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Fourth Annual Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival

September 24, 2012

Every September, Sanford hosts the Annual Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival.  This was the 4th year.

Since the beginning, I’ve been the official photographer and videographer.

On the right is founder Moire Wisdom. On the left is her daughter Bevin.

Moire owns Little Fish-Huge Pond, the main headquarters of the event.

Truth be known, as the actual starting time was 8 PM Friday, I didn’t show up until 12.   My Happy Hour DJ gig in Orlando extended longer than expected.

At The West End Trading Company, the Regal performed.

It was Hurry Regal’s (Harry Reagan) birthday.

The next day at The West End, Ron Dillon smoked turkey legs.

The different colors of liquid attracted me to this stand. The pirate is Doug Hanna of Sun Global Beverages.

A costume contest was held for the kids.

This little guy won the contest.

S.L. Rodriguez: a Captain Jack impersonator.

Because of this guy, I later  bought  a delicious,  smoked, turkey leg.

Sam Beck and the Tricky Dickies.

Chuck Culbertson.

A costume contest was held for the adults also.

I didn’t stick around long enough to know who won.

My attention was elsewhere.

Near The West End, I notice the glowing balloon shaped like a whiskey bottle, a balloon advertising Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

“She” already has this for “her” Facebook profile pic.

Worn out, I soon headed for the automobile and drove home.

Can’t wait for next year. (That’s me with the striped hat.)

Photo by Rachael P Barnett


Happy Hour Regulars

August 23, 2012

Happens every Friday at the Peacock Room in Orlando

Last week’s Friday Happy Hour contained lower attendance than usual.  Not a major annoyance because some patrons are becoming regulars.

For the first two hours, I mix trip hop, down tempo and classic soul.  Right along with Al Green, one hears Portishead.  Just like I figured before hand, the women appreciate the mix more than the dudes.  Some nights, more women than guys attend the Happy Hour event.  Not as if I’m complaining. (A word to douche bags who plan to attend future events: some of the ladies prefer other ladies.)

As I start around 6:30 PM, the attendance shifts around 9. As the early crowd leaves, a new crowd enters, and the newer crowd prefers party music.  Around this time, I shift to hype mode, playing any hype-creating music.  Genre doesn’t matter.  As long as folks are having a good time, I’ll play hip hop, disco, rock, etc.  Just like Morris Day in Purple Rain, I wanna see asses wiggling and titties jiggling. Whatever genre achieves this, I’m playing it.

Between 9:30 and 10, I call it quits …or told the next act in the other room is ready to play.  Some folks don’t like that…especially when the next act is a band.  Despite the many articles on Orlando’s huge music scene, some folks do not care for live music.  Once in awhile, a musician plays during my happy hour set.  Because it’s an early crowd, many folks appreciate it.  Yet, after enjoying my music, it annoys some people of the later crowd when they hear my set being turned off for the next act.

After turning off my music, I speak into the mic.

“See ya next week,” I would say.

Fortunately,  some folks are now taking me up on that.

An Orlando Tribute To Soul Train’s Don Cornelius

April 29, 2012

Last Friday night, I cruised the automobile to The Orange Studio, an Orlando spot known to host DJ and art events.  Tonight, it hosted a tribute to the late Don Cornelius, creator of syndicated TV show Soul Train.

Internationally known artist Andrew Spear, one of the show’s creators.

One night at another spot, he personally invited me to come. I  accepted his offer.  When I arrived, Andrew told the door man to let me in free.

Andrew and me.

DJ Nigel John, another creator of the show.  He invited me on Facebook.

Oh yea, the artwork on both Andrew and Nigel’s shirts are Andrew’s.

I ain’t gone lie. I thought the sista on the right was fine as hell. That’s why I took the photo.

Greg Hayden (left) and a friend as Greg Longbranch and Dave Dangle of the movie Disco Poon.

(Incidentally, after posting these photos on Facebook, the movie Boogie Nights came on HBO.  Boogie Nights centers around 70s porn.)

Amanda and Nayjee.  That ain’t a wig.  That’s his real hair.

Tommy Mott, owner of Spacebar, an Orlando art gallery and bar.

Seeing the hat and assuming I was dressed for the occasion, someone complemented me.  Actually, this is how I roll for real.