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Vinyl Night X at Little Fish

January 19, 2013

Last Tuesday, I hosted the tenth vinyl night at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.

Conscious Party by Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers

Conscious Party

Released in 1988, the album contains the hits “Tumblin’ Down” and “Tomorrow People”.

Nothing against Bob Marley’s other sons.  Yet, I have always been partial to Ziggy.  Besides, Ziggy had his attractive sisters in his group.

Conscious Party

Once in awhile, I include “Tomorrow People” in my DJ sets.

Midnight Love by Marvin Gaye

Midnight Love

Released in 1982, it contains the hit “Sexual Healing”.  Everybody knows that song.  I wonder how many children were created during that bad boy.

After leaving Motown, Midnight Love was Gaye’s first release on Columbia records. Also, this was his last album before his death.

Like a Virgin by Madonna

Like A Virgin

Released in 1984, Madonna’s second studio album contains four hits: “Angel”, “Dress You Up”, “Material Girl” and “Like A Virgin”.

Like A Virgin

I’m not going to lie.  I had thing for Madonna.  Yea, I knew about stories of her being “sexually adventurous”.   Still, when she sings “Dress You Up”, I feel as if she’s singing to me.

By this time Matt Hughen entered the building with records.  The next three are his.

From Here to Eternity by Giorgio Moroder

From Here to Eternity

Released in 1977, this electro-disco album contains three hits: “From Here to Eternity”, “Too Hot to Handle” and “First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love”.

From Here to Eternity

“From Here to Eternity” sounds like two other Moroder songs.  First, “I Feel Love”, a song he produced for Donna Summer.  Then, “Chase” a song from the Midnight Express movie soundtrack.

Yet I still enjoyed the album.

Included on the jacket sleeve is advertisement for the film The Deep, a successful film produced by Casablanca.

the deep

Casablanca released Moroder’s album.

Drop The Bomb by Trouble Funk

Vinyl Nights 10 1-15-2012 034

Released in 1982, it contains the one jam I never forgot, the title song.

Can we drop the bomb?!  Drop the bomb! Can we drop the bomb, yall?!  Drop the bomb!

It also contains “Pump Me Up”, a song sampled by many hip-hop artists.

Trombipulation by Parliament


Released in 1980, this funky album didn’t produce any hits.  Yet, many folks may recognize the song “Let’s Play House.”   Not for the song itself.  Yet, for the song rap group Digital Underground sampled for their 1990 hit “Humpty Dance”.

After Matt’s three albums, I played the last one for the evening.

Ice Cream Castle by The Time

Ice cream castle

Released in 1984, I spent my allowance money on this bad boy.  It contains two hits: “Ice Cream Castles” and “Jungle Love”.  Two songs from the album were  in the movie Purple Rain: “Jungle Love” and “The Bird”.

A personal favorite is “My Drawers”.   This funky sucker really lets the world know why Jesse Johnson is one of the most underrated guitarists ever.

Ice Cream Castle

I can’t believe it.  The vinyl nights made it to number ten.  Ready to roll for next week.

First House Party Gig

August 21, 2011

To protect the innocent and the guilty,  names and descriptions has been changed.

After reaching my destination, a suburban house located in Sanford, Florida, people helped me unload my DJ gear.  Fearing rain, I asked to be set under the open-air patio.

After receiving my first Bud Light, I was already given my pay for the evening.  Due to past shitty behavior about money, receiving my pay early surprised me.  When it came to photographing parties, many times I had problems getting money from clients.  Also, due to people always whining the poor mouth when they request my services, I always charge below typical rates.   One of these days, my charging below rates is going to stop.

Let it be known, tonight’s clients didn’t whine the poor mouth with me.  When given my rate, no argument came from them.

As the party moved on, being the only black person present didn’t bother me as I played seventies and country.   Yep, you read it right.  I was playing country music. Tonight’s Birthday Boy, who was turning 50, owned a taste for both seventies and country music.  He especially possessed a sweet tooth for disco.

According to my maternal grandmother, during Jim Crow, black residents were non-existent on this side of town.   Now, tonight a black DJ was playing country music here.   I wasn’t treated like the hired help either, lower than a fly on a dog’s testicle.   People made sure I got enough food and booze.

When she first walked up to me, I recognized a brunette I hadn’t seen since the nineties.  She still possessed a tall slender body and a deep feminine voice that causes erections.

“I remember you,” I said.

“Where do you remember me from?” she asked.

“You used to work for a print company.  And I used to pick up orders from you.  I worked for this fat Italian dude.  I’ve gained weight since then.”

Actually, she worked the front desk.  At the time, I guessed she had a thing going with the owner, a dark-haired dude who looked either to be in his late twenties or early thirties.  One night at a local bar, I saw him and the brunette kissing.

“I remember you now,” the brunette said to me.

“What was your name again?” I said.


She told me Birthday Boy loved the Bee Gees.  On that note, I played a Bee Gee’s song next.

Some folks danced part of the night.  Some didn’t dance at all.

Fed up with hearing seventies music all night, folks began making requests for other music genres.   One or two requested songs from the current decade.  A dude who looked fifty-something requested – his exact words –  nasty rap music.

I played whatever they requested.  If I had it, I played it.

When the night was over, another person handed me some more money, even though I didn’t ask for it. This guy was impressed by my music collection, especially the country.

Years ago, I never would have imagined someone praising me for country music, especially in a neighborhood  “coloreds” weren’t allowed to live.  Country isn’t my strong point.  

As the nights go by, this DJ thing is getting more and more interesting.  Of all the paths  to travel, looks like I chose the right one to walk on.

The Night My DJ Skills Bombed

June 29, 2011

One Thursday evening, I DJed with Spank, Nigel and Rhett.  Before I started mixing music, Nigel and Spank both DJed past events I hosted.


I was allowed to play music first.  From classic funk I drifted to house music.  As soon as Spank took over, people began to dance, an early warning I ignored.

When Nigel’s time came, people still danced.

Then my time came again.  At first, I had the floor dancing to classic funk and soul.  Even one of Orlando’s most respected DJs danced, a woman named Becky.

Somewhere along the line, I decided to be a smart-ass.  Don’t ask why this happened.  I guess I just wanted to be self-destructive.  As I had the people dancing, I decide to play Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, a disco song that cleared the damned floor.

Spank came to save me.

Disgusted I walked outside and began telling folks what happened.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” said my friend Todd.  “They don’t appreciate good music.  They’re just some artsy-fartsy types that like to talk all night.”

True enough, our event was an art after-party.  Still, Todd’s words did not sooth my bruised ego.

Then, I started dancing with women.

“You guys spin,” I told Spank.  “I’ll just pimp.”

Later on, wanting to play again, I forgot I said those words.  But Nigel and Spank didn’t forget.  So, I didn’t spin again that night.  (Months later, Spank reminded me of what I said.)


Rhett showed up later.  For about thirty minutes, he spun electro/house music and then left.

Nigel and Spank spun the rest of the night as folks continued dancing.

Days later, I read my “bomb” may have been a good thing.  Because a bar relies on drink sales, my “bomb” may have been the perfect time for dancers to buy more booze, adding more sales to the bar.

In a book about DJing, I read one of the worst things is having everyone dance all night.   The more time people spend on the dance floor, the less time they are buying drinks, an irritant for bar owners.

As he handed out money at the end of the night, Spank did mention it was the most money he has ever made during a gig.   Who knows, my “bomb” may have been a good thing.

Still, good thing or not, folks leaving the dance floor during my set continues fucking with me.