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New Photoblog: Pics of Chicks

February 27, 2014

I recently stared the photoblog Pics of Chicks.

All photos are of women I photographed over the years.

The blog contains bikini girls.

Black Girl Wearing Shades and Maroon Bikini

Nude girls.

Nude girl dancing with a snake

Of course, the blog contains big booty girls.  Experience has shown, many dudes prefer big booty white girls.

redhead, big booty, white girl

Come by and check it out.  Please, if you know folks who might appreciate it, tell them about Pics of Chicks, too.


Does This Pic Proves Google Hires Racists?

January 20, 2014

Here I am on this fine MLK Day looking at the stats on my blog.  I study the search word section and what do I see?   Three rows down, I see “happy nigger day!” Now, why in the fuck would Google send these fuckers my way.  As you can see, Google sent them here TWICE. Or is there more to this?  Is this some sneaky shit a Google employee is trying to send me?  I don’t know.  I don’t mind people knocking me for running a music, night life and booty blog. Yet, with me being black, I don’t find “happy nigger day” funny.

On the real tip, I’m not blogging this for sympathy.  I’m blogging to this showing how stupid some people are.

Happy Nigger Day search

Two Year Blogging Anniversary

May 7, 2013
fish eye lens

That’s me in the very back.  Photo by Miriam Lorenzi

Today marks the two year anniversary of The DJ Stone Crazy Spot.  Two years ago on this very day, I started the blog you are now reading.

On that note, I decided to run a top ten of my most popular blogs.  Surprisingly, all of them weren’t booty blogs.  Yes, despite folks coming to my blog looking for booty pics, some readers set aside booty-searching time and read my music blogs too.  So, here we go.   The top blogs.

10. The “I’m a Twat” List for DJs: A funny list created by DJ Wizzy.

9. The Top Ten Most Overrated White Musicians: I had to do it.

8. Rockin’ An Eighties Hair Metal Party: I DJed 80s rock all night. This blog also contains photos of that night.

7. School of Hard Knocks: Photos of women dressed as Catholic school girls.

6. Skrillex Versus Daft Punk: A silly-assed meme I found on Facebook.

5. Visiting for the Pics: This is when I first realized some folks weren’t visiting my blog for the beautiful words.

4. Videotaping Dancing Cuties: Not only do you see booty pics, you also witness dancing cuties in a video.

3. Bad Santa and the Angry Elves: Photos of a band mixing punk rock with Christmas music.

2. The Top Ten Dirtiest and Nastiest Rap Songs Ever: A list that would make Satan blush.

1. Friends Cheer Me Up with Booty Pics Friends cheer me up with booty pics after my complaining about the evils of fake booty.

Two years down and more blogging fun to come.

Lesbane: Villain from Porno Batman

February 12, 2013

I know many readers aren’t finding my blog because of my excellent writing skills.  Nope, many land on my blog searching for booty.

booty search


No problem with that, I guess.  Still, some of these people can’t spell.  Observe what I found in the search section.

Perverts Can't Spell

The plural for booty is “booties”.   Also, what the hell is a “lesbane”.   Only people I hear saying “lesbane” are rednecks trying to say “lesbian”.  When I asked the question on Facebook, a friend said Lesbane could be the villain from a porno-Batman movie.


Oh well, life goes on.

Created a New Blog for Camera Phone Pics

January 13, 2013

Recently, I created a blog dedicated to my camera phone pics.

New Years 2013: behind the bar

I call it Stone Crazy’s Camera Phone Pics. (Click on the title to get there.)

Notice I use the words “camera phone” and not “iphoneography”, a current word for iPhone pics.  I avoided that silly-assed word on purpose.  You never know.  The iPhone may become obsolete.

The blog you’re currently reading shall remain mostly a DJ and nightlife blog, one that I plan to keep going.

Hump Day 12-12-2013 and Peacock, Wally's 12-14-2012 079

The More Photos-Less Words Blog

September 25, 2012

This was supposed to be a DJ blog.

I intended to focus mostly on music and my life as a DJ.  I still somewhat do that.  Yet,  photos attract more traffic my way than my beautiful prose.

I’ll still blog as DJ Stone Crazy.


As I continue writing about music and the DJ life, the reader may see me lean more towards photography.  Especially the ones involving Central Florida’s nightlife.

That’s all for now.

I Need To Hear Britney Spears ASAP!

November 18, 2011

During a Wednesday night DJ gig, two young ladies began annoying me with song requests.   When folks make requests, I attempt finding a spot where the song fits in the mix.   The song could go next or it may go after one or two songs.  But the two young ladies couldn’t wait.  They wanted the songs right now, as if the whole world centered around them and their music choices.

Britney, bitch!

They attended my nights before, a blonde and a brunette.  When I posted photos of my events  on Facebook, Miss Brunette complained about not being in the pictures.  Also, when I took Blondie’s photo, she always complained about how she looked.

Also, they used to attend my nights with guys who always requested angry rock music, the kind involving the lead singer growling the lyrics.  Instead of “Stone Crazy”, one of their male friends kept me calling me “Crazy Stone”.   I never understood that.  As everyone called me by the right name, he called me something different.

After nights of tolerating their male friend’s angry music, Miss Brunette and Blondie now wanted to dictate my play list.

“I need to hear Britney Spears ASAP,” said Blondie.  “I was crying earlier.  I was in tears.  I need to hear Britney.”

As for her tears, I didn’t give a shit.  Just like I wouldn’t care if it was her birthday.   Like everyone else, she had to wait.  The minute you give some people leniency, they take advantage of it.   Before you know it, I’ll be playing Blondie’s requests ASAP all night

After searching the song, it appeared as if the Britney song could go next.

“I’m playing it,” I said.

Then, I physically turned Blondie around and moved her out of my booth.

Miss Brunette kept it up with more requests.  All were songs I didn’t have, which ceased the constant requests.

What annoyed me the most?  After requesting all those songs and demanding them ASAP, these two didn’t even have the common decency to tip.  People are always talking about black folks not tipping.  Yet, apparently some white people possess a tipping problem too.

Next thing I knew, I saw drunk Blondie outside… falling down on the street.  Miss Brunette had to pick her up.  People sitting outside watched too.

“That’s how I like my white womenz” I said.  “Drunk.”

Miss Brunette walked Blondie towards the parking lot located across the street.

I went back inside continuing the evening’s mix.

I can’t make this shit up, one of the reasons why I blog.