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A Treat for Purple Rain Fans: Vanity’s Version of “Sex Shooter”

May 16, 2013

When most people think of the song “Sex Shooter”, they think of Appolonia 6, the girl group who performed the song in the 1984 movie Purple Rain.

For those unfamiliar with the movie, Purple Rain stars rock star Prince as a troubled musician in the Minneapolis music scene.


Prior to filming the movie, Prince dated Vanity of  Vanity 6, a girl group he also produced.


Yet, Vanity dropped out of the movie.  But before she quit the movie, she recorded an earlier version of “Sex Shooter”, something I found out recently.  Despite the song being just a demo version, I personally believe Vanity sung it better.  Yet, I’ll let the reader be the judge.

Appolonia’s version.


Vanity’s version.

Boy Bands: Orlando’s Shameful Past

May 2, 2013

Know how to piss off some Orlando people?  Bring up boy bands.  Remind them both Backstreet Boys and *N Sync formed in Orlando.

Backstreet Boys

Bring this up and you might have a fight on your hands.

(If you want to be extra nasty, remind them the lead singer of rock group Creed was born in Orlando.  Yet, this is about boy bands, not a rock group some folks hate with a passion.)

I lived in Orlando during the boy bands’ heydays.  One Tuesday night, I saw Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys hanging with some friends at The Social, a Downtown Orlando music venue.  A friend of mine gave singing lessons to boy band C-Note, a group on the same label as Backstreet Boys and *N Sync.

Like many others, I hated boy bands.  Yet, my hatred had nothing to do with their music.  Personally, I always thought of them as pop versions of r&b group Boyz II Men, a pop version aimed at suburban girls.   In fact, I recently learned this on Wikipedia: Backstreet Boys answered an ad wanting a singing group with a New Kids on the Block look with a Boyz II Men sound.  If you remember New Kids on the Block,  you don’t have to be a genius to know what the New Kids on the Block look meant.  Yet, that isn’t what ticked me off about boy bands.

*N Sync

Sure, I found it annoying how the media portrayed boy bands as the nice guys next door.  These were the days rap controversy was at its peak.  East Coast rap feuded with West Coast rap.  Rappers were shot or murdered.  After being shot, one rapper was later murdered.  Plus after that rapper was killed, another rapper was murdered months later. Also, rap lyrics inspired a religious figure to have a bulldozer run over gangster rap CDs.  Compared to media coverage of hip hop, boy bands were definitely the nice guys you wanted your daughter to date.  Yet, that isn’t what pissed me off about boy bands either.

What was it, you ask?  What annoyed me so much about boy bands?  I am going to admit something that many dudes won’t fess up to.  I hated boy bands because I was extremely jealous of them.  I realize many of their female fans were too young for me at the time.  In fact, many were jail bait.  Still, who wouldn’t want mass amounts of fame?  Anyone who says they don’t is lying.  They need to jump off their psudedo-hippie high horse and stop bullshitting. They desire fame as much as the next person.

To heck with the poetry local folks knew me for in the 90s.  I wanted fame and money like the boy bands had.  I wanted thousands of young girls thinking I was cute too.  Like I mentioned earlier, I knew many fans were jail bait.  Jail bait or not, it does boost the ego when thousands of young ladies think you’re cute and screaming they love you. Okay, about the money part? I had no idea the dudes were being ripped off at the time.

No, I did not want to be in a boy band.  I can’t sing or dance worth a lick.  The same way I was with  r&b group New Edition, I was jealous of the boy band’s success.

Now, back to Orlando.  When it comes to music, some Orlando folks annoy me.  As I DJ in some Orlando venues, some folks complain about my choice in music.  Living in a town that created boy bands and lecturing me about what’s good music and what isnt’t. I get it.  I’m not playing  “important” musicians that only five people have heard of.  I perfectly understand.  I should also be playing what’s hot in Europe.  Or New York.  Or South Beach.   Yep, I definitely understand.

Yet, here’s my thing.  I’m more interested in seeing women dance.  I wanna see women get low and shake it like a salt shaker.  I wanna see booty-booty-booty-booty-booty rockin’ every where.  Call me shallow, I could care less.

Pretentious Orlando crap is why I enjoy bringing up boy bands.  In a town containing people so full of themselves about music, it feels good bringing up the fact Orlando spawned boy bands, a music scene many people to this day despise.

Beyonce Ain’t Shit

March 29, 2013

Hadn’t witnessed so much hatred against a black woman

since Mike Tyson and Robin Givens.


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


What the hell did Beyonce do?

What earned her so much scorn?

Was she supposed to have five kids from five different men?

Was she supposed to be another criminal black face on the evening news?

Would that have made some folks happy?


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


White folks pouring it on also.

Guess Beyonce was supposed to marry a white Hollywood actor

instead of a rich black rapper.

Guess she was supposed to star in movies

starring white male actors as her romantic lead.

Following the footsteps of Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez.


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


Get a life.

Some of you jealous folks

ain’t shit either.

Vinyl Night IX

January 9, 2013

Last Tuesday, I hosted another vinyl night at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

Vinyl Night IX

Check out the recent flyer created by Liz Watkins.

Vinyl Night flier

When it came to photographing the album covers, I didn’t have the memory card for my Canon Rebel.  So, I used the photo settings on my Toshiba video camera instead.

Marian Montgomery Swings for Losers and Winners by Marian Montgomery.

Marion Swings for Losers and WInners

Released in 1962, the album contains the cool jazz you would hear in bar rooms filled with cigarette smoke.  Surprisingly, people enjoyed it.

The bar owner bought this one in.

H2O by Hall and Oates

H2O by Halll and Oats

Released in 1982, this blue-eyed soul album contains three hits: “Family Man”, “One on One” and “Maneater.”

H2O by Hall and Oates

Who can forget “Maneater”?   Sometimes, I play the song  during non-vinyl sets.

“Oh…oh,  here she comes
Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
Oh…oh,  here she comes
She’s a maneater”

Choice Cuts by Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

Released in 1984, I think I see why it isn’t found in Wikipedia, where I find most of my album information.  The album contains songs from two Iggy Pop albums, The Idiot (1976) and Lust for Life (1977).

Now, why was this particular album released in 1984? Many people know David Bowie for the song “China Girl”. Yet, how many people know Iggy Pop song it first?      Because of Bowie’s successful version, RCA released the Choice Cuts album containing Iggy’s version.

Not only does Choice Cuts contain “China Girl” it contains other recognizable songs: “Nightclubbing” and “Lust for Life”.

A dude named Brian brought this one by.

Disco Dynamite  by Various Artists

Disco Dynmite

When there’s vinyl, a K-Tel record eventually pops up.

Released in 1978, this fun album contains many known disco hits: “More, More, More” by Andrea True, “Get Up and Boogie” by The Silver Connection, “Disco Duck” by Rick Dees, “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candi Staton and “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band.

“Do a little dance, make a little love,
Get down tonight.
Get down tonight.”

Here’s something I didn’t know.  Thinking it was a 90s creation, I had no idea the continuous mix was a 70s thing too. On Disco Dynamite, the songs immediately moves from one right into the other.

Matthew Hughen, a dude I’ve known for over ten years, brought this album by.

He brought the next two also.

The Man-Machine by Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine

Released in 1978,  the album is also listed by its German name: Die Mensch-Maschine.  The synth-pop album contains “The Model” a song which became a UK number one in 1982.

It also contains “The Robots” and “Neon Lights”, two songs that became hits on the US dance charts.

As for the song “The Man-Machine”, I recognized it as a song sampled for MC Lyte’s “Cha Cha Cha”.

Edwin Birdsong by Edwin Birdsong


Released in 1979, many may immediately recognize the song “Cola Bottle Baby”, especially Daft Punk fans.  Daft Punk sampled it for their single “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”   The word “sample” is an understatement.  They lifted a whole rift.

To my surprise, two people brought in records tonight. Usually, it’s sometimes me and one other person.  Tonight, it was me and TWO other people.  Looks like things are definitely picking up for vinyl nights.

Broker Than Usual Broke-Ass Fridays

January 5, 2013

Last Night, Little Fish – Huge Pond hosted another Broke-Ass Friday event.

Broke-Ass Friday 1-4-2013

Due to rent and mortgage, folks are usually broke the first of the month, inspiring the name Broke-Ass Fridays.  Usually, the Narragansett draft is ten dollars all you can drink.  Tonight it was reduced to eight dollars.

For new readers, Little Fish is located a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

In the beginning, I started off with Grooveshark, a music website.



Normally, I don’t like playing streaming music, too many past experiences with laptop freezes.  Yet, I got lazy and formed a playlist containing indie dance music and underground hip-hop.

About an hour later, I started mixing for real.

Most of the night, I played hip-hop.  I did mix other genres like pop, rock and EDM.  Yet, here’s why I kept it mostly hip-hop: hip-hop is today’s dominant music.  People who you wouldn’t suspect of enjoying hip-hop loves the hell out of it, including many white people.

For those complaining about the commercialization of hip-hop, the DJ’s job is to somehow expose people to the better stuff.  That’s what I did in the beginning when I played songs off Grooveshark.

Still, I was in shock.  It never occurred to me how dominant hip-hop has become.  When I played Kendrick Lemar’s “Swimming Pools”, the whole bar went, “Drank….drank….drank.”  (Truth be known, it was young white kids who exposed this black DJ to that song.)

This don't have shit to do with the story.  I photographed it with my iPhone during my gig. Artwork by Morgan Steele.

This don’t have shit to do with the story. I photographed it with my iPhone during my gig. Artwork by Morgan Steele.


Hate it or love it, hip-hop has come a long way.  When it first arrived on the scene in the 70s, some claimed it a fad that was soon going  die.  Well, you know how it is.  Some folks just don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.




Bad Santa and the Angry Elves Return

December 23, 2012

Last Saturday night, I witnessed another Bad Santa and the Angry Elves show.

Bad Santa and the Angry Elves Drum

This event happened at The Hideaway, a bar and grill located on Orlando’s Virginia Drive.

Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I blogged about Bad Santa last year.

Also, my DJ set at The Peacock Room was before them.  Due to personal matters, I couldn’t stay and watch.

At The Hideaway, I missed the first set, an event that happened outside.  Boy, was it cold too.   Too cold for Florida.   In fact, two outside heaters warmed patrons.

outside heater


A fund raiser and toy drive for kids with cancer took place too.

Kids Beating Cancer

The Hideaway 12-22-2012 017

Bad Santa


The second set took place inside.

From left to right: Christian Kelty, Tom Castiglia and Debra Myers.

Christian Kelty, Tom Castiglia and Debra Myers


Matt Myers

Matt Myers


Stephanie Brabec

Stefanie Brabec


Some songs are profane.  Some are traditional mixed with rock.  Also, Bad Santa always mixed with the crowd.

Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa 3

Bad Santa 4

Bad Santa 5

Bad Santa 6


My hat even wound up in the act.

Bad Santa and My Hat


Matt took over the drums from Stephanie.

The Hideaway 12-22-2012 060


Stephanie sung a number with Debra.

The Hideaway 12-22-2012 061


I think this was their last performance of the year.

Bad Santa 7

Bad Santa 8

Bad Santa 9


For next year, I promise myself to witness and photograph the fun and entertaining event again.

Vinyl Night VII

December 20, 2012

Last Tuesday, I hosted another vinyl night at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

Vinyl Night Seven

For new readers, Little Fish-Huge Pond is located in Sanford, Florida.  That’s a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Matt Cooper arrived again with some albums.  The upcoming albums are his.

Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Legend

Vinyl Night Seven 12-18-2012 001

Released in 1984, it is the second album released after Bob Marley’s death.  I’ll just list personal favorites: “Jamming'”, “Could You Be Loved” and “Get Up, Stand Up”.

As they smoked hookahs, a group of twenty-somethings sung along to “Three Little Birds”.

“Every white guy owns this album,” said Matt, a Caucasian male himself.

Bob Marley's Legend - Inside of album cover

A toy lion just happened to be in the bar.  I decided to experiment.  These are my two favorite pics.

Toy Lion and Bob Marley 1

Toy Lion and Bob Marley 2

Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing Off

Golden Throats

Released in 1988, the album will have you cracking up with laughter.  Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) sings “Proud Mary”.  Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) sings Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life”.  That one really had us laughing.  The one truly annoying was Mae West singing “Twist and Shout”.  Yet, this album was the evening’s gem.

Love and Rocket’s Earth, Sun, Moon

Love and Rocket's Earth, Sun, Moon

Released in 1987, it contains the hit single “No New Tale to Tell”, a song that reached number 18 on the US Mainstream Rock charts.

Boy, did this album change the bar’s vibe.  It’s not a bad album.  Yet, I would only play this for the black and white make-up crowd, the goths.  Party music this album isn’t.

Earth, Sun, Moon: Back Cover

Styx’s Paradise Theater

Styx's Paradise Theater

Released in 1981, it contains three hits: “Rockin’ the Paradise”, “The Best of Times” and “Too Much Time on My Hands”.

Styx's Paradise Theater: Back Cover

When “Too Much Time on My Hands” played, I immediately recognized it.

Styx's Paradise Theater record

The O’ Jays’ Ship Ahoy

The O' Jays' Ship Ahoy

Released in 1973, this mofo contains two easily recognizable songs: “For The Love of Money” and “Put Your Hands Together”.

Ship Ahoy: Inside of album

It also contains “Now That We’ve Found Love”, a song covered by reggae act Third World.  Then, rapper Heavy D used it for his hit song of the same name.

This album came from my stash.

Ship Ahoy: Back Cover

Diana Ross’ Diana Ross

Diana Ross's Diana Ross

Released in 1976, it contains two hits: “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)” and “Love Hangover”.

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that
life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know…?”

When those lyrics from “Theme” hit the atmosphere people began laughing.  The romantic piano sound and those lyrics definitely changed the atmosphere.

This was from my personal stash also.

Diana Ross' Diana Ross: Back cover

I used to think vinyl was no better than MP3.  My mind has changed.  When you get past the crackling sounds, you notice how well the instruments stand out compared to MP3s.  You notice the subtlety of the songs on the albums.  Still, as far as carrying milk crates of records around, I’m not looking forward to that anytime soon.

The vinyl nights attracted a few more people.  Can’t wait for next time.