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Photo Exposing Daft Punk Is Really Milli Vanilli

January 31, 2014

Today,  Orlando artist Andrew Spear uploaded a Daft Punk pic on Facebook, a pic exposing Daft Punk as 80’s, lip-syncing, duo Milli Vanilli.  Just like Elvis and Jim Morrison faked theirs, looks like Rob Pilatus (the light-skinned one) faked his death back in 1998.  All along, him and Fab Morvan (the other Milli) were posing as Daft Punk.

Exposing Daft Punk as Milli Vanilli


Funny Daft Punk Grammy Meme

January 27, 2014

Today on Facebook, I found the funniest Daft Punk Grammy meme.  This one was posted by God.  Yes, that is the name of the Facebook page.   Enjoy.

Daft Punk Grammy Meme

Two Year Blogging Anniversary

May 7, 2013
fish eye lens

That’s me in the very back.  Photo by Miriam Lorenzi

Today marks the two year anniversary of The DJ Stone Crazy Spot.  Two years ago on this very day, I started the blog you are now reading.

On that note, I decided to run a top ten of my most popular blogs.  Surprisingly, all of them weren’t booty blogs.  Yes, despite folks coming to my blog looking for booty pics, some readers set aside booty-searching time and read my music blogs too.  So, here we go.   The top blogs.

10. The “I’m a Twat” List for DJs: A funny list created by DJ Wizzy.

9. The Top Ten Most Overrated White Musicians: I had to do it.

8. Rockin’ An Eighties Hair Metal Party: I DJed 80s rock all night. This blog also contains photos of that night.

7. School of Hard Knocks: Photos of women dressed as Catholic school girls.

6. Skrillex Versus Daft Punk: A silly-assed meme I found on Facebook.

5. Visiting for the Pics: This is when I first realized some folks weren’t visiting my blog for the beautiful words.

4. Videotaping Dancing Cuties: Not only do you see booty pics, you also witness dancing cuties in a video.

3. Bad Santa and the Angry Elves: Photos of a band mixing punk rock with Christmas music.

2. The Top Ten Dirtiest and Nastiest Rap Songs Ever: A list that would make Satan blush.

1. Friends Cheer Me Up with Booty Pics Friends cheer me up with booty pics after my complaining about the evils of fake booty.

Two years down and more blogging fun to come.

Dear DJ, Why Do Other DJs Still Use Vinyl?

January 16, 2013

The other day, I advertised my vinyl night on Facebook.

Vinyl Night

Shortly afterwords, I received this message.  (For those that don’t know, my real name is Patrick.)

Why do other Djs sill use vinyl

Does vinyl sound better than MP3?  To some extent, it does.  Vinyl brings out the little things you wouldn’t notice on an MP3.  Yet, I do not miss the sounds of a scratched record or the crackling static you hear between songs.

On vinyl night, I enjoy playing the sounds of older music, which is what mostly gets played anyway.   Also, I enjoy patrons bringing in their records also.  I never heard the Sex Pistol’s Never Mind The Bollocks until Matt Cooper brought in.

Never Mind The Bollocks

When it comes to an album Daft Punk sampled, Matt Hughen brought  in Edward Birdsong’s Edwin Birdsong. (They sampled the song “Cola Bottle Baby”.)


One more thing, I didn’t know Iggy Pop sung “China Girl” before David Bowie did.  Yet, a guy named David brought in the album Choice Cuts, a combination of two Iggy Pop albums.

Iggy Pop

Instead of the vinyl night being all about the DJ, i’t’s a night where folks share music with others.

Yet, I’m like Chris in the e-mail, why keep playing vinyl during regular DJ gigs?  Unlike me, this isn’t all about sharing sounds.  These are DJs who use nothing but vinyl  at gigs.  It reminds me of those who prefer film over digital.  True enough, film still owns an advantage over digital.  You can make bigger images off film than you can digital.  Yet, I do not miss having to constantly buy rolls of film.  Plus I don’t miss having to go the photolab just to see what my photos look like.  Without wasting money on film, I can immediately see what my photos look like with the digital camera.

Another thing, don’t hand me that bullshit about songs only being available on vinyl.  Technology exists where records can be turned into MP3s, even Wal-Mart sells it.

So why do some prefer carrying milk crates instead of carrying all the music on a light external memory?

Milk crates are heavy

Just like what I told Chris in the e-mail, some folks are just too damned lazy to update.

If the reader agrees or have a different view point, they are free to answer in the comments section.

Skrillex Versus Daft Punk

September 10, 2012

Recently, I saw this photo posted on Facebook.

I really don’t know what ignoramus created this.  Yet, I traced the original poster as Sadhu, a DJ from Berlin.  Just because he posted it, doesn’t mean he agrees with it.

Looking at the photo makes me wonder if this was a joke.  Was the author really this stupid?  Did they even know Daft Punk’s history during the 90s?  I don’t have anything against Skrillex.  Yet, every time someone asks me for dubstep, why do they always ask for him?  At least, ask for Nero, the other popular dubstep act people always ask for.

Then, again, I’m reminded of another meme I recently found on the internet.

Yep, the author of the first meme may have been that fuckin’ stupid.