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Erotique Derrieres: An Art Book for Booty Lovers

April 4, 2013

Knowing my love for the female posterior, a friend recommended I purchase Erotique Derrieres by Carlton Books.  This was over a decade ago. Soon enough, I found the book  in the local Barnes and Noble bookstore and bought it.   Boy, did I find a shining jewel.  For booty lovers craving an artistic taste, this book is for you.

Photos by Ben Westwood

Photos by Ben Westwood

I only got one problem.  You don’t see any black women.  How are you going to put together a booty book with no sistas?  Despite Carlton Books existing in the UK, you can’t tell me they couldn’t find any European black women or any other European women of color.

Still, despite the lack of diversity, I recommend this to my readers.  On that note, here’s the deal.  Looks like the book is out of print. Yet, for a good deal on a used one, try looking on Amazon.  Starting at $8.95, you’ll see high prices going up to almost seventy bucks.  Yet, I only paid $14.95 plus tax for my book.

Vinyl Night V

December 6, 2012

Last Tuesday, I hosted another vinyl night at Little Fish, Huge Pond.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 024

For new readers, Little Fish is located in Sanford, Florida.  That’s a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Amadeus Soundtrack

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 012

A soundtrack album for the 1984 movie Amadeus, it mostly contains the works of 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 015

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 014

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 017

Being a double album, I only played one side of one record.  The only other person in the bar wanted to hear something else.  Some people can only take so much of classical.

Bad by Michael Jackson

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 019

Released in 1987, it contains six hits: “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror”, “Dirty Diana”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Another Part of Me”.

By this time, Matt Cooper arrived with a knapsack full of vinyl. When “Another Part of Me” played, he smiled and talked about Epcot flashbacks.  Epcot used to show Michael Jackson’s Captain EO  film.  “Another Part of  Me” featured in the film.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 021

Like I mentioned earlier, Matt brought albums.  In the past weeks, folks kept yapping about what albums they owned and promised to bring them in.  So far, the night has been promised Al Green, Def Leppard and some hip-hop.  Matt didn’t do any yapping.  Yet, he did bring in records.

The next upcoming records are his.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols by The Sex Pistols

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 028

Released in 1977, this is the only album released by punk rock group The Sex Pistols.  It contains “Anarchy in the U.K.”, “Holidays in the Sun” and “God Save the Queen”.

Because of the word “bollocks”, the album inspired an obscenity trial.

To this day, I still sing parts of “Anarchy in the U.K.”

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 026

Abbey Road by The Beatles

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 031

Released in 1969, it contains the recognizable “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun”.   Of all the folks who covered “Come Together”, Michael Jackson’s cool version is the only one I heard.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 033

Innervisions by Stevie Wonder

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 034

Released in 1973, the album contains three hits: “Higher Ground”, “Living for the City” and “Don’t Worry ’bout a Thing”.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 037

A song about a black Southerner migrating to New York City,  “Living for the City” still gives me chills when I listen to it.

By this time, some drunk idiot with a dog requested  Marvin Gaye.  I didn’t have him.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 040

The drunk idiot appeared to be in his late forties.  Noticing Matt’s Converses, the guy asked Matt were they made in China.  On and on, the guy kept asking were things made in China.

Drawing by Matthew Cooper

Drawing by Matthew Cooper

Valley Girl by Frank and Moon Zappa

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 043

Released in 1982, this song was Frank Zappa’s only US Top 40 hit.  Sung by his fourteen year old daughter Moon, the song poke fun of the Vally Girl talk Moon heard at social gatherings.  Ironically, because of the song, the Valley Girl image became popular.

Before I played the song, Michael entered the building.  When I DJed an 80s party for him, I didn’t have the song.  So, when I played it on vinyl night, his eyes lit up and he began singing the lyrics.

“You know what?” I told him.  “Young ladies still talk like the folks they’re making fun of.”

Michael agreed.

“Valley Girl” is from Frank Zappa’s Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch. On the b-side is “You are What You is”.

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 045

Released in 1987, I first thought the soulful voice belonged to a  black guy.  No, the singer was a white British redhead guy.

His most famous song, the video “Never Gonna Give You Up” became what was known as rickrolling. A person would think they’re about to watch a video involving something else, but gets lead to Rick Astley’s video.

Despite the many mixes on the record, I played the radio version.

Oh yea, this wasn’t Matt’s record.  This belonged to Moire, the bar owner.

Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 046

Released in 1967, the album contains many well-known songs: “Purple Haze”, “Manic Depression”, “Hey Joe”, “Fire” and  “Are You Experienced”.

This was Matt’s album.  Yet, back in high school, a white stoner friend gave me a copy.  Last I heard of that guy, he was making and selling pipes. He even showed me his studio.  I think the pipes were ceramic.  I’m not sure.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 048

Parallel Lines by Blondie

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 051

Released in 1978, the album contains my personal favorites: “One Way or Another” and “Heart of Glass”.

At this time, drunken idiot still annoyed us somewhat.  He transformed into another person yapping and yapping about all the records he possessed.  Plus just like the others, he promised to bring in some.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 053

Drunken idiot soon left.   Yet another character took his place. This guy always wears a chef hat and sneezes into his handkerchief all night.

Drawing by Matthew Cooper

Drawing by Matthew Cooper

Chicago IX – Chicago’s Greatest Hits

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 055

Released in 1975, I never thought I would recognize most of the songs on side 1.  Instantly I recognized “25 or 6 to 4” and “Saturday in the Park”.

We only listened to one side because a drunken Matt wanted to hear selections from the next album.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 058

The Graduate Soundtrack

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 059

Released in 1968, the album soundtrack to the 1967 movie features songs mostly by folk-duo Simon and Garfunkel.  Despite the song “Mrs. Robinson” being associated with the movie.  The whole song never appears on the album soundtrack.  First, there’s an instrumental.   Then, there’s a snippet. Yet, the other hit song “Sounds of Silence” entirely exists on the album.

Noticing my photographing the albums, Matt decided to do a homage.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 061

As usual, most of my information comes from Wikipedia.

The crowd wasn’t as huge as last week’s.  That’s okay.  I’ll return the next week anyway.

Manson Christ and Other “Art”

November 29, 2012

During vinyl night, I photographed other things besides album covers.

Hello, My Name is Karl Rove 



Girl Skeleton Rides Mannequin


Manson Christ

A Central Florida Fall Festival

October 9, 2012

Last Sunday afternoon, I attended the Maitland Rotary Art Festival.

Maitland exists next to North Orlando.  On the way to my Peacock Room Happy Hour gig, I drive though here and pass by Lake Lily, the spot where the festival takes place every year.

There’s a fall festival and and a spring festival in Maitand.  Surprisingly, someone recognized me as DJ Stone Crazy during a spring festival.

As for the art, I didn’t get many photos. Besides, some artists give non-friendly looks towards people photographing their work.

Because I rarely carry much money on me, I avoided buying food.

Usually, I head for the booze.

After viewing the festival, I walked to Maitland Library’s book sale.

For a dollar, I bought these two literary gems.

That’s right, two great books for a dollar.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, the freaky Swedish mystery.

Smack by Melvin Burgess, known as Junk in other countries.

As I read these books, I know just the music to listen to, especially since Smack takes place in Bristol, England.

Tricky, the king of trip-hop from Bristol.

Like I mentioned earlier, Maitland hosts  a fall festival and a spring festival.  A book sale happens during the spring festival also.  I’m looking forward to the spring.

Photos and More Art From My DJ Digs

July 20, 2012

First, the art.  Recently, I’ve been collecting artwork created during my DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  As I have an idea, I really don’t know who created the following two pieces.


The third piece was created by Dustin Giortz.


One night, a lesbian guitarist attempted pushing me out of a gig.  Well, it was towards the end of my set anyway.  Yet, she kept going on and on about what a great singer her friend was (or was the young lady her girlfriend?).

An artist documented the incident.  I’ll let him or her remain anonymous.


Now for some photos. These were taken during last Tuesday night’s gig at Little Fish.


During a July 4th gig at Little Fish, one of the guys in the following pic wound up being a pain in my ass. He started some shit about me being a button pusher because I use a laptop.  Because he admired my taste in my music, he apologized last Tuesday night.

Art During A DJ Gig

July 17, 2012

Last Wednesday, during my DJ gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond, I saw two artists sketching.  Fascinated by the idea of folks creating art during my music mixing, I decided to post the works of Carrissa Paige and Matthew Cooper.

Art by Carrisa Paige

Art by Carrisa Page

Art by Matthew Cooper

In other news, I recently found out by readers’ choice, I was chosen as Orlando’s Second Best Spoken-Word artist in The Orlando Weekly. For those that don’t know, Patrick Scott Barnes is my real name.

Photo by Tod Caviness

Funny thing about this?  In the past year, I really hadn’t been reading much poetry.  Still, I’m grateful.

Somebody Told Al Sharpton On Me

April 12, 2012

I’ve known Matt Cooper since the mid-nineties.

Back then, he was roommates with Skip Evans, a good friend of mine.  Now, he’s a regular during my Wednesday night DJ gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.

This is the first drawing he did of me.

Last Friday was Sing-a-long night, a disaster because my laptop kept freezing.  (Fuckin’ spyware!) Still, because of Sanford’s current environment and my bad choice in music that night, inspiration hit Matt.


Ha ha, very funny, muthafucka!  Gotta love my friends.