florida.

Because he had a thing for 80snew wave/punk  music, some guy requested it throughout my whole gig.  Usually, constant requests from the same person annoy me.  Yet, this guy and his friends kept tipping five dollars per song.

For this, I give huge thanks to Howard for hooking me up.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been receiving five dollar tips.

Another thing, this is why I sometimes like catering to older folks, they tip.  Some younger people will ask for songs all night or even ask you to change your playlist, and won’t tip you shit.  Won’t even buy you  a drink, either.

After my gig, a nerdcore event happened.  Nerdcore basically involves hip-hop lyrics centered around nerd subjects.

Before the show started, Xbox games provided by Ubisoft was on display.


Then came the entertainment.

First up was HD Ninja.


Then MC Wreckshin.


MC Shammers and Quartz Relic joined him.


The evening’s DJ was Jeffmik.


Next up was Magitek: Son of a Glitch and Thugmasta J.


Quartz Relic was in the group too.

A costume contest also took place.

MC Shammers closed the night.

Radar Kilburn  organized and produced the show.

Chris “DJ Cub” Mendez handled the door.

After the event, I started playing music and photographed some more.


The nerdcore event happens once a month.  I’m quite sure the same fun folks had this time will happen the next.

Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day

August 9, 2012

Because I usually DJ on Wednesday nights, I almost didn’t attend Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day, an event involving erotic spoken-word and burlesque dancing.  Yet, because my Wednesday night venue is temporally closed, I headed to The Peacock Room where Hump Day took place.

First came the readings.

Michael Pierre, the host.  Michael is the Vice President of Suzi Fox Fashion, a fashion line creating costumes for burlesque, fetish and theater.

Pappa D (Michael Pappademos):

Matt Kelland, a reader from the UK:

Michael introducing Anna Maya:

Anna’s Ferox shows presents burlesque entertainment in the Orlando area.

Deena Velvet:

Jesse Bradley. Currently, he runs a story telling series every Tuesday at ReUrban Think, located in Downtown Orlando.

Mark Parchman.  He read a story about pegging.  If you don’t know what that is, Google it.

Me.  I hadn’t read poetry in months. It felt good to read it again.

Photo by Anthony Bonilla

Reno Mussatto. He performed the drums as we read. Currently, he performs in The Bird Dog Bobby Band.

After the reading, two members of The Big Bang Boom Cabaret performed burlesque.

Gams Dee Vyne:

Kissa Von Addams:

In another room, Scarlet Lush and Deena Velvet performed fetish on two dudes.

The battery on my Canon Rebel died.  So, I used the camera setting on my Toshiba camcorder.

Tod Caviness. By reader’s choice in The Orlando Weekly, he was chosen as Orlando’s number one poet.  He read first that night.  Yet,  I didn’t like the picture I took of him reading.

For those of you believing fetish is just a Caucasian thing, think again.  Check out brotha man suckin’ some toes.

The Big Bang Boom Cabaret returned with another performance.

At least for the moment, my DJ venue closing temporarily may have been a blessing in disguise.  Oh well, I know I had fun.

Photo by Michael Pierre

An Orlando Tribute To Soul Train’s Don Cornelius

April 29, 2012

Last Friday night, I cruised the automobile to The Orange Studio, an Orlando spot known to host DJ and art events.  Tonight, it hosted a tribute to the late Don Cornelius, creator of syndicated TV show Soul Train.

Internationally known artist Andrew Spear, one of the show’s creators.

One night at another spot, he personally invited me to come. I  accepted his offer.  When I arrived, Andrew told the door man to let me in free.

Andrew and me.

DJ Nigel John, another creator of the show.  He invited me on Facebook.

Oh yea, the artwork on both Andrew and Nigel’s shirts are Andrew’s.

I ain’t gone lie. I thought the sista on the right was fine as hell. That’s why I took the photo.

Greg Hayden (left) and a friend as Greg Longbranch and Dave Dangle of the movie Disco Poon.

(Incidentally, after posting these photos on Facebook, the movie Boogie Nights came on HBO.  Boogie Nights centers around 70s porn.)

Amanda and Nayjee.  That ain’t a wig.  That’s his real hair.

Tommy Mott, owner of Spacebar, an Orlando art gallery and bar.

Seeing the hat and assuming I was dressed for the occasion, someone complemented me.  Actually, this is how I roll for real.

Anna Molly: The Woman Dudes Ask About

September 25, 2011

I hear it all the time.

“Who’s the redhead you’re always photographing?” dudes ask me.

“Anna Molly,” I answer.

Then, the same dudes compliment her looks.

Anna Molly used to attend my DJ  gigs in Sanford, Florida.

Truth be known, some women were photographed more times than her.  Yet, dudes always ask about Anna Molly.

At the risk of pissing off female friends, I decided to focus a blog on her.   I’m quite sure Anna Molly’s “fan base” would appreciate it.

Check out Ol’ Boy standing behind her.

Anna Molly is now a blonde.

Now, some video action.

A Surrealistic Remix

August 20, 2011

Back in 1992, I began reading poetry at Yab Yum, a Downtown Orlando coffee house.

In 1995, I became the host of the Tuesday night poetry readings.

1n 1997, the nights moved next door to Go Lounge, a place owned by Yab Yum’s owners.

Starting in 1998, the poetry nights moved from place to place all over Central Florida. Eventually, it settled at Will’s Pub, where it still goes on.

In 2002, I stopped hosting poetry.

Also, I think around this time, Yab Yum Inc. closed its doors for good.

One of the owners,  Barrie Freeman moved to Volusia County, a forty minute drive from Orlando.

Last Wednesday, with employees from her restaurant, Barrie visited my DJ gig.

“I always thought you were a poet,” she said.

“I didn’t become a DJ until a year ago,” I said.

With Barrie present, the night became surrealistic.  You see, my resident gig resembles Yab Yum, a small place catering to local artists.   Just like Yab Yum, local artwork hangs on the walls.  (In the following photo, this is actually the ladies’ bathroom wall.)

Also just like at Yab Yum,  eclectic individuals come to my current spot, Little Fish-Huge Pond.

As the night went on, the Little Fish regulars started putting on hats and wigs.

Barrie and her crew began leaving around 1 AM.

“When are you here?” she asked.

“Tuesday and Wednesdays,” I said.

“We’ll back,” she said as she hugged me.

Sometimes, it’s funny how the past mixes into current times, almost reminds of how some DJs remix old tunes  into something new.  I enjoyed tonight’s remix.  I hope I witness another one soon.

Barrie and me (Photo by Dustin Gioertz)

Old School Punk Music

August 13, 2011

Last Tuesday night, after my warm-up mix, I decided to play mostly 80s and 90s music. Much of the eighties music centered on the new wave/punk scene, music that excited Teresa.

In the photo, that’s Teresa on the far right. The middle guy is Mike. I forgot the name of the dude in the blue shirt.

Because I was on a punk/new wave kick, I couldn’t help noticing the brother wearing a Ramones’ shirt. (I later found out the brother is a Latino.)

For some reason, dudes decided to wear women’s hats that night. These two guys come every week to my gigs. Mostly, they request metal and rap music.

Wonder what next Tuesday will be like.