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My First Wedding DJ Gig

March 11, 2013

Last Saturday, I performed my first DJ wedding gig.  The event took place at  The ACRE, an outdoor spot located in Orlando.

a wedding event

Outside wedding tables

Outside wedding tables 2

Outside wedding tables 3


Each guest had their own personal mason jar.

mason jars


As the event took place outside, my business took place in a performance space shed.

entrance at night

DJ Stand



In the same shed, Jennifer Harton was the bartender.

big boobs cleavage


Skip: the groom’s dad.

a guy wearing a black suit and black fedora



As the wedding took place, someone gave me cues on when to play music.

outdoor wedding

People at a wedding

Wedding peopel and the wedding photographer


The happy newlyweds: Tod and Christin Caviness.

Wedding Couple


I’ve done house parties in the past.  After doing my first wedding, I think I enjoy doing weddings and house parties more than I like DJing in bars.  At house parties and weddings, there’s no pressure to play “the current hits” all the time.  Because I enjoy giving folks a good time, people really enjoy themselves when I play.  Recently, in the bars, I’ve been catching shit for folks having too good of a time.  Yet, that’s another story for another blog.  Oh yea, another reason I prefer weddings and house parties over bars?  The weddings and house parties pay more money.

Three Easy Steps On How To Fuck Up Your Blog

March 4, 2013

Here’s my confession:  I fucked up my blog.  Fucked it up big time.  Fucked it up so bad, I am now restructuring it.

How did I fuck up my blog?  Keep reading and you’ll see why.  Hopefully, other bloggers won’t do the same thing to their blog.

  1. Not having a definite goal: Why write a blog?  What’s the motivation?  Why do I want to tell the whole damned internet my business?  My main motivation was giving exposure to my writing skills.  For this blog, no way in hell did I expect to boost my DJ career.  Yet, I moved away from the writing goal. Because I noticed the booty pic traffic I kept receiving, I focused more on the photos.  No, not all photos contained a nice round derriere.   Yet, I kept focusing more on pics versus my writing, taking me away from the goal of exposing my writings.why blog
  2. Not sticking to the theme: This was supposed to be a DJ blog.  Yet, I kept including things that definitely weren’t DJ related.  What is a blog about hot air balloons doing on a DJ blog?  Still, I did just that, posted a blog about hot air balloons.  Don’t go looking for it because I’m deleting the damned thing.Stick to the fuckin' theme!
  3. Not solving readers’ problems or catering to their needs: Many people search the internet to solve problems.  Writing journal blogs went out with MySpace. In the past, readers told me they read my blog because few blogs exist about the DJ life.  They were looking up to me for tips on their own DJ career, which surprised the hell out of me. The only thing making my blog a legit DJ blog is my vinyl music blogs.  Not only do I tell the reader what I play, I also give the reader a short synopsis of the album.Nobody gives a shit about your online journal

What do I do now?  Like I mentioned before, I’m restructuring. Some blogs are being deleted.   I’m  keeping with the booty pics because they serve a demand.  Because folks have found my blog because of it, I’m sticking with nightlife posts too. Apparently, they serve a need too.  Of course, because this is a DJ blog, I shall stick with blogging about the DJ life and music too.

Three Reasons Some DJs Deserve Hate

February 21, 2013

Most DJs are nice people, always respectful and friendly.  Yet, there are those who deserve every ounce of hatred aimed at them.  These are the ones, I shall pick on.  In no particular order,  here are three reasons on why some DJs deserve hate.

laptop dj

1. Looking down on Top 40 music:  I understand, a lot of Top 40 music does suck.  Nowadays, you can’t tell a shitty urban/soul song from a shitty dance-pop song.  Many Top 40 songs sound too much alike.   Still, that doesn’t mean ALL Top 40 suck.  Anyone who claims to know so much about music would recognize this.  This is what separates the excellent DJ from the shitty DJ, a skilled DJ possesses the ability to dig through shit and find diamonds.

2. Not taking requests:  True enough, many song requests are annoying.  Once I have a good vibe going with one genre, someone asks me to play a song from another one, something that could screw up the whole vibe.  Also, after taking a request, some people keep coming back asking for more and more songs.  There’s only one thing that prevents me from getting upset about shit like this: tipping.

Still, despite the annoyance, I take requests anyway.  Sometimes, it’s hard to read the crowd.  The right request might tip you in the right direction for a more pleasing atmosphere.

3. Being a jukebox:  If the establishment’s owner talked the DJ into this practice, I’ll make an exception. In this case, the establishment should be ashamed.   Yet, if the DJ made this choice, they themselves deserve scorn.  There is no written law stating a DJ has to take every fuckin’ song request.  Some songs should not be played, especially when they disrupt the vibe the DJ is trying to achieve.

Knowing damned well it’s going to fuck things up, some people ask for the wrong songs on purpose.  When this happens, who do you think folks are going to blame?  The person requesting the song or the DJ?  Many times they blame the DJ.

I’m sure there may be other reasons.   Also, I know there may be some exceptions to the reasons I listed.  Still, if a reader has another reason a DJ deserves hate, they are more than welcomed to leave a comment.

Rapper Tim Dog Dead at 46

February 15, 2013

Yesterday, after a long battle with diabetes, Rapper Tim Dog died from a seizure.  He was 46.

tim dog

Tim Dog was best known for the dis song “Fuck Compton”, a nasty aim at members of NWA.  Back in the late 80’s, after the success of NWA’s  Straight Outta Compton album, South Bronx’s Tim Dog wasn’t haven’t it.  Due to lack of interest in East Coast rappers at the time, Tim Dog released his frustrations in his infamous song.

For years, I hadn’t seen or heard anything about Tim Dog (real name Tim Blair) since the 90’s.  Yet, last year,I saw him in trouble on NBC Dateline. Mr. Fuck Compton was swindling women out of money.

As I found it funny, I never got into the Fuck Compton hype.  Besides, I’m a Southerner.  Me getting into that East Coast versus West Coast bullshit would have been out right ridiculous.

Still, I’m going to miss Tim Dog.  May he rest in peace.


Lesbane: Villain from Porno Batman

February 12, 2013

I know many readers aren’t finding my blog because of my excellent writing skills.  Nope, many land on my blog searching for booty.

booty search


No problem with that, I guess.  Still, some of these people can’t spell.  Observe what I found in the search section.

Perverts Can't Spell

The plural for booty is “booties”.   Also, what the hell is a “lesbane”.   Only people I hear saying “lesbane” are rednecks trying to say “lesbian”.  When I asked the question on Facebook, a friend said Lesbane could be the villain from a porno-Batman movie.


Oh well, life goes on.

Pushing It at The Peacock Room

February 7, 2013

Last Monday night, I attended Push It at The Peacock Room.

Photo by Elsie Knab

Photo by Elsie Knab

Actually, because of an earlier poetry reading at the same spot, I was already there.  Still, because I enjoyed DJs Waldo Faldo and Rick Jones at another Orlando bar, I decided to attend their Peacock Room event.

Mostly, 90’s  hip-hop and dance music play on their events.

Tonight, Waldo Faldo was by himself.

He always wears the coolest t-shirts.  Seeing the booty t-shirt he wore tonight reminded me of myself, a man who definitely appreciates booty.

Waldo Faldo

Earlier, I mentioned 90’s music.  Yet, Waldo played early 00’s hip-hop too.  On his controller, he successfully blended the jams.  Trust me, I have witnessed bad controller-mixing in the past.   The DJ really didn’t mix.  They would just stop one song and immediately go into the other, no fading in or out.  Waldo Faldo wasn’t one of those DJs.

Because I always enjoy his music (and Rick Jone’s too), I plan on attending more Waldo Faldo’s events.


two women and a dude

A Top 40 Broke-Ass Friday

February 6, 2013

Last week, Broke-Ass Friday happened again.  It used to be ten dollar all you can drink Narragansett.   Yet, as you can see in the following pic, things have changed.

Broke-Ass Friday

Due to rent and mortgage payments, folks are usually broke during the first of the month, inspiring the event’s name Broke-Ass Fridays.

Instead of using the building’s speakers, a special set-up was created for bands and DJs.

mixing board


The following pic is my monitor speaker, something I rarely have.   For those that don’t know, in order to correctly hear the sound the audience hears, monitor speakers face the DJ or musicians.

moniter speaker


I even had a mic that night.



My set-up:  I always believed in putting some speakers on the floor, especially sub-woofers.   Bass near the floor inspires people to dance.



During the last Broke-Ass Fridays, I played mostly hip-hop.  After seeing many people enjoying themselves, I thought the night went over well. Yet, I heard some folks had complained.  For the next Broke-Ass Friday,  I agreed to play mostly Top 40 with a sprinkle of hip-hop.

Before I go on, I’m going to jump on my soap box.  Hip-hop and soul dominates T0p 40 nowadays.   True enough, some of it sucks.  Still, there’s no denying hip-hop’s major influence on culture.  That’s why I kept playing it that night.  For those who complained abut my playing hip-hop, I hope a thug rapper impregnates their daughter or daughters.

When it came to folks asking for requests the current night, guess what genre some young white guy asked for?  It sure the hell wasn’t rock or country.  Nor was it Top 40.   He asked for a hip-hop song from a mixtape.   I didn’t have it.  I had no idea  a DJ must now carry mixtapes in his or her music collection.

During the night, I noticed a dreadlocked guy wearing one of the bar’s mask.

masked dreadlock guy


After he left, I put on the mask myself.  I called it my MF Doom look.   Rapper MF Doom always wears a mask.

Photo by Hurry Regal

Photo by Hurry Regal


Outside, some dude drove by in a car with sparkling lights on it, looking like something from the movie Tron.   He stopped and allowed folks to photograph the car.

Tron car

tron car

tron car


Speaking of outside, look at the “art” created with vinyl records.

vinyl art


This night proved more interesting than previous Broke-Ass Fridays, especially with the Tron car.  Wonder what’s the next one going to be like?