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Mr. Pierre Humps Again

October 18, 2012

Last night, Mr. Pierre hosted another Hump Day event at The Peacock Room, a spot located in Orlando, Florida.

Usually, I DJ in Sanford on Wednesdays. Yet, after Mr. Pieerre bought me a huge glass of rum and coke, I decided to not only read that night but to DJ also.

First to read was Michael Pierre AKA Mr. Pierre, Vice President of Suzi Fox Fashions.

Tod Cavines: Voted number one poet in Orlando Weekly’s reader’s choice.

J. Bradley.  I’m sorry.  He goes by JESSE Bradley on Facebook.   He hosts the monthly There Will Be Words at ReUrban Think.

Patrick Scott Barnes: Voted second best poet in Orlando Weekly’s reader choice.  (Patrick Scott Barnes is actually your humble narrator of this blog.)

Photo by J. Bradley

Michael Pappademos AKA Pappa D.

Amanda Millar.

I get excited when she reads. So, I’ll show her again.

Just like the flyer mentioned, body painting happened.

Ruby Darling of Skill Focus: Burlesque.

MissTerri Guest.

Sometime during the evening more paint was added to them.

For those of you who are into sausage, there were guy models too.  Dude in the mask is Mafia. The other guy is Romeo.

I think my subscribed readers know why I took this shot.  I like the design. 🙂

The painters: Mandi Schiff on the left.  At this time, I didn’t get the name of the other painter on the right.

Dana Fasano and Casey Dayhoff.  With a bass player, Dana played drums as people read. After he complemented my blogs, I feel bad for not photographing the bass player.

What did I play?  Various genres including  the likes of Lords of Acid, Prince and the song that goes ass…ass…ass…ass…ass.

A word of advice.  When you pose with two sexy painted ladies, pull up your damned pants.  Next thing you know, that photo will be on Facebook for everyone to see.  Yep, that happened to me with this very photo.  No worries, I can laugh at myself.

Photo by Chris Mendez

Mr. Pierre’s Burleyesque: An All Male Burlesque Charity Event

September 16, 2012

First, let me set something straight right now.  I ain’t gay.

During my Happy Hour DJ gig at The Peacock Room,  Michael Pierre asked me to photograph his Burlyesque show, an all male burlesque event.

I didn’t have my Canon Rebel at the time.  Instead, I used the photo option on my Toshiba camcorder.

A mixture of pro and amateur dancers, Burlyesque was a charity event for Harbor House, an organization helping domestic abuse victims.

Ginger Boy.

Rickabilly Bond.



As he danced, he allowed women to pop his balloons.

Mr. Pierre.  Recreating the ear-cutting scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs, he even had Stealers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” playing.

Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day

August 9, 2012

Because I usually DJ on Wednesday nights, I almost didn’t attend Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day, an event involving erotic spoken-word and burlesque dancing.  Yet, because my Wednesday night venue is temporally closed, I headed to The Peacock Room where Hump Day took place.

First came the readings.

Michael Pierre, the host.  Michael is the Vice President of Suzi Fox Fashion, a fashion line creating costumes for burlesque, fetish and theater.

Pappa D (Michael Pappademos):

Matt Kelland, a reader from the UK:

Michael introducing Anna Maya:

Anna’s Ferox shows presents burlesque entertainment in the Orlando area.

Deena Velvet:

Jesse Bradley. Currently, he runs a story telling series every Tuesday at ReUrban Think, located in Downtown Orlando.

Mark Parchman.  He read a story about pegging.  If you don’t know what that is, Google it.

Me.  I hadn’t read poetry in months. It felt good to read it again.

Photo by Anthony Bonilla

Reno Mussatto. He performed the drums as we read. Currently, he performs in The Bird Dog Bobby Band.

After the reading, two members of The Big Bang Boom Cabaret performed burlesque.

Gams Dee Vyne:

Kissa Von Addams:

In another room, Scarlet Lush and Deena Velvet performed fetish on two dudes.

The battery on my Canon Rebel died.  So, I used the camera setting on my Toshiba camcorder.

Tod Caviness. By reader’s choice in The Orlando Weekly, he was chosen as Orlando’s number one poet.  He read first that night.  Yet,  I didn’t like the picture I took of him reading.

For those of you believing fetish is just a Caucasian thing, think again.  Check out brotha man suckin’ some toes.

The Big Bang Boom Cabaret returned with another performance.

At least for the moment, my DJ venue closing temporarily may have been a blessing in disguise.  Oh well, I know I had fun.

Photo by Michael Pierre

The Grotesque Burlesque Show

February 3, 2012

On this fine Saturday night in Downtown Sanford, we are going to the Grotesque Burlesque show, an event happening at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

First, we gotta get by Chris, the doorman.

Because I’m the official photographer, we’re getting in free.

Now that we’re in, let’s look at some of the artwork before the show starts.

A big bootie painting by Liz Watkins:

Tebow’s Thing:

Check out the art above the piano man.

The show is starting.

Katia DeVille as the Nun:

All right, let’s go outside for some nice, Florida, air.

The second show is about to start.

What the fuck?!

Hey, kid, quit peekin’ under the window curtains.

Even the bar owner decided to put on a show. No, she didn’t strip.

I may be out of line for saying this.  Yet, here I go.  I realize you may not see these women posing for Playboy.  Still, not one dude complained about tonight’s performance.

Time to go.

Say goodbye to the piano man.