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Blaming Bobby Brown

April 2, 2013

“Bobby ruined Whitney.”


These damned homosexuals won’t let up.

Keep on insisting Bobby Brown

caused Whitney Houston’s downfall.

Repeating the same damned thing

over and over again.


“Bobby ruined Whitney.”


Shame on me for trying to argue.

Shame on me for defending Bobby.

Shame on me for asking how can one man

cause so much damage to a grown-assed woman.

These damned homosexuals’ minds already made up.


“Uh-uh, he ruined her, honey.”


How do these homosexuals know?

Where they there?

Did they witness the whole thing

in the human flesh?


Makes me want to stop playing

Whitney’s music during DJ gigs.

Play Whitney’s music

and they start that shit again.


“Bobby ruined Whitney.”


These damned homosexuals just won’t let up.