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An Orlando Night During The Holidays

December 16, 2012

Last Friday involved another happy hour DJ gig at Peacock Room, located in Orlando.

Check out the new hat.

Photo by Anthony Bonilla

Photo by Anthony Bonilla


In the past, acoustic acts used to perform on these nights.  Usually, I would play for thirty to forty-five minutes.  Then, the acoustic act would perform about the same amount of time.  Not anymore.  They didn’t suck or anything.   It just became more and more evident people didn’t care for acoustic music on a Friday happy hour.  At least, in Peacock Room they didn’t.  I even heard some complaints about the acts myself.  Friday is the last day of the work week for many people.  They just got paid and want to let loose.  Acoustic music is the last thing they want to hear.

After my set, I photographed.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 058

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 063

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 059

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 061

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 073

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 072

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 064

Photo by Marcus Adkins

Photo by Marcus Adkins

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 075

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 079


Soon, the automobile and I cruised to Wally’s.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 080

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 088


Costumed folks entered the building.  They were raising money for charity.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 096

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 099


After two beers at Wally’s, the automobile and I cruised to a friend’s Christmas party.  There, a nine weeks-old puppy helped expose my sensitive side.

Photo by Amanda Millar

Photo by Amanda Millar


About a hour and a half later, I headed home.

Obama 2012: The Dark Knight Returns

November 7, 2012

Election Night happened during my DJ gig at Little Fish – Huge Pond, located in Sanford, Florida.

My first time playing vinyl on Tuesday nights, I turned on the stereo system I received as a Christmas present back in 1991.  Check out the dust.

First, I played classical music, sounds that played surprisingly well with the election action on the bar’s television.

After playing three records, I played these albums: Chuck Mangione’s Love Notes, Madhouse’s 16  (an 80s jazz project by Prince) and George Benson’s In Your Eyes.   No one complained about the music, either.

Because everyone were Obama supporters, people cheered when he won.

As most Downtown Sanford bars were nearly empty, Little Fish still attracted people.

During his campaign, Mitt Romney possessed the audacity to appear in Sanford.

Knowing the racial climate over the Trayvon Martin incident, he chose to show his mug in the city.

I’m damned glad Obama won. All the GOP knows how to do is stir up bigoted white people and make the rich wealthier.

That talk of “Taking Our Country Back” annoyed me too.  Take it back from who?  Also, why is it just their country and not everyone else’s?  I am so sick of certain Americans behaving as if they’re entitled to everything.

Not only did Obama win the electoral vote, he won the popular vote too.

The Dark Knight has returned.

WPRK Live and Strolling Down Mills Ave.

October 23, 2012

Last Friday, after my Happy Hour DJ gig at The Peacock Room, WPRK Live happened.  WPRK radio station exists on the Rollins College campus, located in Winter Park, Florida.

First, let’s take a trip outside.

These are your door greeters.


There wasn’t a cover charge.  Yet, donations were encouraged,

The guy in black possessed one of those black light pens.

See the dollar bill on the far left?


With Photoshop Elements, I’ll add some contrast.

Yep, that spot above the letter E is  human “fluid”.


Joey Mo as the Gangnam Style Guy, Chris Mendez as Martin Luther Bling and Casey Van Buren as Tree.


Kris Kokopelli, a cool guy.  One night, he invited me over to him and his girlfriend’s  crib.  As he spun music, I drunk rum and coke.


Dude with the headphones is Dennis Mero AKA ThinkDifferent.  Before I stared DJing, Dennis worked three events for me.

I didn’t get the DJ’s name.  My bad.


Later I walked Mills Ave. to Lil Indies.  I was expecting to hear 90s soul music.  Yet, found out I came on the wrong night.

Jeff Johnson, Hao Do and Joshua Nye.  Jeff plays bass.  Hao and Joshua are known by their DJ names as Chairman Hao and Sleepy Hippie.

Some folks wanted photos with me.

After a brew at Lil Indies, I walked to Wally’s.

After another brew here, I called it a night.

Lucky Buddha Night

October 5, 2012

The following pics are from a DJ gig at Little Fish – Huge Pond, located in Sanford, Florida.

This was my first time seeing Lucky Buddha beer.

I jumped into the fun too.

Outside, an argument happened across the street.

A cop showed.

Nobody got arrested. Soon, things went back to normal.

Preferring Diversity

October 3, 2012

At last night’s DJ gig, Micah celebrated his birthday.

Because he moved forty-five minutes away, we don’t see him as much as we used to.

The raunchy “Slob On My Knob” by Three Six Mafia is one of his favorite jams.  He even goes to open-mics and reads the lyrics.

Let’s call the boys, let’s run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt

Micah possesses one major complaint about his current residence, a lack of diversity.

“It’s all white people,” he went.

This reminds me of a recent political meme I created, one concerning both the 2012 Republican and Democratic conventions.

I don’t blame Micah.   I prefer diversity myself, especially the feminine kind.

A mixture of people makes things interesting. What do you learn from always being around people who look and think like you? It’s a shame others don’t feel the same way.

I like Micah. He’ll always be welcomed on my nights.

Happy Hour: Luce and Drew

September 30, 2012

Just like last Friday, it rained on the way to my Happy Hour DJ gig, located at The Peacock Room.

Yet, further down the road, it didn’t rain at all.

I was told this was uniquely Central Florida weather, one side of the city rains as the other side remains dry.  Hell, I wouldn’t know.  Except for some months in Upstate New York, I lived in Central Florida most of my life.

This night, Happy Hour hosted two performers.

First, Luce Sky.

Then, Drew Yardis. That’s him on the right.

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

Puerto Rican Hooptie

August 12, 2012

This ain’t mine. My car looks far more shittier.

Love my Puerto Rican Hooptie.

A  red 1990 Honda Civic.

Puerto Rican because Puerto Ricans

the onely ones I see driving Hondas.

Always the ones asking do I want to sell it too.

Hooptie because old car always making unusual noises

and the car’s paint peels.


Takes me almost every where I want to go.

Gets me from one DJ gig to the other.

Best thing of all?

It’s paid for.

No annoying monthly payments.


A hooptie.

Yet, I appreciate it.