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Visiting For The Pics

July 22, 2011

Well, ain’t this some shit.  By looking at visitor statistics, I found out some folks are coming to this site for the booty pics.

Oh no, wonderful writing talent has nothing to do with.  Visitors are here for booty.

And mo‘ booty.

Some visit for the bikini pics.

Some look for Latinas.

I hadn’t posted pics of Asian women yet.  Still,  I do possess them.

After my blog about lesbians, some folks come here looking for photos of girls kissing.

I can’t complain too loud.  At least, folks are finding me.  I just hope they read some of the blogs.


Videotaping Dancing Cuties

May 14, 2011

For those that don’t know it (usually my new readers), I am a huge fan of the female posterior.

Because of this, a special birthday cake was created just for me.

Either I’m writing poetry about booty, photographing booty or playing music to inspire booty shaking.

One night, some young cuties requested Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up”. Of course, I played it. Anything to inspire booty shaking.

As I attempted to video tape the dancing cuties, some woman kept interrupting me. Normally, I edit my vids. This I left alone.

My MP3 Kicks Your Vinyl’s Ass

May 10, 2011

Despite the blog’s title, I refuse covering what’s better, vinyl or MP3. Yet, after reading comments on websites, vinyl DJs work on my last damned nerves. Especially when they accuse laptop Djs of not being real DJs.

Regardless of equipment, a DJ’s main job is making people happy. Piss off clubbers and bar patrons, the establishment’s owner or the event promoter won’t hire your ass again. Piss off people at your buddy’s house party and he or she may cuss you out. Keeping this kind of rep flowing nicknames you DJ Suck Ass, even if you use vinyl.

Does the laptop create better DJs? Fuck no, nobody claimed that. Does vinyl? Only vinyl Djs and their groupies believe that.

If I owned a bar or club, I could care less about equipment. If a DJ’s music choice fails to inspire booty shaking, he or she is getting fired.

Recently, a fellow DJ quoted a local bar owner.

“You guys all sound the same,” the bar owner went. “Why should I pay you top dollar when I can hire an unknown DJ for less?”

Resist sounding like other Djs. You want to be remembered as the person who inspires booty shaking. Or the reason why some bar patrons bought an extra drink before they went home.

Vinyl or MP3, if you suck, neither one can help you.